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Heroes 说英雄谁是英雄 Episode 32 Recap

Bai Choufei confessed to Cai Jing that he had a crush on Lei Chun for a long time and wanted to marry her for a long time. Lei Chun didn’t expect him to do this, so he hurriedly said that it was not right. If Bai Choufei became the son-in-law of Liufentang, according to his ambitions, wouldn’t it lay a hidden danger for Cai Jing. Who knows that Bai Choufei has a deep obsession and insists on marrying Lei Chun. Cai Jing interrupted the dispute between the two. He also knew that Bai Choufei was ambitious, but since he had desire, it was easy to control.

He believed that Bai Choufei would not threaten him, so he set up a marriage for the two. Lei Chun still wanted to say something, but looking at Cai Jing’s appearance, he was afraid that what he said would not help. Lei Chun’s eyes were cold and Bai Choufei said that he didn’t love him, but he didn’t hate him either. This indifference made Bai Choufei feel very uncomfortable. He blocked Lei Chun’s way and held onto her hand tightly.

Because Xiao Shi still has a wanted warrant on his back, and the environment here is not good for Xiao Shi. Master arranged for Xiao Shi to leave as soon as possible with gentleness, but before leaving, Xiao Shi still wants to complete one thing. The moon quietly climbed into the night, and Xiao Shi took his gentle hand to the stone pile. Xiao Shi said frankly that in those days when Gentle was in a coma, he was really scared.

Others say that marriage proposals and confessions require rituals, but after so much, Xiao Shi doesn’t want to wait any longer. Simply put forward a gentle proposal in front of the moon, the rocks, and the wind and snow. Gently held Xiao Shi’s hand and shouted “I do”. The eyes of the two looking at each other were full of love, and they naturally kissed under the moonlight.

Gorgeous fireworks were lit outside, but Lei Chun’s heart was very lonely. Bai Choufei raised a glass and invited Lei Chun to drink it together, but Lei Chun was unwilling. Unexpectedly, Bai Choufei shouted loudly and ordered Lei Chun to drink the glass of wine. Lei Chun was helpless and had to drink it all.

Di Fei was shocked to know that Lei Chun’s marriage was a last resort and agreed, but he didn’t want to see Lei Chun in pain, so he persuaded Lei Chun to leave. But Lei Chun suddenly knelt down, and in turn persuaded Di Feijing to leave the six-and-a-half court, because she was worried that Di Feijing would really kill Bai Choufei one day, and not only would he be unable to keep it, but even the entire six-and-a-half court. will also fall. Di Feijing gently wiped away Lei Chun’s tears and agreed to leave.

The six and a half halls were covered with red tents inside and out, and the servants were busy, decorating the whole yard very festively. The big red hi character hangs high, covering every corner. Lei Chun sat in front of the dressing mirror, wearing a gorgeous wedding dress and a bridal headdress, but her eyes were tightly closed, and there was no trace of joy in her body. And Di Feijing also chose to leave on this day. It was also on this day that he learned a piece of news – it was Fang Yingkan who bullied Lei Chun that day. Now that Fang Yingkan led the troops to the north, Di Feijing also determined his direction.

On the other side, a happy event is also being prepared outside the remote frontier. She is very gentle and shy, and she looks extra cute in her wedding dress. The aunt who was dressing beside her muttered words, wishing the newlyweds a happy marriage, which made her smile softly and her face turned red. Layman Tianyi always regarded Xiaoshi as his own son. Now Xiaoshi is about to marry Wenrou, but there is no close family around him. The resident Tianyi proposed that he would send Gentle out of the pavilion himself. Gentle is very happy, and chats with the Tianyi layman about the interesting things about Xiao Shi’s childhood.

Two weddings, one day, one night, one gorgeous, one simple; two couples, one quiet and boring, one lively and festive, one emotionless, and one happy. After Bai Choufei left, Lei Chun held the pendant that had something to do with Su Meng pillow and was alone in the bright moonlight. Who would have thought that Bai Choufei saw this scene, he grabbed Lei Chun’s neck like crazy, and threw the pendant to the ground. At this time, Su Mengzhen also sighed at the moonlight. He seemed to feel the shattering of the pendant, and he spit out a mouthful of blood.

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