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A Dream of Splendor 梦华录 Episode 36 Recap

Now that he failed to bring down Gu Qianfan through the night banquet, it also meant that Ouyang Xu’s career ended completely. In order to protect himself, he threatened Gao Hui with words and asked her to introduce Concubine Gao to help him meet with officials. Ask for a statement. Since then, the two have no connection, and Ouyang Xu will not continue to embarrass the Gao family.

Since Zhao Paner saw Gu Qianfan last time, he started to read the contents of the mansion newspaper when he came back. Chi Pan felt strange and thought it was related to Gu Qianfan, and regretted that they should not meet. Zhao Pan’er was really overwhelmed, so he drove Chi Pan out, and then concentrated on checking the records about his father.

In Zhao Pan’er’s impression, her father Zhao Qian’s disobedience occurred in the first year of Jingde, but she never found out after over and over again. As the breeze passed by, one page caught Zhao Pan’er’s attention, and the content on it shocked her. It turned out that Zhao Qian, who was the inspector and inspector, was impeached by Zuo Si Jian Xiao Qinyan because he arbitrarily opened the gate of Dongguang County and killed the looters in Beiyuan, so Zhao Paner finally knew Gu Qianfan’s difficulties.

Because of this incident, Zhao Pan’er was so upset that she stood by the window and burst into tears. Song Yinzhang didn’t understand what was going on, so he simply used his own feelings to guide him. Under Song Yinzhang’s suggestion, Zhao Paner went to the temple alone to seek guidance. After hearing the host’s words, he was suddenly enlightened.

For a period of time after that, the Yongan Building was full of guests and friends, ranging from celebrities and nobles to ordinary people, and there was an endless stream of visitors every day. Lei Jing obeyed Gu Qianfan’s arrangement and deliberately approached Xiao Qinyan and Qi Mu, not only to stabilize the two factions in the court and to gain the appreciation of the officials, but also to make the queen accept his love, easily solve Ouyang Xu and avoid Zhao Pan’er getting involved.

Wang Feng bought Suheyujin wine aggressively, mixed it with white water and let it sit for three days, and then sold it at a cheap price, which quickly attracted many customers. When Chi Pan learned of this, he took everyone to question him, but he was inevitably injured in the end. In fact, Zhao Pan’er had already informed He Si to monopolize the market supply, and he didn’t care about copying from other restaurants, and this time he would continue to launch new drinks, while ensuring that Chi Pan could become the vice president of the fragrance and medicine store.

As soon as these words came out, Chi Pan knelt down to show his love to Zhao Pan’er, threatening that if the two could become a couple, they would definitely kill the Quartet in Tokyo City. Zhao Pan’er was not used to seeing it for a long time. She learned through Song Yinzhang that the music in Yong’an Lou had been arranged properly, and she finally felt at ease. The next step was to solve her lifelong affairs.

Gu Qianfan came out from the Imperial City Division and saw the yellow flowers on the wall, and immediately thought of Zhao Pan’er, so he hurried to the half-covered face, and sure enough Zhao Pan’er had been waiting here for a long time. Zhao Pan’er didn’t care about the relationship between Gu Qianfan and Xiao Qinyan, but decided that she could not lose Gu Qianfan, so she would rather put down all her self-esteem and pride and force the other party to make a choice.

Seeing that Zhao Pan’er was approaching three times, Gu Qianfan walked over and took her into his arms, promising to cherish Zhao Pan’er for the rest of his life and atone for all his guilt. Chen Lian and Ge Zhaodi hid in the corner, watching Gu Qianfan lead Zhao Pan’er away, and finally fell down. Song Yinzhang learned that the two had reconciled, and she had mixed feelings in her heart. She also threw the red coral bracelet into the river and officially said goodbye to the past.

Ouyang Xu entered the palace and knelt down and begged the official family for forgiveness. The official family thought that he was deceived by Qi Mu, and he was upright and honest, so he ordered him to be demoted to a small state to pass the sentence. Gu Qianfan returned to Gu’s house facing Zhao Pan’er. The huge house looked extraordinarily lonely and cold. Zhao Pan’er had already begun to prepare furniture and looked forward to the future, and unknowingly lay on the guardrail and fell asleep.

Empress Liu Wan summoned the noble man alone, praised him for his ability to do things before, and promised to let the uncle take good care of the other party’s nephew in the army. However, in order to prevent the middle and noble people from having second thoughts, the queen continued to beat her words, and at the same time she felt that the official family was a good benevolent ruler and even a good official, but she couldn’t protect herself, so she could only find a way to protect herself.

The next morning, everyone gathered around Zhao Pan’er, joking that she had changed her clothes, guessing that she was staying at Gu Qianfan’s house for the night. When Chi Pan heard the content of the conversation, he sat beside him, but unfortunately he was ignored the whole time. Zhao Pan’er heard that Fu Zifang was disobedient, so she followed Ge Zhaodi to see what happened.

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