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The Murder in Kairoutei 回廊亭 Episode 4 Recap

Before the matter in the cloister pavilion was settled, Jiang Yuanxing received another strange call and learned that Cheng Cheng was drinking and making trouble at the bar, and finally, at the request of the boss, he compensated 20,000 yuan for peace of mind. Jiang Yuanxing brought Cheng Cheng to the hotel, but Naihe got vomit on his body and simply took a bath in the room.

At this time, Cheng Cheng gradually woke up, and when he saw Jiang Yuanxing through the blurred window, he couldn’t help beating his heart. When Jiang Yuanxing came out, Cheng Cheng continued to lie in bed dozing until Jiang Yuanxing left, leaving only the note and bank card. Just as Cheng Cheng was reminiscing about the scene just now, he suddenly received a mysterious phone call, still a familiar voice changer, mocking Cheng Cheng for not liking Jiang Yuanxing, because this woman has been using him from beginning to end.

Although Jiang Yuanxing notified his subordinates to block the news, the video still inevitably leaked out, attracting a lot of media attention, and the indecent incident spread a lot. Gao’s family got together to discuss countermeasures. Gao Shiyao suggested that Gao Zijian come forward to clarify, but Ji Dongmei objected, insisting that someone deliberately framed and framed, but could not produce any evidence.

Gao Hongjie defended his son, and was so angry that Gao Guangyi had a seizure, and was sent to the hospital, but the doctor had concealed his condition from Gao’s family according to Gao Guangyi’s request. Everyone heard that Gao Guangyi was fine, so they let Jiang Yuanxing and Lin Zhenhui take care of them and left the hospital one after another.

At the press conference at the Cloister Pavilion Hotel, Ji Dongmei understated the company’s investigation results in front of the media, saying that the girl had no problems, and denied the outside rumors, but the media did not buy it. After Jiang Yuanxing saw the interview video, he knew that this matter would not subside.

In the chairman’s office, Gao Hongjie brought Gao Zijian to plead guilty, hoping not to pursue further investigations. However, Tengjun directly moved out of the family rules. Civilization stipulates that everyone is not allowed to destroy the reputation of the Gao family. Otherwise, he will not be able to enter the company in five years. Only Gao Hongzhi feels that he can take a step back and shorten the five-year time to one year. Gao Shiyao defended her husband’s point of view. She quarreled with Gao Hongjie and his wife. Gao Guangyi was really bored and immediately interrupted.

It was the first time father and son met that night. How could he know that Cheng Cheng suddenly changed his mind on the way to the cloister pavilion. He didn’t want to go so smoothly and fulfilled the old man’s wish, so he got off the bus halfway and solemnly explained that the rules of the game were made by himself. Gao Guangyi learned that his son repented. Although he was a little lost, he still understood it. He also hoped that Jiang Yuanxing would help Cheng Cheng more. If he did not grow up, he would be swallowed up alive in the future.

Because of Cheng Cheng’s missed appointment, Jiang Yuanxing was very dissatisfied, and deliberately took him to a very stylish restaurant with all the menus in French, seeing Cheng Cheng embarrassed on the spot. It wasn’t until Cheng Cheng realized it later that he realized that Jiang Yuanxing was deliberately teasing himself and teasing her for being too vengeful.

Jiang Yuanxing and Cheng Cheng agreed that if they could surprise him, they would talk to each other calmly. But Cheng Cheng asked to make a move first, so he went to the bathroom to prepare props. At this time, Teng Jun called to congratulate Jiang Yuanxing on his smooth promotion to the position of deputy general manager. The implication was that everything was under his control.

As Jiang Yuanxing hung up the phone, Cheng Cheng came over with a plastic rose, which turned into a real rose in an instant, but Jiang Yuanxing was very indifferent, and suddenly pulled Cheng Cheng to run outside the restaurant, letting him see what a real surprise was. Cheng Cheng was amazed at Jiang Yuanxing’s courage to eat the overlord’s meal, so he had no choice but to accept the gamble. Jiang Yuanxing said earnestly that there was not much time left for him, and he hoped that he could make the most favorable choice.

Looking at Jiang Yuanxing’s serious appearance, Cheng Cheng can clearly feel his heartbeat. In fact, during this period of time, the relationship between the two has undergone subtle changes. From the initial hatred of looking at each other, to the now happy enemy, Cheng Cheng’s view of Jiang Yuanxing has changed a lot. Sure enough, Jiang Yuanxing didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when he said this, and asked him if he liked him. Before waiting for Cheng Cheng to answer, Jiang Yuanxing received the call again and had to leave first.

Because the Cloister Pavilion incident was under the supervision of public opinion, the reputation was greatly affected, and the group’s stock fell to the bottom. Gao Guangyi attended the press conference in person to apologize to the public, and solemnly promised to hand over Gao Zijian to the police and actively cooperate with the investigation. The Cloister Pavilion Hotel will be closed for rectification from now on.

Jiang Yuanxing contacted the largest news media to ensure traffic coverage of hundreds of millions, and at the same time found Ji Dongmei, hoping that she would let Gao Zijian come forward for investigation as soon as possible, otherwise this matter will continue to ferment, which will only affect Gao Zijian’s future. Gao Guangyi endured the pain and tried to save the group’s crisis, but Ji Dongmei insisted on doing his own thing and privately investigated the initiator of the video.

Gao Zijian could not shake the public opinion, so he could only follow his mother to the police station, remembering that he must retaliate against Jiang Yuanxing in the future. On the other hand, Ji Dongmei summoned everyone in the cloister pavilion, including Jiang Yuanxing who was present at the time, and ordered them to hand in their mobile phones, otherwise they would be fired immediately, but Jiang Yuanxing decisively refused.

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