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A Dream of Splendor 梦华录 Episode 24 Recap

On the night of the heavy rain that day, the servants of the Gao family found Ouyang Xu, dug out a printed letter from his baggage, and forced him to sign a letter of repentance. Ouyang Xu, a weak scholar, was no match for him at all. When he heard that Gao Hui knew the truth and that Zhao Pan’er was about to marry Gu Qianfan, his whole person collapsed, and a burst of hatred surged in his heart.

After the conversation last night, Song Yinzhang was in a turmoil, not only caring about Shen Ruzhuo’s affectionate promise, but also thinking about Gu Qianfan. Zhao Paner stayed by the river until dawn, and finally received Song Yinzhang, but she deliberately concealed it, saying that she got on the wrong carriage and caused the delay.

Qi Mu ordered Commander Cui to personally arraign the criminals, and be sure to put the blame on An Guogong, so as to be safe. Commander Cui wanted to take down Xiao Qinyan in order to avenge his eldest sister, but Qi Mu was well versed in the Holy Spirit, and the hat demon case alone was not enough to make him suspicious of Xiao Qinyan. The way climbed to the current position.

What’s more, Ke Zheng has always prided himself on being noble and upright, and if he knew that his disciples used this method to deal with Xiao Qinyan, he would probably die of anger halfway. The reason why Qi Mu wanted to frame Duke An Guogong was to kill two birds with one stone. It could not only hurt Xiao Qinyan, but also wash away their relationship, so that the official family could establish a prince early and stabilize the country. Xiao Qinyan and others will sooner or later lose their power.

Song Yinzhang returned to his residence and took the initiative to show off his experience in Xiao Mansion to Zhao Paner and the others, and was proud of Ke Zheng’s inscription. However, it did not attract the praise and attention that he imagined, especially when Zhao Paner suggested that when the business of the teahouse was light, to introduce fish soup for food, Song Yinzhang immediately strongly opposed it.

In Song Yinzhang’s view, the half-covered face belongs to the place to enjoy music and tea, because it is about paying attention to an elegant character and how to change the original intention casually. Although Sun Sanniang said that it was just a joke, Song Yinzhang was still unreasonable, and repeatedly emphasized that the three of them had already negotiated, and in the way of running the teahouse, as long as one of them disagreed, it must not continue.

It is precisely because of this that Song Yinzhang’s unprovoked incident caused Ge Zhaodi’s dissatisfaction, and she always felt that after returning from the prime minister’s residence, she became gradually unfamiliar. Moreover, Ge Zhaodi believes that fruit snacks are all edible, why do you have to die in a teahouse? Maybe a teahouse is different from a restaurant. If you want to run a restaurant, you naturally don’t have to worry about other issues such as cost.

When Zhao Paner and Gu Qianfan were dating, they found that he was absent-minded, and only after inquiring did they find out that it was because of matchmaking. In fact, Zhao Paner didn’t care who would preside over the wedding in the end. Instead, she became interested in opening a restaurant. At that time, she would not have to show her face, and it would even be good for Gu Qianfan in the officialdom, dispelling his concerns about the restaurant.

With the support of Gu Qianfan, the two were in the same boat to enjoy the scenery. Suddenly, there was a monster’s roar, and it was obvious that the hat demon came out to commit the crime. Gu Qianfan hurriedly chased after him to check, and found that the modus operandi was different from the past. He realized that Tokyo was going to face big trouble, so he told Zhao Paner to be careful.

Commander Cui felt that something was wrong and guessed that Gu Qianfan did it, but Qi Mu refuted it, and then he thought of Lei Jing, after all, he was a villain with two sides. After being reminded by Commander Cui, Qi Mu decided to put the blame on the Imperial City Division. Neither Gu Qianfan nor Lei Jing could stop his plan.

Since Song Yinzhang became famous, many listeners came here because of his fame. How could he know that Song Yinzhang’s mentality had changed, and he didn’t want to play the pipa for these poor literati, which caused the teahouse to be in trouble. Ge Zhaodi was dealing with everyone at the door, while Zhao Paner persuaded Song Yinzhang upstairs, and finally made her agree to play another song.

But in the process of playing, Song Yinzhang felt aggrieved. Du Changfeng, who was sitting downstairs, was so absorbed that he could clearly feel the sadness in the song, and could not help but burst into tears. Seeing this, Sun Sanniang deliberately knocked over the ice bucket, and selected one piece and handed it to Du Changfeng to let him pay attention to her image.

That night, Xiao Qinyan had an appointment with Gu Qianfan alone, and told him his thoughts bluntly. In fact, Qi Mu already knew the identity of Gu Qianfan. This man had a vicious plan, and he wanted to use Gu Qianfan’s hand to deal with Xiao Qinyan, watching Xiao’s father and son kill each other.

Now that the matter of the hat demon can’t be concealed, Xiao Qinyan is ready to do whatever he wants, because he knows that Qi Mu wants to take this opportunity to make his first appearance as a traitor and die of the hat demon’s scourge. This is the real intention of the Qingliu faction. Hearing Xiao Qinyan’s words, Gu Qianfan realized that the two sides of the Bian River were not peaceful, and Xiao Qinyan was going to use his life to force him to make a choice.

As soon as the words fell, dozens of men in black rushed over and rushed towards the painting boat to kill Xiao Qinyan, and the scene fell into chaos for a while. Xiao Wei hurriedly came to protect Xiao Qinyan, but he was defeated by force and gradually fell behind. At the critical moment, Gu Qianfan descended from the sky, Xiao Qinyan was very happy about this, but made Xiao Wei very jealous.

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