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Heroes 说英雄谁是英雄 Episode 30 Recap

The gentle finally couldn’t hold back and fell asleep, but for Xiao Shi, she had to force herself to wake up. Gentle struggled to get up, went back to the river, put the package on his back, and took the rope and tent for the tent. When he came to the edge of the cliff, Gently tore the tent into strips of cloth, made ropes and threw them into the valley. And Xiao Shi was not idle either. He understood the mystery of swordsmanship according to the scene in his dream.

Seeing the rope, Xiao Shi hurriedly climbed up, but he saw Wenrou lying on the ground without movement. When Fang Ying saw the cliff and saw the rope, he was glad that the gentleness was not serious, and also learned that Xiao Shi was not dead.

Then he went down into the valley to meet a dead man. It turned out that the corpse in the deep valley was written by Fang Yingkan’s father, Fang Geyin. Fang Ying looked at Fang Geyin’s corpse and complained loudly, complaining that he had to offend them back then, but he didn’t want to accompany him to death. Besides, Fang Geyin had a biological son back then, who was full of martial arts and everything about the Fang family, including blood.

The River Divine Sword would be given to his own son, and he was just a bargain he picked up. Suddenly Fang Yingyan wanted to chop off the bone, but he couldn’t do it. The sword fell to the ground, Fang Yingkan knelt down and kowtowed. But then, he put on a fierce look again, saying that he would kill his own son no matter what.

Xiao Shi carried gentleness all the way to the north, and unknowingly broke into a snow field. The snow was flying all over the sky, almost crushing the branches. Xiao Shi rushed back with a bundle of firewood, and while anxious to light the fire, he told Wenrou to hold on. But this day is really cold, the wind is really incomprehensible, and the fire in Xiao Shi’s hand can’t be blown. Seeing that the gentleness had turned pale and was dying, Xiao Shi hurriedly took off his coat and put it on her, hugging her tightly to keep her warm. The two embraced each other until the night.

In a daze, Xiao Shi actually saw his master Tianyi layman. The layman Tianyi took the two back to the town for recuperation, and told Xiao Shi that he was entrusted by the Marquis of God and came here to receive an adult named Liu Anshi. In a few days, Liu Anshi will enter the customs. And it was Su Mengzhen who sent Liu Anshi out of the customs. The first reason to leave the customs was to avoid disaster, but the more important thing was to get evidence of tripping Cai Jing.

Many years ago, Fang Geyin was the most famous knight in the arena. When the Liao people entered the customs, Fang Geyin called up people with lofty ideals in the rivers and lakes to form a rebel army north to fight against the Liao, and successively won great victories. But this move also affected Cai Jing’s arms business, so he sent an army to sneak up on the rebels and silenced everyone. However, after a hundred secrets, some people in the army escaped, still holding orders.

In the dream, Bai Choufei dreamed of Xiao Shi, but the other party was saying goodbye to him. When I woke up from the dream, I heard Bai Gaotang talking again. Bai Gaotang talked about his past, but the story seemed to be about Bai Choufei and Xiao Shi. Bai Gaotang pointed at the words on the wall with great interest, and when he made a sound, he was already a blockbuster.

That was when Xiao Shi and Bai Choufei engraved there together, but Bai Gaotang said it was engraved by him and his brother. Bai Choufei stood up, but Bai Gaotang became blurred and turned into a phantom. It was not until Bai Gaotang bluntly stated that his name was Bai Choufei that Bai Choufei realized that everything was an illusion and Bai Gaotang was just his own imagination. When Cai Jing found him again, he agreed to join in.

The night was hazy and the cold wind picked up, and the rescue operation started quietly. Zhu Xiao belted someone into the prison, but found that Bai Choufei was fine, and even became the leader of this gang of thieves. Several people were furious and scolded Bai Choufei as a traitor. Bai Choufei seemed to be crazy, and stabbed the dagger in his hand into Brother Drizzle Lou’s chest.

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