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A Dream of Splendor 梦华录 Episode 28 Recap

Since Ge’s mother had no money to compensate Yu Guanyin, she had to sell her daughter Ge Zhaodi to Zhao Pan’er as a slave. After she signed the sale contract, Zhao Pan’er promised to take out five pieces of money as a entanglement. Ge’s mother was overjoyed, and under Zhao Pan’er’s gesture, she took the initiative to come to Chi Mansion to ask for money. Originally, Chi Pan was depressed because of Gu Qianfan’s promotion. When he saw Ge’s mother’s intention to steal Jinshan, he ordered someone to rape him on the spot. Beaten up, then kicked out of the house.

Since Chen Lian came back from the teahouse, he has locked himself in the study and felt sad, and applied to Gu Qianfan to go to Beijing to investigate the case, but he actually wanted to leave this sad place. At the same time, Zhao Pan’er missed Gu Qianfan, but she couldn’t see the yellow flower outside the door for a long time, and she felt very lost.

Gu Qianfan also thought about Zhao Pan’er. After she fell asleep, she came to the room alone and left a silver note. However, there was a thunderstorm that night, and the strong wind blew the bank note together with the bill to the ground. Ge Zhaodi didn’t notice it, and put the bank note in the paper. Zhao Pan’er didn’t know about the bank notes yet, and because the boss of Wangyuelou was in a hurry, she really had no choice but to sign the deed first, promising to send the remaining 600 pieces of money tomorrow.

After leaving Wangyuelou, Zhao Paner went straight to the Imperial City Division. How could he know that Gu Qianfan and Chen Lian had already left the capital, and I am afraid that they will not be returning to Beijing in the next few days. Considering that Gu Qianfan must have something important to do, Zhao Pan’er decided to mortgage the calligraphy and painting house deed to the pawn shop, and collect at least 600 pieces of money first.

Sun Sanniang did not agree, after all, this was their last retreat, but Zhao Paner had made up her mind and could only accompany her and Ge Zhaodi to the pawn shop. At first, due to Chi Pan’s sake, the boss refused to accept the land deed and calligraphy and painting. When he heard that Song Yinzhang had a close relationship with the powerful, he agreed to collect the land deed worth 300 yuan for 100 yuan, and Zhao Paner would come to redeem it seven days later.

Gu Qianfan, who was far away in Yongqiu City, received a letter from Tokyo and learned that Zhao Paner had urgent matters to find him, and was instantly anxious. Coincidentally, in a landslide, Gu Qianfan was crushed by a boulder to save Yelu Zongsheng, causing serious injuries to his lungs and a coma for two days. Xiao Qinyan was concerned about Gu Qianfan’s physical condition, earnestly persuaded him not to rush back to Beijing, and wanted to take this opportunity to ease the relationship between father and son.

But when Xiao Qinyan just left, Gu Qianfan immediately went to Yelu Zongsheng, and truthfully explained the reason for returning to Beijing, hoping that he would help him deal with Xiao Qinyan. Yelu Zongsheng was grateful for Gu Qianfan’s life-saving grace, and felt that he was a human being with a lot of love and righteousness, so he readily agreed to this request.

On the contrary, because of Ke Zheng, Ouyang Xu felt that his future career was hopeless, and he probably would not have any backers. Shutong Ziming couldn’t stand it anymore, and persuaded Ouyang Xu to cheer up. If Immortal Master Baoyi was not canonized for a long time, I’m afraid it would be difficult for them to return to Tokyo.

Ziming heard that Qi Mu was returning to his hometown to recuperate, and felt that this should be an opportunity. He suggested that Ouyang Xu give Qi Mu a gift, take this opportunity to please the other party, and perhaps go further. However, Ouyang Xu thought that Qi Mu and Ke Zheng were both clear and would definitely not see him. Besides, the reason why he suddenly returned to his hometown meant that he had become Xiao Qinyan’s defeated general.

However, Ziming did not give up, and rummaged through the box for valuables. When Ouyang Xu saw the night banquet picture that Zhao Paner had been thinking about day and night, he suddenly came to his senses. Queen Liu Wan’s name. Realizing that the night banquet picture was related to the queen, Ouyang Xu seemed to see hope and finally thought of a way to return to Beijing.

Gu Qianfan rode his horse to Tokyo overnight, enduring his internal injuries, even though he was so tired that he vomited blood, he refused to rest for a while. Accompanied by Du Changfeng and others, Zhao Paner came to Wangyuelou to meet the boss. Sun Sanniang whispered to Ge Zhaodi about Song Yinzhang, only to find out that Song Yinzhang was still complaining about Zhao Paner. Chiho’s wedding.

Sun Sanniang fought for Zhao Paner, and felt that Song Yinzhang was unreasonable and disregarded her sisterhood. But thinking about it carefully, Ge Zhaodi felt that Song Yinzhang was mostly jealous of Zhao Pan’er. When Zhao Pan’er and Ouyang Xu got engaged, she was intent on marrying Jin Shi Zhoushe. Now Zhao Pan’er is going to be the official wife. She began to climb up Shen Ruzhuo again and enjoy the Shen family. of glory and wealth.

Although Sun Sanniang thought it was a little incredible, she agreed with some truth. Besides, Zhao Paner’s exquisite mind must have guessed the meaning, so Ge ​​Zhaodi and Sun Sanniang did not let Ge Zhaodi and Sun Sanniang mention it. Although Song Yinzhang did not agree to open a restaurant, Zhao Paner felt that her name should be added, so she and Sun Sanniang put their fingerprints on the deed one after another.

Du Changfeng was deeply admired and believed that Zhao Paner had a profound understanding of righteousness and changed his impression of her again and again. When Ge Zhaodi saw that the deed had her own name, she was both delighted and shocked. She never thought that she would become the owner of the restaurant, so she pressed her handprint with excitement, and several people looked at each other and smiled.

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