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Heroes 说英雄谁是英雄 Episode 31 Recap

After waiting all night, finally the news of Bai Choufei came. But it was bad news—the brothers who went to rescue all died, and Bai Choufei betrayed. Su Mengzhen only felt that five thunders hit the top, but she still held back her unspeakable emotions and went to Bai Choufei’s appointment. In fact, Su Mengzhen thought about all kinds of possibilities early in the morning, but no matter which one it was, he would bring Bai Choufei back to him. But he never imagined that Bai Choufei would actually kill his brother who was born and died.

Su Mengzhen didn’t understand, was this really the path Bai Choufei wanted to take? Bai Choufei asked Su Mengzhen, why he didn’t go because this road would allow him to get everything he wanted. Bai Choufei already knew very well that he and Su Mengzhen were not the same person. Without Xiao Shi, they would not be brothers. Now that Xiao Shi is dead, they have no reason to be brothers anymore. Bai Choufei drank the wine in one gulp, expressing that he would end his friendship with Su Meng. But before saying goodbye, he had already told Lei Mei the news about Zhu Xiaoyao, and asked Lei Mei to quietly inform Su Mengzhen about it.

Zhu Xiaoyao was wrapped in a piece of rotten cloth and dragged into an alley through hard work. The alley was full of beggars, and when they saw this strange thing, they gathered around to investigate, and when they found that it was a woman, they were moved by evil thoughts. The rotten cloth was uncovered, and Zhu Xiaoyao’s empty eyes and scars all over his face were seen. At this moment, Su Mengzhen suddenly flashed out like a flying eagle, killed the beggars one by one, and took Zhu Xiaobei back.

Xiao Shi has never made any wishes to the sky. If there is a god, he hopes that God can bless you with gentleness and peace. If Gentle can survive, Xiao Shi is willing to exchange his hands, feet, heart, lungs, and even his entire life. Xiao Shi knelt down in front of the pile of stones, folded his hands together, and made a devout wish. From night to day, Xiao Shi tirelessly made his wish. Maybe God heard his request, took the gentleness out of the gate of hell, and handed it back to him.

Everyone sits around and celebrates the tender escape from the dead. Layman Tianyi was very happy with this apprentice’s daughter-in-law, but he was worried that Xiaoshi would make Gentle angry. Gentle told the layman Tianyi that although Xiaoshi has many shortcomings, he has never changed his original intention, and this is the best of him. The most rare thing in this world is single-mindedness. Layman Tianyi was very pleased when he saw the harmony and love between the two.

Bai Choufei came to Granny Camellia’s yard. The house was still there, and the tree full of white flowers was still there, but now it’s different and desolate. All kinds of past events came to mind, and suddenly, Xiao Shi’s figure appeared in front of him, happily calling his name.

Bai Choufei finally had a smile on his face, but when he stretched out his hand, Xiao Shi turned into a cloud of smoke and dissipated in the air. Bai Choufei’s heart and the outstretched hand slowly fell. After returning home, Bai Choufei drank boring wine alone to relieve the boredom in his heart. Xiao Shi and Wen Wen are like a bright light in Bai Choufei’s life. He thought that as long as there was a light, he would not get lost, but that light went out with Xiao Shi’s death.

Knowing that Xiao Shi already knew the truth of his mother’s death, Tianyi layman no longer concealed it. At that time, Yuan Shisanxian participated in the assassination of Xiaoshi’s father. Not only that, but the Youqiao Group did not hesitate to use all the forces that worked for them in order to kill Xiaoshi’s father. Xiao Shi’s mother took him all the way to break through, but in the end, he was brutally murdered. And Xiao Shi’s father’s life and death have not been known since then, and there is no news.

Layman Tianyi told Xiao Shi that his father was a great hero Fang Geyin, and the sword technique he had just practiced was the Blood River Divine Sword created by Fang Geyin. Xiao Shi knelt in front of the stone pile to pay homage to his father, and happened to meet a child who also came to pay his respects to his father. Seeing the way the two were talking, Wenrou couldn’t help but sigh that the child might be the same as Xiao Shi when he was a child.

Since he knew who would kill his father’s enemy, Xiao Shi must go for revenge. Before he finished speaking, Gentle said bluntly that he knew what he was going to say and supported all his decisions. Xiao Shi hugged Tenderness tightly, grateful for her understanding and company.

Di Feijing looked down on Bai Choufei very much, but he couldn’t do anything about him. Lei Chun proposed to Bai Choufei that the two would join forces to make Liufentang the largest gang in the world. In Bai Choufei’s heart, as long as Lei Chun opened his mouth, he would definitely agree. The two raised their glasses and drank together, making the promise.

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