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Heroes 说英雄谁是英雄 Episode 28 Recap

In order to rescue Bai Choufei, Su Mengzhen had to ask Lei Chun in a low voice. But the other party coldly distanced himself from the relationship and was unwilling to help. However, Lei Chun proposed to make a deal with Su Mengzhen. If the deal is concluded, Su Mengzhen is afraid that he will become the person he hates the most. Having said that, Lei Chun stood up and wanted to do something to himself, in order to announce the rupture of the relationship between the two.

Su Mengzhen hurriedly stopped the knife, leaving the blood behind. Lei Chun was angry and annoyed, and still had her love for Su Mengzhen. She finally broke down and vented the sorrow in her heart. Su Mengzhen hugged Lei Chun tightly and said “I’m sorry”.

Lei Chun pushed him away fiercely, but saw him spit out a mouthful of blood and collapsed to the ground. Lei Chun hurriedly stepped forward to check, not knowing what it was like in his heart. Lei Chun personally sent Su Mengzhen back to the Jinfeng Drizzle Building and entrusted Yang Wuxie to take good care of him.

Back in the six and a half halls, Lei Chun was drinking alone. Di Fei stepped forward to comfort her, saying that he would protect her for the rest of his life and could do something for her. But Lei Chun had to choose to be strong, because if one day she was forced into a corner, no one could protect her when Tian Tian should not, and when the ground was not working. Di Fei couldn’t help thinking of the snowy night before. He had asked Wang Xiaoshi that Lei Chun had been attacked by the white masked man, and his fists could not help clenching tightly.

A white-haired old man suddenly came into view, Bai Choufei struggled to get up, and asked who the person was. The old man called himself Bai Gaotang and was his new cellmate. From today onwards, they will be here for company. Bai Gaotang asked Bai Choufei how he got in. Bai Choufei said bluntly that he did not commit any crime, but came in voluntarily. Bai Gaotang thought it was very interesting, because this is the place where the black jail is easy to enter and has no way to escape.

He had seen someone begging for wealth, fame and wealth, and this was the first time he had seen someone court death for nothing. Bai Gaotang asked Bai Choufei to guess how he got in. Bai Choufei didn’t want to answer, turned around and stopped talking. But Bai Gaotang was still talking non-stop, talking about his past. Hard work and resentment watching the lively outside, can not help but sigh, no matter how strong the martial arts, taking medicine will be so crazy.

Recently, the movements of the six-and-a-half class have become more and more frequent, and today they have been eyeing Zhu Xiaoyao. Now that Lei Chun has succeeded to the six-and-a-half hall, and was accepted as a righteous daughter by Cai Jing, and Jiangnan Perak Hall came to Beijing to help, the current six-and-a-half hall has recovered a lot of vitality.

Many hidden hall entrances in Jinfeng Drizzle Building were also attacked. Su Mengzhen didn’t know what to do, and the most important thing at the moment was to rescue Bai Choufei with all his strength. But how can I break into the prison of the Ministry of Justice? Su Mengzhen proposed a bold plan, if a person died, he would be free. Zhu Xiaoyao applauded very much, and decided to do this for Su Mengzhen.

Cai Jing prepared a table of wine and food and came to the prison to meet Bai Choufei. He told Bai Choufei that the reason why Su Mengzhen was called the first knife of the Red Sleeve was because he came from a famous family. And Leishan went to the capital to establish a six-and-a-half-and-a-half church alone, but behind him he also had the support of the Jiangnan Perak Hall, which has experienced a hundred years and has deep roots. Besides, Xiao Shi, he is also a famous teacher.

To be successful, especially to stand on the top of the rivers and lakes, is not something that can be achieved by one person. It depends on the accumulation of family and clansmen, generations or even a dozen generations. And these gatekeepers are the veins that make up the rivers and lakes, occupying a lot of wealth and power, so they can pour unrivaled power into a person.

Bai Chou Fei’s heart is higher than the sky, a wandering person from the rivers and lakes floats to the capital, where can he fly with the strength of one person. These words made Bai Choufei think a lot, and he asked Cai Jing where he was from. Cai Jing replied that he was from a small place, but there were camellias blooming everywhere.

Walking through the mountains, seas, rivers and lakes, Xiao Shi and Wen Wen came to a dense forest. The night came quietly, and the two had to rest here. In the middle of the night, there was the voice of a fast horse in the distance, Xiao Shi hurriedly woke up Wen Wen, and the two were still found by Fang Yingjian. From Fang Ying’s mouth, Xiao Shi was extremely worried when he learned of the situation in the capital.

Fang Yingkan took advantage of his unpreparedness and forced him to the cliff. Xiao Shi, who was hanging on the edge of the cliff, looked up at Fang Ying, and seemed to see the masked man on the snowy night, and was even more worried in his heart. When Gentle rushed over, Xiao Shi had been forced into the abyss by Fang Yingkan.

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