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A Dream of Splendor 梦华录 Episode 22 Recap

Although he has paid tribute to Gu’s mother, but the identity of Gu’s father has not been made public, Zhao Pan’er kept silent, Gu Qianfan said that the secret of his life experience is too complicated, at least there is no way to tell it truthfully now, and he promised that it will be revealed one by one. Seeing that the boat was about to cross the bridge, Chen Lian and others were ordered to sprinkle petals into the sky. Zhao Paner couldn’t hide her joy when she received this romance, and hid back inside the boat with a shy face.

Chi Pan spent a lot of money to buy a cricket named “Yutoutuo”, and happily brought it to everyone to appreciate, how could a sneeze scare Yutoutuo away. Just when Chi Pan was looking for Yutou Tuo, he suddenly found that Zhao Pan’er, who had passed by, couldn’t help complaining, and even Gu Qianfan was implicated.

Zhao Pan’er learned from Chi Pan that he and Gu Qianfan had known each other since childhood, but the relationship was always opposite. Because Chi Pan couldn’t beat Gu Qianfan, he simply stole Zhao Pan’er’s shoes. After Gu Qianfan warned Chi Pan, he left with Zhao Pan’er on the spot, went to the nearby market to buy her a new pair of shoes, and then took Chi Pan’s sloppy behavior. Tell something.

After seeing Shen Ruzhuo last time, Song Yinzhang was so distraught that he couldn’t help revealing to Sun Sanniang about his renunciation. Sun Sanniang immediately guessed it had something to do with Shen Ruzhuo, and reminded Song Yinzhang to remember Zhao Paner’s words, women should be independent, not too dependent on men, not to mention Gu Qianfan has promised to solve this matter, he must have a solution.

It was also when he heard Gu Qianfan’s name that Song Yinzhang’s eyes lit up, and he decided to wait a little longer. As soon as he finished speaking, a gust of wind blew the silk scarves. Song Yinzhang chased after him. He happened to see Gu Qianfan sending Zhao Pan’er back, and immediately said that he wanted to show everyone the pipa he had recently practiced, especially for Xiao Qinyan’s banquet.

After the song was over, Zhao Paner and others were full of praise, but Gu Qianfan pointed out that Song Yinzhang was too showy and didn’t understand the meaning of the song at all. Liangzhou Daben is a famous song outside the Great Wall. It is about the heroic men drinking happily at the feast before they set off on the expedition, but Song Yinzhang abruptly played the golden horse and the iron horse into a joyful jump, like the mood of a weak child, if it was really on Xiao Qinyan’s birthday Performing arts at the banquet will inevitably end up laughing and generous.

Gu Qianfan’s words made Song Yinzhang pale, and accompanied by others, he returned to the room, holding the pipa without saying a word. Taking into account that Song Yinzhang couldn’t bear it, Zhao Pan’er went over to comfort her to continue practicing, and still used the same song to surprise four people in Xiao Mansion, which would prove her strength at that time.

That night, the Imperial City Division set up an ambush and waited for the hat demon to appear. In less than a moment, the man in black robe appeared in the form of a hat demon. He thought that he would be able to deceive everyone by walking through the streets, but in the end it fell into Gu Qianfan’s hands. Gu Qianfan ordered Chen Lian not to impose severe punishment, and to find out the truth behind it. At this time, Commander Cui in front of the palace suddenly came to the Imperial City Division, intending to take away the prisoner who was just captured today.

Gu Qianfan doubted Commander Cui’s true intentions, for fear that the mastermind behind the scenes wanted to silence him, so he refused to hand over to him. Just as he was at a standoff with Commander Cui, Lei Jing immediately came over to say good things for Commander Cui, but Gu Qianfan was firm, indicating that the case behind him was too big, and warned Lei Jing to stay out of business.

Due to the relationship between Gu Qianfan and Xiao Qinyan, Lei Jing stopped and left. How could he know that Commander Cui took advantage of the unexpected and whispered that he was appointed by Qi Mu, and even used secret secrets to prove his identity. Although Gu Qianfan was shocked, he still rejected Commander Cui, saying that he would take good care of the prisoner and let him go back and explain the truth to Qi Mu. Not long after that, Gu Qianfan received a secret letter from Qi Mu, asking him to see him tomorrow at the Xiao residence’s birthday banquet.

On the day of the birthday banquet, officials from all over the DPRK came to congratulate him, and even the official family issued a decree to congratulate him on his birthday, which is enough to show the importance he attaches to Xiao Qinyan. Song Yinzhang, Zhang Haohao and others came to the palace to perform their performances. Suddenly they heard the imperial decree coming from outside the door. They couldn’t help but lean over to take a look. They saw many high-ranking officials in the court, including the new minister Xiao Qinyan, Qi Zhongcheng, and the old Xiang Kezheng.

And he and Xiao Qinyan have always been at odds with each other, and they are also deadly enemies, but this time it was just a chancellor, and he became a local official after leaving the capital. Xiao Qinyan took the imperial decree with both hands and handed it to Xiao Wei, originally to let him take good care of it, but Xiao Wei took it directly with one hand, and then threw it to the housekeeper beside him, completely ignoring it.

Such a rude act made everyone present feel unbelievable, and among them, the old ministers of the Qingliu faction seemed indifferent on the surface, but in fact they had plans in their hearts. Xiao Qinyan took care of the guests present and did not blame Xiao Wei in public. When he entered the room to change his clothes, he couldn’t hide his disappointment with Xiao Wei, and scolded him directly.

When Xiao Wei went out, he was quite dissatisfied when he heard his father mentioned Gu Qianfan. Xiao Qinyan learned that Gu Qianfan had not yet arrived, so he asked the housekeeper to prepare a place for him in a secluded place, including his preferred food. At the birthday banquet, Song Yinzhang followed Zhang Hao and stood outside the door waiting. Even if his hands were sore, he continued to hold the pipa and pay attention to his words and deeds.

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