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The Murder in Kairoutei 回廊亭 Episode 3 Recap

When Jiang Yuanxing received the news, it was the next morning. When she hurried to the police station, she found that Cheng Cheng was injured and looked extremely embarrassed. It is illegal to gather a crowd to race cars, not to mention that there was a car accident that night. Although he and Xiao Liu are not in serious trouble, Brother Liang is still in the intensive care unit and has not yet passed the dangerous period.

After paying a bail, Cheng Cheng temporarily regained his freedom, but he remained unrepentant, insisting that it was an act of righteousness for his friends. Jiang Yuanxing guarded Jiang Yuanxing to avoid the scolding of Brother Liang’s parents, and escorted him back to the car shop, but the boss directly told Cheng Chengjuan to get out of the way because of this incident.

Because of this, Jiang Yuanxing suggested that Cheng Cheng accept the DNA test results and get in touch with his biological father as soon as possible. However, Cheng Cheng didn’t respond, and turned away with his backpack. Jiang Yuanxing really didn’t understand why he was so stubborn, and even began to question whether his actions offended the other party.

Tonight is destined to be a sleepless night. Cheng Cheng sat in the living room for a long time, thinking about what happened recently, looking at the card in front of him, thinking about whether to see Gao Guangyi. The above biological mother information, as well as the lack of family affection over the years, made Cheng Cheng hesitant and fearful.

Teng Jun married Gao Shiyao, the third child of the Gao family, and as the host of Jiangyang TV station, she often deals with the public media every day, and can develop her husband’s new industry by virtue of her connections and publicity. In fact, in Gao Shiyao’s heart, his husband is not inferior to his eldest brother-in-law, Gao Guangyi, in any aspect, and the couple has been in love for many years.

On the other hand, the fourth oldest, Gao Hongzhi, received a call from Gao Guangyi and flew back to China immediately from overseas. He came to Hongye Group that night. Gao Guangyi deliberately revealed that he was planning to consider a future successor, but Gao Hongzhi always liked free art and was reluctant to manage a family business, so he believed that those who were able should live in it, and Hongye Group did not necessarily have to be handed over to the Gao family. Seeing that Gao Hongzhi was so sensible, Gao Guangyi finally fell down and continued to plan for the future.

Jiang Yuanxing realized that the reason why Cheng Cheng refused to recognize his parents might have something to do with his unscrupulous means, which caused disgust. So after thinking about it again and again, I decided to adopt the Huairou tactic, deliberately caring about Cheng Cheng in a low-profile tone, and agreed a meeting time. On the second day, Jiang Yuanxing learned through the landlord that Cheng Cheng had offended the local ruffian, and she also found a few remittance slips in the room, and found the teacher Zhang of the orphanage according to the address, only then did she know that Cheng Cheng had been mailing her living expenses all the time. .

Under Teacher Zhang’s description, Cheng Cheng, who seems to be unruly, is just a poor child who lacks love. He once fought for Li Hao and was sent to the juvenile management center. Jiang Yuanxing thought of what Cheng Cheng had done before, scenes flashed through his mind, and finally got in touch with him.

After Jiang Yuanxing’s persuasion, Cheng Cheng agreed to go to the nursing home where his mother stayed before he died. Only then did he know that his unmarried child was suffering from depression. In order to avoid hurting Cheng Cheng, he had no choice but to send his son to the orphanage. In the decades that followed, the mother would occasionally wake up for a moment, knitting baby hats, and looking at the whole box of relics, Cheng Cheng’s heart gradually relieved.

In fact, Jiang Yuanxing can understand Cheng Cheng’s feelings very well. She believes that no one is born perfect, just like a leaf in his hand. Only when there are gaps on it, can the sun shine in completely. That night, she invited Cheng Cheng to have dinner, and specially prepared birthday cakes and balloons during the dinner, and they opened up their hearts to each other and communicated frankly.

When he heard that Jiang Yuanxing lost his parents prematurely, Cheng Chengzhi couldn’t help being moved by this same experience, and he was able to understand the loneliness and helplessness of the other party. Cheng Cheng couldn’t help expressing his concerns, whether a person who didn’t even graduate from high school could have a good life. Jiang Yuanxing said that Cheng Cheng was still young and had infinite possibilities in the future. This remark also encouraged Cheng Cheng.

Gao Zijian entertained his friends at the Cloister Pavilion Hotel, and even ordered Lin Zhenhui to take out the famous wine from his collection in public. Lin Zhenhui ignored it and turned away, which made him feel very shameless. Since the quarterly planning needs Gao Zijian’s approval, Jiang Yuanxing immediately rushed to the Cloister Pavilion Hotel. Gao Zijian was enjoying his drink. Seeing this girl with no background, he poured the drink in a rage.

In view of Gao Zijian’s backing, Jiang Yuanxing could not bear it, but comforted Lin Zhenhui instead. At this moment, the heart-wrenching cry of the girl came from the private room next door. Jiang Yuanxing sensed something was wrong and rushed in, only to see that the young girl was brutally assaulted at the wine table. The mastermind behind the assault was Gao Zijian. There are other men as accomplices.

Jiang Yuanxing did not respond to repeated warnings, and immediately smashed the bottle of wine and forced Gao Zijian to make friends to ensure that the girl was safe and sound. Knowing that the girl was a student funded by the Honghu Project, or even a minor, Jiang Yuanxing immediately reported it to Ji Dongmei. How could she know that the other party didn’t take it seriously, thinking that it was a group of young children’s petty troubles, and there was no need to care too much.

As the video of Gao Zijian molesting girls in public spread wildly inside the company, Jiang Yuanxing realized the seriousness of the situation and immediately notified his subordinates to delete all the videos and not to disclose any news to the public, otherwise, once it spreads in the society, it will inevitably affect the entire Hongye Group. At that time, the Honghu plan was completely in vain.

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