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A Dream of Splendor 梦华录 Episode 19 Recap

Sun Sanniang and others wanted to buy new clothes for Ge Zhaodi, but Zhao Paner stayed alone half-masked on the grounds of checking the account books. Ge Zhaodi saw that she was a dated lover, so she disclosed it to Sun Sanniang in private. That night, Gu Qianfan really came as promised. First, he leaned over to kiss Zhao Paner, and then he mustered up the courage to say that his grandfather had ordered a marriage for him.

In fact, this marriage was completely wiped out after Gu Qianfan entered the Imperial City Division, not to mention that Gu Qianfan had never met each other, and had never played a role. It was also Gu Qianfan’s sincerity that made Zhao Pan’er very happy, and she simply explained the past, including from her naturalization to meeting Ouyang Xu, and until today, she has not concealed anything.

Gu Qianfan didn’t care about this at all, but Zhao Pan’er hoped to be frank with each other and abandon all suspicion. The two sat embracing each other under the moon, Gu Qianfan took out his long-cherished hairpin, and made no secret that he had paid attention to her from the very beginning.

Early the next morning, Song Yinzhang came to the appointed place with the pipa in his arms. How could Shen Ruzhuo prepare the Lone Moon pipa for Song Yinzhang, as well as a good tea, so that he could play it without distraction? Under Shen Ruzhuo’s deep affection and kindness, Song Yinzhang and Shen Ruzhuo sang a song together. Chi Pan was very proud when he saw this scene. He was only waiting for Shen Ruzhuo’s playboy to hurt Song Yinzhang, but Zhang was well prepared to inform Zhao Paner and remind her to keep Song Yinzhang away. Shen Ruzhuo.

In the days that followed, Zhao Pan’er and Gu Qianfan were still very affectionate, and they often had rendezvous to express their intentions. Gu Qianfan also considered waiting for Lei Jing to subdue the law, preparing a grand wedding for her, and finding elders in the clan to preside over the wedding. However, because Song Yinzhang often went in and out of the Jiaofang Division, so as not to be confused, Gu Qianfan told Zhao Paner not to reveal it first, while Sun Sanniang watched the whole process not far away. She was happy for Zhao Paner, but also a little reluctant. Afterwards, weeping alone.

Originally, Gao Hui was going to the rumored Zhao Pan’er of the Osmanthus Fragrance Meeting, but unexpectedly, she suddenly felt unbearable abdominal pain, but the woman’s menstrual period was approaching, which made her a little at a loss. Zhao Paner, who was about to go out, saw Gao Hui, and immediately brought her into the room to rest, and made brown sugar ginger water to relieve the other party’s discomfort.

Gao Hui thanked her and left, waiting for the person sent to investigate to return the news, but Gao Hu knew her whereabouts, indicating that she would never be allowed to leave Gao’s house until Ouyang Xu sent back the divorce letter. Coincidentally, when he saw Gao Hui wearing Zhao Pan’er’s clothes again, Gao Hu suddenly realized, scolded Gao Hui angrily, and placed her under house arrest in the boudoir.

Chen Lian came to Zhao Pan’er in a hurry, but unexpectedly, Ge Zhaodi splashed him with water. Fortunately, Sun Sanniang appeared in time and told Ge Zhaodi to go to help Zhao Paner with a half-covered face, which resolved their conflict.

In May of this year, there were rumors in the neighborhood that it was a monster shaped like a cap, often flying in the sky, and after entering people’s homes at night, it would turn into a wolf-like shape, and the people were terrified. And in June, it was rumored that the hat demon had entered the capital, and even wounded people, causing the whole city to be on alert. Every time the sun went down, it could be seen that the gates of every household were closed, and even some were arrested and chased with weapons.

When the officials heard about this, they immediately sent people to Tokyo to investigate, and held sacrifices and prayers at the same time, hoping to seek good luck and avoid disasters. How could it be known that after the sacrifice, the hat demon not only did not disappear, but instead became more and more violent, especially in the military camp. In the end, the Imperial City Division had to be dispatched, and Gu Qianfan led an ambush until the hat demon appeared.

All of a sudden, the people on the street ran away in panic, so much so that they collided with Ge Zhaodi. Just when she was at a loss, Chen Lian got off his horse and helped her up, and then led someone to hunt down the hat demon. Gu Qianfan fought against the hat demon, but he was still wounded.

Sun Sanniang saw Zhao Pan’er’s thoughts and deliberately set aside Song Yinzhang and Ge Zhaodi to give her the opportunity to go to the street to inquire about the situation. Zhao Pan’er met Gu Qianfan when he was going out, and seeing that he was safe and sound, finally fell a big stone in his heart. Seeing Gu Qianfan’s tired face, Zhao Pan’er asked him to rest first and cook some snacks by himself, only to find that Gu Qianfan was so tired that he fell asleep directly after he was done.

In Gu Qianfan’s dream, his mother took him to leave Xiao’s house, and then his father came to find him. In the end, he had to face the battle between Qingliu and the traitor. He had to make a choice, and his heart was quite contradictory. When Gu Qianfan woke up from the nightmare, Zhao Pan’er came over with the soup, so he drank the soup while telling Zhao Pan’er about the situation in the DPRK.

It is said that there are no demons in the world, and there are calamities in the hearts of the people. The real hat demons just come from the party. Whenever they appear, they will attack the people with gunpowder, killing and injuring them in large areas as usual. hat demon. At present, the ministers in the court have been divided into several factions. The official family is frail and sick. The only prince who has been promoted to the king is only twelve years old. For the time being, he cannot supervise the country. To serve Wu Zhou.

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