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Heroes 说英雄谁是英雄 Episode 33 Recap

Xiao Shi slowly lifted the gentle red hijab, only to see the person in front of him with bright eyes and white teeth, his skin as thick as sebum, his eyes were full of tenderness, and the two rosy cheeks made him even more charming. Xiao Shi gently cupped her tender face with both hands and kissed her forehead. His lips slid down involuntarily, kissing the soft, warm lips. The candlelight flickered, and the two of them lay face to face, with bright moon and stars in their eyes.

Bai Choufei, dressed in a red wedding dress, sat lazily in the room with the words “Happy” on it. Lei Mei told him that, for some unknown time, there was someone living in her heart, and no one could compare to him. With that said, Lei Mei untied her belt and wanted to dedicate herself to Bai Choufei. But Lei Mei had tears in her eyes, but there was no joy on her face.

Bai Choufei looked at the naked Lei Mei, the expression on his face did not know what it meant. Then, he put on a playful smile and slowly walked towards Lei Mei. Bai Choufei picked up the coat on the ground and put it on Lei Mei. He whispered to Lei Mei that they were all born in the mud, so there was no need to despise each other.

In Su Mengzhen’s imagination, his and Lei Chun’s wedding should be held in this conference hall. After the ceremony, he would take Lei Chun to the top of the Jinfeng Drizzle Building to see the sun, moon and stars. But now, it’s all just a lie. Su Mengzhen asked Yang Wuxie about Lei Chun and Bai Choufei’s marriage, and when he learned that Bai Choufei only gave some gold and silver jewelry to Lei Chun, he realized that Bai Choufei was not as good as himself after all.

Su Mengzhen guessed that Bai Choufei would come with Lei Chun, so she waited in the conference hall early. Bai Choufei threatened Lei Chun to offer tea to Su Mengzhen, and then asked her to give Su Mengzhen a gift. Su Meng pillow held back her emotions and opened the box, only to see the broken pendant. Lei Chun could not have imagined that Bai Choufei would be so cruel, and turned to stare at him fiercely. Su Mengzhen reminded Bai Choufei that there are no insurmountable obstacles in life.

It is his own heart that can trap him, and the only one who can solve it is himself. Bai Choufei returned to the sedan chair with a smug look on his face, and when he saw Lei Chun’s face full of tears, he thought she was worried about herself. But Lei Chun’s eyes couldn’t deceive anyone, Bai Choufei understood after a while that Lei Chun was worried that he would kill Su Mengzhen.

Bai Choufei cultivated a group of dead men with his own power, known as the “108 Gong Case”, and several of the halls where the Jinfeng Drizzle Tower was lurking have been found by him and destroyed one by one. Su Mengzhen knew that Bai Choufei’s heart was higher than the sky, and he only had himself in his eyes, and would not share power with others. When he was in the building, Bai Choufei was unwilling to be the deputy landlord, and now he can’t tolerate Su Mengzhen.

Today’s visit is nothing more than a temptation, so as to find an opportunity to do it. The teacher is worthy of righteous indignation, and is anxious to find Bai Choufei to settle accounts. But Su Mengzhen spoke out, because in his eyes, everyone was his friend, and he didn’t need them to work for him, but hoped that they could live for him. Now, what they have to do is to wait for an opportunity and a person. Everyone is very puzzled, who is that person. Su Mengzhen raised the note in her hand, and everyone was surprised to learn that Xiao Shi was still alive.

On this day, Xiao Shi and Big Beard went to the sentry post to deliver meals to the brothers, but who knew they were dead. Xiao Shi stepped forward to check, and learned from the arrows on their chests that the murderer was Yuan Shisangan. In addition to him, there is a large group of people. Xiao Shi hurriedly asked Big Beard to go to the sentinel to report the news, and then he pulled out his arrow and ran back to town. At this time, Fang Ying saw that a group of people encountered Yuan Shisan. Yuan Shisan asked Fang Ying to see and then handed over the transfer order to himself. Although Fang Ying was unhappy, he had to endure the humiliation for the overall situation.

Fang Yingjian rushed to the stronghold and caught the bearded man and two pawns. Fang Yingjian suggested that if they could walk through the thin ice layer on the lake, they would not be killed. A young pawn was forced to walk over, but after a few steps he fell into the freezing cold water. Bearded had a plan in mind, and then took the initiative to get up and walk over, but still fell into the lake. Another person was in a panic, so he told Fang Yingkan that Mr. Liu had already set off and would be in town in a day or two. Fang Yingkan was very happy, but still ordered someone to throw him into the lake. After waiting for Fang Yingkan and others to leave, a hole opened on the lake, and a hand slowly climbed up.

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