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A Dream of Splendor 梦华录 Episode 34 Recap

Ouyang Xu entered the palace to meet the officials, and took the initiative to present a picture of the night banquet, and participated in the performance of the empress Liu Wan deceived the king to hide it, causing chaos in the palace and stealing the post. The officials were furious when they heard the words, but when they saw the name in the picture of the night banquet, they felt dizzy and dizzy, and ordered the palace servants to drive Ouyang Xu out.

But Ouyang Xu is still pretending to be benevolent and righteous, bluntly saying that today’s offense is for the sake of the world, and he is just making up his own selfish desires in such a high-sounding manner. In order to prove that he did not criticize the mother of the country, Ouyang Xu expressed his loyalty with a bitter plan, which indeed attracted the attention of the officials, and immediately announced the appointment of the imperial doctor.

What Chi Pan admires Zhao Paner is that he can do everything to the extreme in operating restaurants and tea houses. It was also because the official family had a headache, and the imperial doctor had not arrived yet, so Lin Pin offered to offer Sohe turmeric wine. Sure enough, after drinking this wine, the symptoms of head wind gradually eased, and when the other ministers receded, the officials asked the middle-ranking nobles to inform Lin Pin to order a few more bottles.

At first, the officials thought it was Lin Pin’s private collection of fine wines, but when they learned that this wine was the Sioux tulip of Yong’an Building, they became interested. Although the Yongan Building has not been in business for a long time, it is famous in Tokyo for the Huayue Banquet, so he went out of the palace to Yongan Building in small clothes. When he saw Zhao Paner approaching, he was instantly attracted by its beauty. Song Yinzhang watched this scene calmly. On the other hand, Zhao Pan’er was neither humble nor arrogant, and his demeanor was even more favorable to the officials, so he looked at him more.

When Zhao Paner smelled the fragrance of ambergris on the official family, he knew that this person had an extraordinary origin, and when introducing the dishes to him, he paid special attention to the behavior of the middle class and the official family, and he knew it instantly. Until the official family suddenly asked Yang Zhiyuan, the transfer judge of the Liangzhe Road, and immediately attracted Zhao Paner’s police station, they knew the identity of the other party, so they deliberately revealed that the night banquet map was burned in a fire.

In order to gain the trust of the official family, Zhao Paner reproduced the scene in the night banquet picture in the way of tea hundred operas, and at the same time revealed various details. Because of this, the hanging heart of the official family fell a little, Zhao Paner pretended to be calm and left the private room, and immediately informed Ge Zhaodi that he must find Gu Qianfan, and must not let the official family know that he was nearby.

On the other side, the official family summoned the dark guard and ordered several people to investigate the truth of what Zhao Pan’er said, and not to let the Imperial City Division notice. The noble person felt that if he could prove that the picture of the night banquet in his hand was an imitation, it would be a great achievement and avoid falling into the clear tongue. After all, Ouyang Xu had been prepared for the audience, but the official’s visit to Yong’an Building was purely a temporary initiative. Even Yang Zhiyuan mentioned it on his own initiative. Therefore, Qi Mu’s visit to Beijing to offer auspiciousness this time must be an abnormal event.

The official family thought that the noble man was right, so he got up and walked out of the Yongan Building. On the other hand, when Gu Qianfan learned about the official family’s movement, he rushed over immediately. After sending off the official family, Zhao Paner determined that the visitor was the official family, so he asked Song Yinzhang to remind Chen Lian and the others, and then borrowed Chi Pan’s carriage to stop Gu Qianfan.

Chi Pan was thoughtful, and in order to avoid suspicion, he specially hung lanterns on the luxury carriage, picked up the food box and pretended to ask for it. Sure enough, the incense car BMW attracted the attention of the people on the street, and they couldn’t help feeling that Yongan Building was really good in service. Seeing this, Wang Feng, the shopkeeper of Wanglou, also asked the servant to prepare a few good carriages, intending to follow the example of Yongan Building.

Gu Qianfan met Zhao Pan’er on the bridge and took her to the hidden river. Through her, he learned that Ouyang Xu was very likely to hand over the night banquet picture to the official family. In an emergency, he had to start with the color of the lingerie, which made the official family believe. Ouyang Xu forged a picture of the night banquet. Anyway, the Yang family was dead without evidence, so Zhao Pan’er took a risk to make this move, firstly, to sympathize with the empress Liu Wan’s involuntarily, and secondly, to think about Gu Qianfan.

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