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A Dream of Splendor 梦华录 Episode 31 Recap

What Zhao Pan’er said left Ren Jiang speechless. He was really angry, so he wanted to take Zhao Pan’er and Sun Sanniang down on the grounds that she was a fellow hat demon. Chi Pan spoke for Zhao Pan’er, and when he was about to take his people to fight with Ren Jiang, Song Yinzhang appeared. Song Yinzhang came with her pipa, explaining that she lived with Zhao Paner and Sun Sanniang. If they were hat demons, they would not be able to get out of their relationship, and even Ke Zheng and Xiao Qinyan would be implicated.

Song Yinzhang’s words frightened Ren Jiang, and Chi Pan reminded Ren Jiang at this time that Zhao Pan’er belonged to Gu Qianfan, and then Ren Jiang apologized to Zhao Pan’er. After Ren Jiang bowed her head, Zhao Paner also spoke softly in a roundabout way, indicating that she could understand Ren Jiang’s difficulties, and asked Ren Jiang not to blame Chi Pan, who was in charge of repairing the dock early in the morning, and suggested that Ren Jiang and the common people clean up the dock together, The matter was settled satisfactorily.

Ouyang Xu returned to Tokyo, and when he was summoned by the official’s house, he specially greeted Gao Hu and showed off. Gao Hu was very unhappy when he learned that Ouyang Xu was back, but he didn’t expect Ouyang Xu to send a letter to Gao Hui. When Ouyang Xu sent a letter to Gao Hui, he also split the belly pocket that Gao Hui gave him, and sent half of it to Gao’s house, which made Gao Hui very embarrassed and didn’t know what to do.

After the matter was resolved, Song Yinzhang told Zhao Paner truthfully that Shen Ruzhuo lied to her, and wanted Zhao Paner to speak to Gu Qianfan and speak out for her. Zhao Pan’er told Song Yinzhang that she and Gu Qianfan were over, and there was no news of Gu Qianfan, their restaurant could not be opened, the tea house collapsed, and there was nothing left. Song Yinzhang wanted to give Zhao Pan’er his jewelry and start over with Zhao Pan’er, but Zhao Pan’er felt that his anger was gone, he didn’t want to do business anymore, and wanted to go back to Qiantang.

When Sun Sanniang heard Zhao Paner’s words, she immediately reminded Zhao Paner that they decided to stay because they were unwilling. Since Zhao Paner can forget Ouyang Xu, she can put Gu Qianfan down and continue their business in Tokyo. After hearing what Sun Sanniang said, Zhao Paner wanted to change her mind and stay in Tokyo, but they really didn’t have the money to open a restaurant, so she still couldn’t make up her mind. Chi Pan has been listening to Zhao Paner and the others chatting. Seeing that Zhao Paner lacked money to open a restaurant, he immediately said that he would cooperate with Zhao Paner because he had money and a restaurant.

Chi Pan explained that the most important thing in his life is his face, and what Zhao Paner said about Ren Jiang today made him particularly proud. Decided to let go of the past festivals with Zhao Paner and make friends with Zhao Paner. As soon as Song Yinzhang heard Chi Pan’s words, he immediately reminded Zhao Pan’er not to trust Chi Pan, because Chi Pan knew that Shen Ruzhuo was going to lie to her, but he did not let Zhang tell her well.

Chi Pan wanted to explain and make Zhao Paner believe her, but Sun Sanniang pushed Chi Pan away and took Zhao Paner and Song Yinzhang away. Chi Pan went after Zhao Pan’er and the others, thinking that Du Changfeng, who had an accident with Sun Sanniang, came over and hurriedly hit Chi Pan, injuring Chi Pan. After Chi Pan was injured, he howled loudly, clamoring for Zhao Pan’er to see his injury.

Gu Qianfan had been in the Imperial City Division for treatment, but never woke up, making the doctor and the Imperial City Division anxious, so he could only call Chen Lian back. The doctor wanted to bleed Gu Qianfan with a silver knife. Others were afraid of taking responsibility and refused to let the doctor do it. Chen Lian was afraid that Gu Qianfan would be in danger if he continued to fall into a coma, so he asked the doctor to bleed. While Chen Lian explained the doctor’s bloodletting, he asked Zhao Pan’er and the others to go to Gu Qianfan to see if they were in a hurry, and wanted to tell Zhao Pan’er about Gu Qianfan’s situation.

Taking advantage of his injury, Chi Pan begged Zhao Paner to listen to him and make it clear. He really admired Zhao Paner and asked them to help manage Yongan Building. Chi Pan said that the management of Yongan Building belongs to Zhao Paner and the three of them. If he loses, he will be counted, and if he earns, he will be divided equally, and he only asks Zhao Paner to stay. Zhao Pan’er couldn’t forget what Chi Pan humiliated her before, she couldn’t cooperate with Chi Pan, Chi Pan had to chase Zhao Pan’er out, and in front of everyone, knelt down and apologized to Zhao Pan’er, which finally let Zhao Pan’er relieved.

After Sun Sanniang and Song Yinzhang neither objected to staying, Zhao Pan’er decided to stay and manage the Yongan Building. At the same time, she also made a lot of requests to Chi Pan, but Chi Pan agreed to all of them. Chi Pan asked someone to take a piece of white paper and put his handprint on it, and Zhao Paner wrote the contract whatever he wanted to show his sincerity in inviting Zhao Paner. Only then did Zhao Paner really decide to cooperate with Chi Pan. After Zhao Pan’er agreed, Chi Pan immediately took the three of them to the Yongan Building and began to reorganize the Yongan Building.

Zhao Pan’er looked at Yong’an Building and found that the situation there was particularly bad, losing at least a thousand dollars every year, but Chi Pan, because of the great wealth of his family, completely ignored it. When Zhao Paner scolded him, Chi Pan immediately apologized for not lending Zhao Paner money before, and asked someone to redeem the land deed of the teahouse to Zhao Paner.

Gao Hu couldn’t think of a way to solve the problem of Gao Hui giving Ouyang Xu’s apron. He could only persuade Gao Hui to marry Ouyang Xu, but Gao Hui refused to agree.

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