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The Murder in Kairoutei 回廊亭 Episode 1 Recap

In a dark sea reef, red dots turned from far to near, and in the mansion on this island, burning flames can be seen suddenly, from smoke to heat waves, to cramped shouts, everyone rushed to the door in a hurry, In hindsight, Jiang Yuanxing has not yet escaped. Lin Zhenhui and the others turned around and found that the room had long since become a sea of ​​flames, and a mysterious man had gone through the window, too late to see the other party’s appearance.

On the other hand, on this day ten months ago, it was no different from the past. At this time, Jiang Yuanxing was promoted to the chief financial officer of Hongye Group, and she did not think that immediately would be the starting point for her destiny to change. Hongye Group, like all large enterprises, each chief financial officer will hold the company’s core secrets, which has always been a battleground for all factions.

For Jiang Yuanxing, she has been walking on thin ice for ten years in the workplace, and it is inevitable that she will make enemies everywhere along the way, but she admits that she has a clear conscience and has won the trust of Chairman Gao Guangyi. On the issue of labor costs, Jiang Yuanxing and Deputy General Manager Ji Dongmei had different views, but her views were very convincing. In the end, Gao Guangyi agreed with Jiang Yuanxing’s plan and started the Honghu plan.

Gao Zijian, the first person in charge of the Honghu Charity Plan, when he learned that Dayun had a funding gap that led to layoffs, he and his mother Ji Dongmei suggested canceling Honghu and handing over the funds to Dayun. As long as the current problem can be solved, Ji Dongmei will be guaranteed. Sit firmly in the position of general manager.

Knowing that Jiang Yuanxing led the team to work hard for Honghu for many years, Gao Zijian still applied to Gao Guangyi for closure, completely disregarding the opinions of others. After all, in his opinion, Hongye Group will return to Gao’s house sooner or later. In fact, the reason why Gao Zijian can be so unscrupulous is only because Gao Guangyi was the son-in-law of the marriage, and later changed his surname from Zhao to Gao, until his wife died without leaving any children, and the relationship with the Gao family gradually became delicate.

Gao Zijian’s actions today, for Gao Guangyi’s words, more or less have the meaning of forcing the palace, thinking that the painstakingly managed industry has fallen into the hands of others, he must be quite unwilling. At the same time, Gao Zijian refused to cooperate with Jiang Yuanxing, refused to hand over the information of the Honghu plan, and even humiliated his language. Instead, he was threatened by Jiang Yuanxing, and he was speechless to fight back.

Compared with the tension and high pressure during the day, Gao Guangyi can only enjoy a moment of tranquility when he comes to the Cloister Pavilion Hotel at night. The examination report a week ago confirmed that Gao Guangyi had advanced pancreatic cancer, and he had to hide this secret until he could come up with a complete inheritance distribution and power transfer.

The general manager of the hotel, Lin Zhenhui, got the express package, and the recipient was Gao Guangyi, so he personally unpacked it for him, leaving the box on the table. There was also a slightly smaller round iron box in the wooden box, but Gao Guangyi was stunned by the news in the iron box. He never thought that when his cancer was in the late stage, an illegitimate child would appear out of thin air. Lin Zhenhui noticed that Gao Guangyi’s expression was solemn. After he returned to the room, he quietly opened the iron box and saw the contents inside.

After deliberation last night, Gao Guangyi met with Jiang Yuanxing alone, and produced a document proving Ji Dongmei and Liu Gong’s dereliction of duty, indicating that the two colluded to cheat, guarding themselves against theft, and requiring Jiang Yuanxing’s repeated confirmation. However, Jiang Yuanxing gave up the chance to get in trouble, and truthfully stated that she did not find evidence that Ji Dongmei was guarding and stealing from herself, and because of her frankness, she officially passed the test of Gao Guangyi and was ordered to find an illegitimate child for her.

Jiang Yuanxing understood the seriousness of this matter, and she also had to be involved in the Gao family’s infighting, so she could only do it in secret. Once exposed or failed, she would definitely stand on the opposite side of the rest of the Gao family, and the consequences would be disastrous. But even so, Jiang Yuanxing is still determined to complete the task, because she does not want Hongye Group to fall into the hands of people like Gao Zijian.

From the Aimin Welfare Institute to the nearby county school, Jiang Yuanxing finally targeted Cheng Cheng, a car wash and beauty technician, with very little clues and information. That night, Jiang Yuanxing called Cheng Cheng and simply and directly reported his home, which aroused the questioning and ridicule of the other party.

Although the first conversation was very unsatisfactory, Jiang Yuanxing took the initiative to look for it, and finally saw the rumored “heir”, with a rebellious appearance, and with vigilance against others thousands of miles away, which led to Jiang Yuanxing’s exchange again. hindered. When he got off work at night, Cheng Cheng found that Jiang Yuanxing was staying at the door and never left. He made fun of her because he was interested in him. He didn’t expect that Jiang Yuanxing was not annoyed, but calm and composed.

Cheng Cheng strode forward, followed by Jiang Yuanxing perseveringly, watching him enter the convenience store, standing alone outside waiting quietly. This situation made Cheng Cheng feel extremely uncomfortable. While he was absent-mindedly selecting products, he glanced out the window with his peripheral vision, and found a suspicious-looking man walking towards Jiang Yuanxing, subconsciously aware of the danger.

When Cheng Cheng rushed out in a hurry, before he could save the beauty by a hero, he accidentally saw Jiang Yuanxing beat up the man swiftly, which greatly subverted the impression of the day. Cheng Cheng warned Jiang Yuanxing to stop talking to him, but there was nothing he could do. He didn’t get rid of the stalker until he entered the apartment.

Just as Cheng Cheng was about to open the door, he suddenly received a mysterious call. The other party claimed to be a residential property and asked him to check whether the bathroom was leaking. In fact, he took his real address. Jiang Yuanxing confirmed the floor and house number of the unit where Cheng Cheng lived, and then turned to leave. He went to the car wash the next morning, and asked Cheng Cheng to wash his car by name.

Cheng Cheng repeatedly denied his identity and refused to cooperate with the so-called paternity test. Jiang Yuanxing was not in a hurry. After he washed the car, he deliberately soiled the car, saying that if he could not communicate well today, he would never give up. In the end, Cheng Cheng agreed to sit down and talk, but he decided the location, and then took Jiang Yuanxing to the bar, eating and drinking regardless of his image.

Before he came, Jiang Yuanxing had already consulted his friends about the specific situation of the paternity test and what else could be used as a test material. Cheng Cheng hinted that others were pestering Jiang Yuanxing, and took the opportunity to slip away from the back door of the bar.

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