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A Dream of Splendor 梦华录 Episode 30 Recap

Zhao Paner stole her fire coral and did not borrow money from Chi Pan, but thought of being threatened by the boss of Wangyuelou and humiliated by Chi Pan, she cried sadly. After Zhao Paner cried, she suddenly woke up and felt that Gu Qianfan had failed her, so she went out and took the fire coral to find the boss of Wangyuelou desperately. The owner of Wangyuelou happily waited for Zhao Paner to be unable to come up with the money. He made three hundred kuai in vain, but he did not expect Zhao Paner to fight him desperately with a hairpin, forcing him to return the three hundred kuang to Zhao Paner.

Zhao Paner got the money back, thinking about selling the calligraphy and painting, borrowing some money from Du Changfeng, and redeeming the teahouse first, so that they can continue their business. Zhao Paner wanted to sell her jewelry, including fire coral. Sun Sanniang knew that Zhao Paner was not easy and didn’t want to make Zhao Paner sad, so she took Ge Zhaodi to the pawnshop to sell jewelry. Du Changfeng heard the words of Sun Sanniang and Ge Zhaodi after passing by, so he asked them to leave the fire coral behind and pawn off the useless jewelry in his hands.

When Ge Zhaodi went to make jewelry, Du Changfeng and Sun Sanniang inquired about Zhao Paner’s search for Chi Pan, which happened to be seen by Song Yinzhang who was going to the Lin residence for a banquet. Song Yinzhang saw that Sun Sanniang was holding fire coral in her hand, worried that Zhao Paner would encounter obstacles in opening the restaurant, so she wanted to get off the carriage to ask about the situation. Shen Ruzhuo did not let Song Yinzhang get out of the car, saying that he would send someone to watch and let Song Yinzhang go to the Lin Mansion with him first. .

Song Yinzhang didn’t want to drop herself to serve Lin Sansi, but in order for her to marry Shen Ruzhuo beautifully, she believed Shen Ruzhuo’s words and only thought she was going to play the pipa for Lin Sansi. When Lin Sansi saw Song Yinzhang, he was overwhelmed by her beauty, so by looking at the pipa, he started to move on Song Yinzhang. Song Yinzhang hated Lin Sansi’s behavior very much, but for what Shen Ruzhuo said, she still endured it all, and after she finished playing, did she find an excuse to wash her hands and wash away the smell left by Lin Sansi on her hands.

Song Yinzhang was unhappy with what Lin Sansi did, and Shen Ruzhuo continued to deceive Song Yinzhang with his rhetoric and asked her to change clothes and prepare for the banquet. When Song Yinzhang went to change his clothes, he met Zhang Haohao, so he went to chat with Zhang Haohao. Zhang Hao said a few words of jealousy, and then told her that she had left the country and went to Qingzhou to be Mrs. Ru, so that Song Yinzhang should be careful and not be deceived by Shen Ruzhuo. As soon as Song Yinzhang heard Zhang Haohao’s words, he immediately refuted Zhang Haohao, claiming that Shen Ruzhuo would not lie to her, and waited for her to leave her family and marry, so that Zhang Haohao could not say more.

At the banquet, Zhang took a good look at Lin Sansi staring at Song Yinzhang, and was very worried about Song Yinzhang, while Shen Ruzhuo was busy pouring wine for Song Yinzhang, trying to get Song Yinzhang drunk. Song Yinzhang was a little drunk and wanted Shen Ruzhuo to go home, but Shen Ruzhuo asked Song Yinzhang to go to the guest room to rest first because it was inconvenient to go home. When Song Yinzhang went to the banquet, Zhang Hao specially reminded Song Yinzhang that Shen Ruzhuo was a liar. After deceiving women, he would dislike them and dedicate them to Lin Sansi.

Song Yinzhang didn’t believe what Zhang Haohao said, and felt that Shen Ruzhuo was sincere to her, but when Zhang Haohao said that several sisters had lost their lives in the Lin Mansion before, she had doubts. When Song Yinzhang was at the banquet, he had already noticed that there was a problem with the wine, so he deliberately pretended to drink the wine that Shen Ruzhuo had prescribed, was poured down and helped him back to the room, waiting for Shen Ruzhuo to appear. After Song Yinzhang fell asleep, Shen Ruzhuo went to call Song Yinzhang to make sure that Song Yinzhang was not awake, so he went to light aphrodisiac incense, so that Lin Sansi could do his best.

When Shen Ruzhuo was lighting the incense, Song Yinzhang smashed Shen Ruzhuo with a pipa, tied Shen Ruzhuo, and tied his two servants together, forcing Shen Ruzhuo to sign a contract not to trouble her, and then escaped from the Lin Mansion. A night of storms and rain battered the tea house to pieces, and Zhao Paner and Sun Sanniang’s hard work was wasted, which made them very discouraged. After the rain stopped the next day, Zhao Paner and Sun Sanniang went to clean up the teahouse. Sun Sanniang told Zhao Paner what Zhao Paner didn’t want to say, and told Zhao Paner not to redeem the teahouse. She shared the three hundred kansen money that Zhao Paner got back, and went back to Qiantang to do a small business. .

Chi Pan was also in a mess because of the overnight rain, and the Kaifeng government raised Ren Jiang’s troubles to find Chi Pan. By the way, he breathed a sigh of relief for the little red envelope that Chi Pan gave. Chi Pan was stepped on by Ren Jiang, and wanted to ask for a favor so that he would not embarrass himself, but Ren Jiang insisted on letting Chi Pan lick the mud on his feet, which made Chi Pan very unbearable. Zhao Pan’er saw that Chi Pan was cleaned up by Ren Jiang, and didn’t want to care about Chi Pan’s affairs. After all, Chi Pan was not a good person, but she couldn’t bear to hear that Ren Jiang demoted the businessman to nothing.

Zhao Pan’er asked Chi Pan to stretch his neck and cut it to Ren Jiang. She said that Ren Jiang did not have the right to kill Chi Pan without trial. At the same time, she said that He Wu was Ren Jiang’s responsibility and had nothing to do with Chi Pan. You don’t need to accept Ren Jiang’s anger. Zhao Paner used the statutes of the Song Dynasty to scold Ren Jiang, and at the same time let out a sigh of relief for the merchant, telling Ren Jiang, who looked down on the merchant, not to eat the grain sold by the merchant, making Ren Jiang very angry.

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