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The Murder in Kairoutei 回廊亭 Episode 2 Recap

In order to attract Cheng Cheng’s attention, Jiang Yuanxing deliberately implemented a bitter trick to win the other party’s sympathy. Sure enough, Cheng Cheng was convinced and took her home to apply medicine to the wound, but he had not yet realized Jiang Yuanxing’s true intentions. On the other hand, Jiang Yuanxing borrowed the bathroom and rummaged around in it, but how could he know that it was spotlessly clean, so he simply followed Cheng Cheng’s razor.

After the progress of the investigation, Jiang Yuanxing plans to take this opportunity to apply to Gao Guangyi for the revival of the Honghu plan. After all, this is a project she has worked hard for three years, and it is also the original intention of joining Hongye Group. Jiang Yuanxing provided two candidates who were most suitable for his illegitimate child status. In addition to Cheng Cheng, there was also a middle school teacher named Li Hao. No matter what the result was, at least it was in line with Gao Guangyi’s impression of his son.

Regarding the problem between Dayun and Honghu, Jiang Yuanxing has already thought of countermeasures. As long as Hongye Group can determine the direction as soon as possible and get support in the primary market, the cash flow situation will be solved naturally. Jiang Yuanxing suggested herself, indicating that she is more suitable for Honghu, and hoped that more and more people would be invested in the charity project, from the initial questioning and opposition to the later support.

It is precisely because of this that Gao Guangyi acquiesced to Jiang Yuanxing’s idea, implying that if she made a public convincing result in her work in the short term, she would have enough reasons to hand over the management rights of Honghu. On the other side, Cheng Yuan received a call from his friend Li Hao, knowing that the place where he volunteered to teach was relatively poor and the signal was extremely weak. Unfortunately, before he could exchange a few words, the call was interrupted again, and he officially moved into Li Hao’s apartment.

With the results of the appraisal report, it was basically confirmed that Cheng Cheng and Gao Guangyi were in a parent-child relationship, but Cheng Cheng refused to accept it at all, refuting this fatherly love coming too late. Seeing Cheng Cheng getting more and more emotional, Jiang Yuanxing left specific information about his biological mother Zhang Keqin, as well as the address of the nursing home where she lived before her death, suggesting that Cheng Cheng can go there if he has time.

Since the former general manager Teng Jun left Hongye Group, relying on his contacts to attract resources, at the same time, he paid close attention to Hongye’s trends. He met with members of the board of directors in private and learned that Gao Guangyi was preparing for the Ranxing plan for new energy. Zhang Dong felt that Ji Dongmei was the best candidate to take over as the general manager, but Teng Jun was planning to return to the first step, which was to support Jiang Yuanxing to fight Ji Dongmei.

At the subsequent meeting, Zhang Dong was the first to show his cards under Teng Jun’s instruction. Jiang Yuanxing understood the situation, refuted the situation, and expounded his views on new energy. Gao Guangyi named Jiang Yuanxing to be the person in charge of the Ranxing plan. How could she know that Jiang Yuanxing insisted on choosing Honghu, but her attitude attracted Gao Guangyi’s attention.

After some deliberation, Gao Guangyi announced that Jiang Yuanxing would take over the Honghu Project, and was also the first person in charge of the Ranxing Project, and was officially promoted to the deputy general manager of the group. Ji Dongmei never thought of this outcome, and went back to the office to be furious, but Gao Zijian was very calm, saying that he had dug the trap and was just waiting for Jiang Yuanxing to find his own way.

His father, Cheng Dawei, came to the car wash to ask Cheng Cheng for money, claiming that he owed a gambling debt and was beaten up, and his entire arm could not be moved. Although Cheng Cheng was tired of this endless demand, he still took out his salary and handed it over to Cheng Dawei, which happened to be seen by his colleague Xiao Liu.

Gao Guangyi took the initiative to contact the chief lawyer of the group and decided to revise the original will, because he knew that in this complicated family struggle, he must leave enough chances for his son to win. Ji Dongmei learned about this through Xiao Zhang, and visited Gu Tao with a generous gift that night, but the other party refused to reveal the slightest bit, and made a random excuse to leave, and notified her assistant Wang Chen to report to Ji Dongmei about Dayun’s lawsuit.

The biggest problem facing Honghu now is the lack of funds. In the past two quarters, Gao Zijian has actually spent the budget for the next two years. It is precisely this kind of overspending that makes the charity unable to continue. Jiang Yuanxing held a group meeting overnight to request Ethan and Xiao An called out the external agencies they had cooperated with and planned to visit them one by one within a month.

Xiaoliu drives a Lamborghini to show off his wealth and picks up girls, and then offends Brother Liang, making a racing bet and losing three games in a row. Seeing that Brother Liang was about to smash the car as agreed, Xiao Liu was so frightened that he knelt on the ground and begged for mercy. He suddenly thought of Cheng Cheng, so he hurriedly contacted the other party. After learning that Cheng Cheng’s driving skills are not bad, Brother Liang issued a gauntlet to fight him.

Because of this critical juncture, Cheng Cheng had to agree to the bet. When he was just sitting in the driver’s seat, he suddenly received an anonymous phone call. A strange voice came from the phone, warning him not to delusional about the Gao family’s property. Cheng Cheng ignored it completely, hung up the phone directly, looked straight ahead with a sharp look, and the accelerator under his feet had already reached the limit. I saw two luxury cars driving side by side, rushing out at the same time, dodging, turning, and overtaking.

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