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A Dream of Splendor 梦华录 Episode 33 Recap

The matter of the envoys from the North must exist, but what Zhao Paner cares about is mainly why Gu Qianfan chose to escape. At the beginning, Gu Qianfan confessed to Zhao Pan’er that he didn’t care about the distinction between good and cheap, his status, but now he is hesitant. Zhao Pan’er and Gu Qianfan in a dream released his former grudge, and when he woke up, he was very disappointed.

On the opening day of Yong’an Building, the lights were bright and the fireworks were in full bloom. The literati and scholars came here, the people scrambled to watch, the juggling class and the lion dance team appeared one after another, and the scene was lively. When everyone enters the Yongan Building, they can see singing and dancing, which is pleasing to the eye. Zhao Paner took the initiative to introduce the layout of the building, which is mainly divided into three pavilions.

The Yiyuan Pavilion is specially responsible for receiving distinguished guests. The Qianshan Pavilion can be enjoyed by both refined and popular people. As for the Wanshui Pavilion, it is even more brilliant. The performances are different every day, and it can also open tiles. Seeing that it was almost time, Chi Pan took the initiative to come to the stage to express his thoughts. As the saying goes, business is like spring, and new lines are better than old ones. Then, he announced that Yonganli is open for business, and everyone is welcome to come and visit.

All kinds of delicacies from the mountains and seas are served on the table, and the elegant side dishes are also unforgettable and full of praise. Thinking that the dishes in the lobby can be so delicious, I want to come to the elegant room of Yiyuange. Zhao Paner revealed that the elegant room is temporarily closed today, and will have to wait until tomorrow to invite twelve of the most respected literati in Tokyo, who will use excellent ingredients to create a Huayue Banquet.

That night, Zhao Pan’er and others prepared Huayue Paper and set the price at 50 yuan. Song Yinzhang and Ge Zhaodi were worried that the price was too high, and they might lose customers. Zhao Paner also realized this, so they decided to invite twelve celebrities. Only in this way can they spread their fame and even whet the appetite of the whole city.

As Zhao Paner had expected, ordinary people were eager to talk, and celebrities from the upper classes were eagerly looking forward to it. Zhuo Shi received the Huayue Note first, which naturally made Yuan Tuntian envious. Afterwards, Liu Jiu, Lin Pin and others received Huayue Notes one after another. When they went to the Yongan Building together, how could they know that the Yongan Building was pitch-dark, and there was no sense of hospitality at all.

Just when everyone was about to complain, Chi Pan, who was hiding in the corner, gave the order, and the lights came on for a while, and the dancers poured out like a file. Song Yinzhang played the pipa so well that everyone present was so fascinated that they almost forgot to applaud.

I thought that the dance music was already extremely beautiful, but I didn’t expect that the Yongan Tower could be turned into reality. Under the masterpieces of several famous artists, it can be seen that all the dancers are good at dancing with long sleeves. The next good wine and food can be praised by everyone, and Zhao Paner has really achieved the ultimate in the four senses.

Because the private room was far from the lobby, Yuan Tuntian was not qualified to enter the private room, so he must have felt unwilling, and secretly vowed to become a distinguished guest of the private room sooner or later. Xiao Qinyan sat in the painting boat and looked at the prosperous scene of Yongan Tower in the distance. He couldn’t help feeling that Zhao Paner was indeed capable. He also asked Gu Qianfan when he would get married.

However, Gu Qianfan mercilessly exposed Xiao Qinyan’s conspiracy, saying that as the imperial city envoy in charge of the world’s detective investigations, if there is no real evidence, how can he talk nonsense at will. In the last hat demon case, Xiao Qinyan used Gu Qianfan as a knife, which caused Qi Mu to be seriously injured, but Gu Qianfan bluntly said that he would not accept the noble lady he arranged, nor would he go home to recognize his ancestors, let alone become the other party. A tool for power grabs.

Gu Qianfan could not deny the fact that he and Xiao Qinyan were father and son, and he could only show by cutting his wrists that since there are as many as ten blood vessels in one’s life, except for the rescue of the painting boat and Xiao Qinyan’s design to frame his father, he will pay him back. A cup of blood. From then on, there was no relationship between Gu Qianfan and Xiao Qinyan, and the father-son relationship was written off.

In the middle of the night, Gu Qianfan was about to sneak into the room to visit Zhao Pan’er, but how could he know that Zhao Pan’er had placed a beast clip outside the window, causing him to be ambushed. The others heard the sound, and when facing Gu Qianfan, they all fought for Zhao Pan’er. Zhao Paner closed the window and did not want to meet Gu Qianfan, so he had to leave first.

Empress Liu Wan fought against the Qingliu faction, but the official family maintained the empress everywhere, which was enough to show that the two were deeply in love. The matter of Yong’an Tower spread to the palace, and when the official family learned about it, they thought of taking the queen to taste the freshness after they were in better health. At the same time, Chi Pan felt that the Huayue Banquet was highly sought after by celebrities and scholars, and should not be held every few days, but Zhao Paner felt that rarity was precious, and she was definitely a little better than Chi Pan in terms of business.

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