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Heroes 说英雄谁是英雄 Episode 34 Recap

Layman Tianyi held the arrow and was filled with emotion. Baibeard Garden is a clean place. People from Zizaimen seldom set foot in the rivers and lakes. However, when Yuan Shisanjian joined Youqiao Group, it ruined Zizaimen’s reputation and caused Fang Geyin to die. As a senior brother, Tianyi layman was determined to clean up the door, so he found Yuan Shisanhan from a long distance. I have to admit that Yuan Shisanxian is indeed a martial arts prodigy.

At that time, he had just become a sad little arrow. Although Tianyi Jushi was a senior brother, he was not his opponent at all. Just when the Tianyi layman was about to die under the arrow of Yuan Shisanjian, Xiaojing blocked him. From then on, Yuan Shisanjian hated Tianyi layman, believing that he killed his wife. So this time, he must have made a special trip to find Lay Tianyi to settle the matter.

When Fang Geyin’s life and death were unknown and Xiao Shi disappeared again, Cai Jing adopted Fang Yingjian in the name of the imperial court. At that time, people on the rivers and lakes thought that this was a righteous act of the imperial court.

Looking at it later, Cai Jing’s move was not only to block Youyou’s public, but also to cover up the truth that he transferred troops to kill the rebels. Moreover, Fang Yingjian admitted that he personally pushed Fang Geyin into the Tiankeng, and now Xiaoshi can’t ignore anything. At this moment, the bearded man hurried back and told the two of them.

It was getting dark now, and the only place to stay overnight was the Yang Family Shop. Now the Yang family shop has been abandoned, no one is inhabited, only some earthen walls can keep out the wind and snow. And Master Liu may stay here for the night. Beard took the initiative to ask Ying, and went up the river, intending to meet Mr. Liu before those people.

But the beard is now injured, and everyone has come forward to go for him. Xiao Shi on the side finally spoke, telling them to stop arguing, and said that he could go. Beard was unwilling to agree. After all, Xiao Shi had just gotten married, so how could he leave the bride alone. Unexpectedly, as soon as the words fell, Wen Wen stood up and expressed his agreement with Xiao Shi’s trip. Xiaoshi and Tender looked at each other and smiled. They both knew that love should support convenience.

Xiao Shi traveled alone, but unexpectedly met Di Feijing on the road. Di Feijing came this time to seek justice for Lei Chun, and Xiao Shi also admitted that he was there to pick up a person, and Fang Yingjian wanted to kill this person, and the two had the same goal. In order not to worry Xiao Shi, Di Fei Jing lied that Su Mengzhen and Bai Choufei were fine in the capital. Xiao Shi originally planned to go with Di Feijing, but Di Feijing said that Fang Yingyan’s martial arts are not under the two of them. So the two said goodbye and cherished each other.

As night fell, Liu Shian and his party really rested in Yang’s shop. Suddenly, there was movement outside. Everyone hurried out to check, but it was Xiao Shi. Xiao Shi was also very surprised that Tang Baoniu and Fang Henshao he had met before were also here. After a few simple words, there was the sound of horse hooves in the distance, and everyone hurriedly set off. In order to delay time, Xiao Shi stayed behind with Tang Baoniu and Fang Henshao. Under the barrier of the raging fire, Fang Ying saw that the group could not move an inch.

Fang Ying saw that the group was attacked on the road, but unexpectedly the master was Di Feijing. Di Fei was shocked to die, raised his sword and walked towards the large group of people. After a fight, Di Feijing was alone and didn’t know where to go.

Here, Yuan Shisanjian found Lay Tianyi and wanted to make a settlement with him. After dawn, Xiao Shi and the others rushed back, only to see several corpses lying here and there. Beard told everyone that Yuan Shisanjian had kidnapped the Tianyi layman and Wen Wen, and asked Liu Shian to take the evidence to redeem them. Up to now, Liu Shian had no choice but to confess to Xiao Shi that there was no such transfer order at all, and even if there was, it would have been destroyed early in the morning. Xiao Shi persuaded Liu Shian that even if he really had that evidence, he would never hand it over. After speaking, he picked up his sword and left alone.

On the way, Xiao Shi met Fang Yingkan, but found that his eyes had been cut off. The matter has come to this point, Fang Yingyan has no repentance at all. He also confessed that the killing of Fang Geyin was all because of Xiao Shi, who took away his rights and martial arts. Seeing this, Xiao Shi had no choice but to kill him and use his father’s swordsmanship to end him.

Not only that, Xiao Shi also found the order from the Blood River Divine Sword. At this time, taking advantage of Yuan Shisanjian’s dispute with Tianyi layman, Wenrou quietly cut off the rope, but who knew it was still exposed on the spot. Soon after, Xiao Shi arrived and used the Blood River Divine Sword to duel with Yuan Shisan. Yuan Shisan opened his bow and prepared to fly two arrows, and asked Xiao Shi to choose one of them.

During the conversation, Xiao Shi had already calculated several predictions in his mind. Just as the arrow left the string, Xiao Shi flew the Blood River Divine Sword to Gentle’s side, and flew to block it for the Tianyi layman, and at the same time threw the stone in his hand directly at Yuan Shisanxian’s forehead. But Xiao Shi did not expect that the arrow passed through his chest and stabbed at the master. On his deathbed, the master told Xiao Shi not to blame himself, and to live well with Gentleness, and the Tianyi layman also went west.

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