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A Dream of Splendor 梦华录 Episode 29 Recap

Gu Qianfan was seriously injured and returned to Tokyo. Before seeing Zhao Pan’er, he saw Xiao Wei first. When Xiao Wei saw Gu Qianfan, he asked him if he was so unhappy because of a change in his marriage with Zhao Paner. Gu Qianfan heard what Xiao Wei said, and asked Xiao Wei in surprise what he knew. Xiao Wei then told Gu Qianfan about his investigation of Zhao Pan’er’s net worth.

Xiao Wei explained that Zhao Pan’er’s biological father, Zhao Qian, was a good official who loved the people like a son. He was impeached by Xiao Qinyan for sabotaging the peace talks just because he ventured out of the city to save the people. prostitute. Xiao Wei found out what happened to Zhao Pan’er and reported the matter to Xiao Qinyan. Xiao Qinyan quietly put the official document on Gu Qianfan’s table and let Gu Qianfan know about it.

Xiao Wei reminded Gu Qianfan that Xiao Qinyan was a person with deep scheming, so he did this on purpose in order to prevent Gu Qianfan from marrying Zhao Paner, and after letting Gu Qianfan know about it, he gave up Zhao Paner himself. Gu Qianfan listened to Xiao Wei’s words and recalled all the things Xiao Qinyan had done, and then he realized that it was all true, and he was indeed unable to face Zhao Paner because Xiao Qinyan killed Zhao Qian. Find Zhao Pan’er.

Gu Qianfan was seriously injured and fainted on the way back to the Imperial City Division. The Imperial City Division called the imperial physician for treatment and found that Gu Qianfan was seriously injured. Chiho’s illness. Zhao Pan’er couldn’t wait for Gu Qianfan to come back, and was particularly worried about Gu Qianfan. She was always thinking about Gu Qianfan’s inability to sleep late at night, and even buying the restaurant didn’t make her happy.

Song Yinzhang was distracted and hurt his hand because of Zhao Pan’er’s affairs. Shen Ruzhuo immediately nervously asked someone to watch Song Yinzhang’s hand. He treasured Song Yinzhang’s hand very much. While nervous about Song Yinzhang’s hand, Shen Ruzhuo spoke ill of Zhao Pan’er again, asking Song Yinzhang not to get involved with Zhao Pan’er again, but she didn’t expect to make Song Yinzhang unhappy. In the matter of Song Yinzhang and Shen Ruzhuo urging marriage, Shen Ruzhuo used the excuse of helping Song Yinzhang get out of the country, and asked Song Yinzhang to wait for him to get married before getting married.

Shen Ruzhuo explained that he wanted Song Yinzhang to marry him proudly, but it was difficult to get rid of his nationality, so he asked Song Yinzhang to go out to socialize with him and entertain a few more high-ranking officials. Song Yinzhang didn’t want to go out to socialize, but after hearing Shen Ruzhuo say that he could leave the country and raise his eyebrows in front of other ladies, he agreed to Shen Ruzhuo to accompany him to socialize. Zhao Pan’er arrived at the day when she handed over the last 600 pieces of money, but Gu Qianfan’s return date was still undecided, she still couldn’t see Gu Qianfan, and she was very worried.

Both Sun Sanniang and Ge Zhaodi knew that Zhao Paner was worried. They didn’t want to blame Zhao Paner, and they worried about Zhao Paner, so they had to comfort Zhao Paner together. After Sun Sanniang and the others comforted Zhao Paner, she decided to go to the owner of Wangyuelou tomorrow to discuss whether the payment could be delayed for a while. In order to return to Tokyo, Ouyang Xu broke into Qi Mu’s mansion and gave Qi Mu the picture of the night banquet. Qi Mu doubted Ouyang Xu’s intention to surrender, because Ouyang Xu was someone who offended the Gao family, while Ouyang Xu claimed to be a dog and was willing to listen to Qi Mu’s dispatch.

Qi Mu tested Ouyang Xu and asked Ouyang Xu to eat the dung he just gave to the potted plants. Ouyang Xu could only crawl over to eat it, which made Qi Mu satisfied. Qi Mu was satisfied with Ouyang Xu’s performance, and asked people to remind Huo Yi Xian Shi to accept Ouyang Xu’s canonization and let Ouyang Xu complete the task, otherwise he would change to an obedient Hu Yi Tian Shi to the official family. Ouyang Xu achieved his goal, but he was very shocked. When he went back, he kept laughing at himself for turning into a dog for a bone.

Zhao Paner went to the boss of Wangyuelou to discuss the matter of grace, but he did not expect that the other party would not be accommodating at all, and waited for Zhao Paner to fail to pay for the contract, which made Zhao Paner very angry. Zhao Pan’er went to Du Changfeng with the contract to see if he could go to the yamen to tell the boss of Wangyuelou, but he didn’t expect it to be of any use. Du Changfeng wanted to mortgage his house and collect 300 yuan for Zhao Paner, but Zhao Paner was afraid that he would not be able to keep the teahouse, and that Du Changfeng would be implicated, so he did not dare to borrow Du Changfeng’s money.

Du Changfeng reminded Zhao Pan’er that if Zhao Pan’er couldn’t get 600 passes, it would be a waste of time, so Zhao Pan’er could use his money with confidence. Zhao Paner was unwilling to have nothing, but 600 yuan was too much money, and she had nowhere to raise money, so she could only listen to Du Changfeng and go to Chi Pan to borrow money. When Chi Pan learned that Zhao Pan’er came to beg him, he was so excited that he was waiting for how to vent about the past. He Si knew that he would embarrass Zhao Pan’er, so he first reminded Zhao Pan’er to be patient.

Chi Pan asked Zhao Paner to kowtow to him and apologize for the previous incident, and asked her to perform a song. Zhao Pan’er kowtowed and danced again, stunned Chi Pan. He wanted to deny it, but Zhao Pan’er didn’t agree. Chi Pan reluctantly lent Zhao Pan’er three hundred pieces of money, but he couldn’t let Zhao Pan’er leave easily, so he asked Zhao Pan’er for collateral and took away the fire coral that Gu Qianfan gave Zhao Pan’er. After Chi Pan took away the fire coral, he molested Zhao Pan’er so that after being abandoned by Gu Qianfan, Zhao Pan’er could be his friend, but he didn’t expect to be slapped by Zhao Pan’er.

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