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A Dream of Splendor 梦华录 Episode 27 Recap

When Gu Qianfan returned to the Imperial City Division for the rest of his life after the robbery, he was no longer a sixth-rank deputy, but was directly promoted to the fifth-rank secretary, replacing Lei Jing in the main seat. Looking at the splendor above the hall, Gu Qianfan’s mood was extremely complicated. Chen Lian couldn’t help teasing that his clothes were so flat. Presumably Zhao Pan’er ironed them by himself last night. Sure enough, Gu Qianfan glanced at the knife and smiled.

After announcing the new rules, Gu Qianfan flipped through the official documents on the case table and found a file about Zhao Pan’er’s father. Only then did he realize that he was exiled to save the villagers outside the county. suffering. It was precisely because of this that Gu Qianfan finally understood why Zhao Pan’er had changed his attitude when he heard about the Imperial City Division, and felt very sad in his heart.

Ouyang Xu struggled to survive in Xijing, so he had no choice but to devote himself to the nephew of Immortal Master Bao Yi, and tried every means to please him. The old prime minister, Ke Zheng, was ordered to leave Beijing for his post, and he watched Ouyang Xu through Qingfeng. At this time, Ouyang Xu looked extremely embarrassed, and he didn’t have the arrogance of the past.

Ke Zheng sneered a few times, only to think that he was really blind, that among the thousands of heroes, he ordered the tanhualang who was willing to catch a knife for the merchants. Although Ouyang Xu truthfully stated the reason, Ke Zheng thought it was all an excuse, and he no longer recognized him as a student, and returned all the items.

Since Gu Qianfan took office, he has been immersed in official business all day, Chen Lian can only go to the tea house on his behalf, and happened to meet Du Changfeng who is oncoming. Originally, Chen Lian wanted to tease the other party, but how did he know that Du Changfeng gradually recovered his vision, and he could see things three feet away even without glasses.

Since the boss of Wangyuelou was in a hurry to use the money, he agreed to sell the private room in the east building to Zhao Paner and sent a deed. Du Changfeng learned through Master Zhu that Zhao Pan’er was looking for Zhuang Zhaiya, so he simply came over to help check the contract content, which was also regarded as repaying Sun Sanniang’s kindness for curing his eyes.

Seeing that Sun Sanniang and Du Changfeng had a good conversation, Zhao Paner consciously left to do her own business. Thinking that Gu Qianfan had not been to the teahouse for many days, she asked Chen Lian to help carry some things over, and by the way, informed Gu Qianfan to borrow money to open a restaurant. Du Changfeng noticed that the deed stated that he would make friends with more money within five days, and felt that the risk was too high, but Zhao Paner didn’t care at all, even if the boss cheated and ran away, the Huangcheng Division would come forward to call the shots.

However, the establishment of the restaurant required a thousand dollars, and the expenditure was quite large. At first, Du Changfeng had some concerns, but when he heard that Zhao Pan’er was about to marry Gu Qianfan, he was completely relieved. Sun Sanniang couldn’t help but criticize Du Changfeng’s clothes for being inappropriate and sloppy like a jinshi in the imperial examination. Du Changfeng felt that it was reasonable and wanted Sun Sanniang to accompany him to the clothing store to arrange a suit. Considering that Du Changfeng’s parents died early, and there was no woman to help Zhang Luo at home, Sun Sanniang was a little soft-hearted, so she agreed to go with her to choose clothes the next day.

Chen Lian returned to the Imperial City Division to convey Zhao Pan’er’s situation, and felt that it was really inappropriate that Gu Qianfan had not visited for many days. Because Gu Qianfan was investigating Zhao’s father’s case, he didn’t know how to deal with Zhao Pan’er, so he simply asked Chen Lian to take the only 200 pieces of money to the teahouse first, and then think of other ways.

Now that Yelu Zongsheng, the king of the northern envoy, came to visit, Lei Jing suggested that Gu Qianfan should come forward to receive him. At the same time, Chen Lian came to Zhao Pan’er with 200 guns, and revealed that Gu Qianfan had been accompanying the northern envoy recently, and there was really no way to escape, so he would come over in person later.

After Chen Lian left, Sun Sanniang and Zhao Paner mentioned about the restaurant, for fear that Gu Qianfan would not want to borrow money, but Zhao Paner completely trusted Gu Qianfan, otherwise he would not consider purchasing the Moonlight Tower. Hearing Zhao Pan’er’s words, Sun Sanniang finally breathed a sigh of relief, and couldn’t help joking that Zhao Pan’er and Gu Qianfan had a deep relationship.

Sun Sanniang accompanied Du Changfeng to the cloth village, and with the help of a three-inch tongue, she bought the best clothes for the least amount of money. Du Changfeng took the opportunity to confess to Sun Sanniang, and revealed that he had engaged in a marriage, but the woman died before she even got through the door, so she carried the reputation of being a wife, and no one dared to marry so far.

In fact, Sun Sanniang doesn’t care about the so-called wife, but she is not ready to remarry, and she is unwilling to give a clear answer. On the other hand, Chen Lian bought a gift for Ge Zhaodi. Unexpectedly, Ge’s mother followed and fought against Ge Zhaodi. Chen Lian thought that there was a misunderstanding between mother and daughter and wanted to reconcile it. How could she know that Ge Zhaodi lost her temper and smashed the gift on the spot, so angry that Chen Lian vowed not to care about her affairs again, and then turned and left.

Zhao Pan’er saw that Ge’s mother was by no means a good person, so she performed a play with Sun Sanniang, asking Ge Zhaodi to repay Yu Guanyin, at least fifty thousand dollars. Before Ge’s mother attacked, Sun Sanniang took Ge Zhaodi to the side courtyard, and what followed was Ge Zhaodi’s shrill cry, which completely extinguished Ge’s mother’s arrogance.

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