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A Dream of Splendor 梦华录 Episode 32 Recap

The Yongan Building was originally a tile, but it was converted into a restaurant by Chi Pan, but the business has never been able to do so, so he left the Yongan Building deserted. Because of Wazi, Zhao Paner remembered her days as a singing prostitute and Song Yinzhang’s sister who was kind to her, so she couldn’t help dancing on the stage. After Zhao Pan’er finished the dance, she wanted Yongan Restaurant to have tiles, so she told Chi Pan what she thought, making Chi Pan stupid.

The doctor released all the bruised blood, but Gu Qianfan still didn’t wake up, which frightened Chen Lian. He could only mention Zhao Pan’er in Gu Qianfan’s ear to let Gu Qianfan know that something happened to Zhao Pan’er. As soon as Gu Qianfan heard that Zhao Pan’er had something to do, his hand immediately moved, and Chen Lian asked the doctor to pierce the needle, which made Gu Qianfan wake up.

As soon as Gu Qianfan woke up, he immediately asked about Zhao Pan’er’s situation, and wanted to see Zhao Pan’er, while Chen Lian was on the way to tell Gu Qianfan the situation. Gu Qianfan couldn’t go to see Zhao Pan’er, so he had to ask Chen Lian to ask Zhao Pan’er to see if Zhao Pan’er was coerced by Chi Pan before he would be with Chi Pan. Gu Qianfan’s carriage ran into Zhao Pan’er on the road, and Gu Qianfan asked Chen Lian to get out of the carriage to ask about the situation, not to let Zhao Pan’er and Chi Pan be together.

Chen Lian asked Zhao Paner about the situation, and Zhao Paner said that since Gu Qianfan has drawn a clear line with her, don’t care who she is with, so Chen Lian doesn’t know what to say. Zhao Paner expected that Gu Qianfan was going to the car right away. She wanted to wait for Gu Qianfan to get off the car to explain to her, but Gu Qianfan never showed up, so she could only make a clean break with Gu Qianfan.

Gu Qianfan learned that Zhao Pan’er was fine and that he couldn’t be with Zhao Pan’er, so he didn’t get out of the car to see Zhao Pan’er, and didn’t want Zhao Pan’er to know about him. Zhao Pan’er hid in the store, and after Chi Pan’s words of encouragement, she cried happily and turned the story about her and Gu Qianfan. Zhao Pan’er was in charge of the reconstruction of the Yongan Building, while Sun Sanniang went to the kitchen to compete with the chefs, convincing them to obey her arrangements and improve their cooking skills.

Chi Pan followed Zhao Paner’s busy schedule, and everything followed Zhao Paner’s orders. He must work with Zhao Paner to transform the Yongan Building into the best restaurant in Tokyo, which made Zhao Paner a little uncomfortable. Gao Hui came to Zhao Pan’er and told Zhao Pan’er that she was held by Ouyang Xu and forced to marry Ouyang Xu, and told Zhao Pan’er to be careful, because Ouyang Xu would definitely take revenge on Zhao Pan’er. Du Changfeng was afraid that Ouyang Xu would retaliate against Zhao Pan’er and the others, so he hurried to find Ouyang Xu. Unexpectedly, Ouyang Xu lied that he only wanted fame and fortune, and would not care about the future, so Du Changfeng could rest assured.

Du Changfeng went to tell Zhao Paner and the three about Ouyang Xu’s attitude. Sun Sanniang saw that Du Changfeng was really good to them, and she also fell in love with Du Changfeng, so she confessed to Du Changfeng directly. After Sun Sanniang confessed, Du Changfeng said that he really wanted to live with Sun Sanniang, and he would definitely know that the matchmaker was marrying Sun Sanniang. Sun Sanniang reminded Du Changfeng that she was a business woman with a ten-year-old child, and asked Du Changfeng to think clearly before deciding whether she really wanted to live with her. She came to make do with it.

Du Changfeng told Sun Sanniang truthfully about his situation, expressing his sincerity in wanting to marry Sun Sanniang, and asking Sun Sanniang to agree. After Sun Sanniang agreed to Du Changfeng, Du Changfeng immediately asked for the time to find a matchmaker, anxious to marry Sun Sanniang, but Sun Sanniang said that she was not in a hurry and would wait until the Yongan Building was done. Du Changfeng was anxious to marry Sun Sanniang, and couldn’t help wanting to kiss Sun Sanniang, but he was pushed to the ground by Sun Sanniang. The two rolled on the ground for this, and happened to be seen by Ge Zhaodi.

After being seen by Ge Zhaodi, Du Changfeng couldn’t find the right way when he wanted to leave in embarrassment. Sun Sanniang had to ask Ge Zhaodi to send Du Changfeng out. After Ge Zhaodi sent Du Changfeng away, Chen Lian came. Chen Lian thought that he could forget about Ge Zhaodi after leaving Tokyo for a while, but he couldn’t help but want to see Ge Zhaodi, so he could only come to apologize to Ge Zhaodi. Ge Zhaodi did not accept Chen Lian’s apology, and said that Gu Qianfan and Zhao Pan’er were over, and she and Chen Lian had to stay away from each other.

When Ge Zhaodi said that Gu Qianfan had abandoned Zhao Paner, Chen Lian told him that Gu Qianfan asked him to sell two houses to raise money, indicating that Gu Qianfan never meant it, and the reason why Gu Qianfan did not show up was indeed because of the reception. The official business of the envoy. Chen Lian explained that Gu Qianfan was seriously injured and was in a coma for a long time. He went to see Zhao Pan’er as soon as he woke up. He was still vomiting blood and drinking medicine, but Ge Zhaodi didn’t believe it and didn’t want to worry about it, because Zhao Pan’er was also very injured. Heavy.

Song Yinzhang saw that Sun Sanniang was hesitant about marrying Du Changfeng, so she generously told what happened to her and Shen Ruzhuo, indicating that she had completely let go and treated men as playthings. Marry Du Changfeng if you like. Ge Zhaodi told Zhao Paner about Gu Qianfan, indicating that what Chen Lian said would never be a lie, but Zhao Paner still did not believe what Chen Lian said because Gu Qianfan refused to get off the carriage to see her that day.

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