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Heroes 说英雄谁是英雄 Episode 25 Recap

Lei Chun confessed to Bai Choufei that he came to Chuhe this time not just to regain the power of Pili Hall. In order to take charge of the Liufentangtang, it is not the key to recover the Pili Hall. The most important thing is to complete Cai Xiang’s task and join the Youqiao Group. But there are not many people around her, and only Bai Choufei can think of. Bai Choufei told Lei Chun that he helped her just because he wanted to help her. No matter what her purpose was, this would not change. Now that the task is completed, Bai Choufei bids farewell to Lei Chun.

Sitting quietly alone, thinking a lot. She remembered the happy time with Xiaoshi in the past, and she was determined not to let Xiaoshi go wrong again. Just when she was about to go out, Yang Wuxie hurriedly found her and explained the situation to her. Xiao Shi suddenly insisted that Zhuge Shenhou was the head of Youqiao Group. Now that Shenhou had returned to Beijing for half a month, Drizzle Building only learned about it today, so Yang Wuxie guessed that someone must have said something to Xiaoshi.

After learning about this, Su Mengzhen wanted to persuade Xiao Shi. But Xiaoshi said goodbye first. Su Mengzhen knew that she couldn’t stop her, so she could only let him go. In the letter, Xiao Shi told Su Mengzhen that in fact, the head of Youqiao Group is Cai Xiang, and only by killing this person can the entire rivers and lakes be pacified. Before that, Xiao Shi had already figured out the detailed works hidden in the Drizzle Building. He attached the list to the letter and asked Su Mengzhen to remove them one by one after he left.

Koishimoto didn’t want to let Wenrou know about this, but after all, the paper couldn’t contain the fire. Gently stopped Xiao Shi and pushed him into the room. Because Roen knew that Xiao Shi was going out this time to do something dangerous, and she must not let Xiao Shi go into danger. Xiaoshi told Wenrou that he must do this thing, and this thing can only be done by him. Gentle knows that, but she can’t just watch Xiao Shi go to death. Everyone wants Xiaoshi to be a hero, but Gentle just wants Xiaoshi to live. Koishi’s heart was shaken by his gentle pleas. In the end, he agreed to be gentle. But then, Genuine fainted in his arms.

When Bai Chou flew back to the city, he met the storyteller again. The gentleman told him mysteriously that he must not go back this time, because what awaits him in front of him is the insurmountable doom in life. But in Bai Choufei’s view, since it is destined to doom, let it come, and his brother is still waiting for him.

Along the way, there were always people who deliberately appeared by Xiao Shi’s side, revealing the whereabouts of Shenhou to him. A man told Xiao Shi that Fu Zongshu personally used the bait and invited the Marquis of Zhuge to go to the Peacock Tower to discuss matters. Under the hint of the second shopkeeper, Xiao Shi came to a private room upstairs, and went straight to the person in the room.

But at a critical moment, Fu Zongshu suddenly appeared, claiming that this person was not the Marquis of Zhuge. All this turned out to be Fu Zongshu’s temptation. Xiaoshi didn’t know where he was, just to gain his trust, he had to do everything. Xiao Shi pretended to be angry and proposed to meet Cai Xiang after the incident.

After Su Mengzhen cleared the door, he made three orders. The first one is to disband all the halls of the Golden Wind Drizzle Building; the second one, all the principals gather their elites together; the third one is to do their best to protect Xiaoshi from the city. Xiao Shi came to Qingyun Temple according to Fu Zongshu’s instructions, and was able to meet Zhuge Shenhou as his nephew.

The two played chess on the open face, but in fact they talked about the affairs of the rivers and lakes. The chef next to him only said a word or two, and Xiao Shi guessed his identity, then took off the head with a sharp knife and jumped out. On the other side, Su Mengzhen talked about Xiao Shishi’s action this time to lead the way for the rivers and lakes. Although Xiao Shishi is the most suitable for this matter, he must gather all the strength of Jinfeng Drizzle Building to escort him out of the city.

Fu Zongshu was extremely nervous, and finally waited until Xiao Shi came with the blood dripping head. Seeing that Cai Xiang was not there, Xiao Shi was about to turn around and leave. Fu Zongshu’s face changed, and he ordered people to besiege him. Xiao Shi threw the head to Fu Zongshu. Fu Zongshu saw that it was the head of the cook. There was a fight on the scene, and Xiao Shi was invincible if he was helped by God.

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