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A Dream of Splendor 梦华录 Episode 18 Recap

In order to survive, Sun Daqiang and Ge Zhaodi scrambled first to tell the truth. It turned out that Sun Daqiang deliberately concealed the gambling debts, and fabricated that his sister was about to lose her legs in order to win Ge Zhaodi’s sympathy. Now Ge Zhaodi realized that she had been deceived, and immediately handed over the code to the eighth master to instruct them to half-cover their faces to make trouble.

Not only that, Ge Zhaodi also revealed other clues, believing that the eighth master obeyed the order of the rich family’s accompanying mother, Zhao Paner suddenly realized that this matter was related to the Gao family. As Zhao Paner expected, Nanny Gao Hui heard that Ouyang Xu had a marriage contract with someone, and decided to teach her a lesson. Zhao Paner refused to pursue it, so she asked Ge Zhaodi to write a letter on the spot, leave before the officers and soldiers arrived, and give her some money to look after her. Injured hand.

Gu Qianfan came upon hearing the news, implying that the mastermind behind the scenes was the Nanny Jiang, who wanted to solve the trouble for her, but how could Zhao Paner still be brooding about her talent, and because of Xiao Wei’s appearance, she couldn’t help questioning Gu Qianfan Whether to play on stage. Just when Gu Qianfan wanted to explain the reason, Chen Lian suddenly came to inform him to go to the residence to meet with Xiao Qinyan, so he had to leave first.

Because Gao Hu wanted to look for Xu Xi’s paintings recently, Zhao Paner did what he liked, came to visit with a picture of crane and bamboo, and met Gao Hu alone. Unexpectedly, Gao Hu is actually a lecherous person, coveting Zhao Pan’er’s beauty, knowing the relationship between the other party and Ouyang Xu, but also wanting to take her into the mansion, and hide her in a golden house.

Zhao Pan’er just hoped that Gao Hu could restrain his servants and give her a way out. However, Gao Hu didn’t change his heart, and was about to act on Zhao Pan’er when Gu Qianfan appeared to defend “Humble Jing” and introduced Zhao Pan’er’s identity without hesitation. Hearing that, Gao Hu was stunned for a moment, and rebuked Zhao Pan’er for just breaking up with Ouyang Xuen. , which in turn climbed onto other men.

However, when Gao Hu learned that the person in front of him was Gu Qianfan, the living Yama, he immediately calmed down. Seeing that Gu Qianfan took Zhao Pan’er’s hand, he had to leave angrily. Gu Qianfan finally understood why Zhao Pan’er was angry, expressed his grievance with Lei Jing, and also emphasized that marrying Zhao Pan’er as his wife was definitely not a concubine.

At first Zhao Paner was dubious, how could Gu Qianfan hit her with a single glance at her inner inferiority complex, and at the same time handed her a bag containing three land deeds and four keys to prove her sincerity. Zhao Pan’er looked at Gu Qianfan’s back, so she hurriedly chased after him, pretending to fall to attract Gu Qianfan’s attention.

Sure enough, Gu Qianfan turned back and stretched out his hand to support Zhao Pan’er. When facing her questioning, he expressed his intentions again, which could make her feel completely at ease. Zhao Pan’er no longer had any hesitation, and chose to trust Gu Qianfan. Although he knew nothing about this person, Gu Qianfan promised to tell everything slowly in the future.

After the two were reconciled as before, Gu Qianfan probably told Zhao Paner about his entry into the Imperial City Division. In fact, he also wanted to be promoted to the fifth rank as soon as possible. Only the official fifth rank can pursue the title for his mother. To enjoy the official ceremony. Zhao Pan’er felt distressed for Gu Qianfan, so she decided to pay tribute to Gu’s mother another day, which was considered to have done her best.

Just as Gu Qianfan and Zhao Pan’er were in love with each other, Chen Lian came over to inform the official edict that Gu Qianfan should enter the palace by edict. After clarifying Gu Qianfan’s attitude, Zhao Pan’er was in a good mood. She was smiling all the way. She went back and told Sun Sanniang that the marriage between the Gao family and Ouyang Xu was hopeless, but Sun Sanniang realized that the reason why Zhao Pan’er was so happy was definitely because of Gu Qianfan.

At this time, Ge Zhaodi came to the half-masked teahouse. Since she knew that Zhao Paner was kind-hearted, she made up her mind to stay in the teahouse to work. However, Sun Sanniang and Song Yinzhang did not fully believe in Ge Zhaodi. After all, she had been framed and half-covered and poisoned in public before, and this incident made them still have lingering fears.

Ge Zhaodi bluntly said that she was an orphan without parents. She was carrying goods at the wharf on weekdays, hoping to be taken in by Zhao Paner. Zhao Paner observed that Ge Zhaodi’s hands were rough and the old wounds added new ones, which was enough to prove that what she said was true, so she agreed to let Ge Zhaodi stay, and watched Ge Zhaodi immediately rushed into the back kitchen, neatly tidying up the cups and utensils.

After Gao Hu returned to the mansion, he ordered a severe punishment to serve the Jiang family, leaving him scarred and extremely weak. Hearing the news, Gao Hui hurried over and tried her best to stop Gao Hu, even threatening her with her life. In the end, Gao Hu had no choice but to ask the servant to invite a doctor to diagnose and treat Jiang’s family and not pursue further investigations.

Although Jiang Shi claimed that he stole money from the mansion, which caused the owner to punish him, but Gao Hui didn’t believe it at all, so she asked Jiang’s daughter about the situation. Only then did Jiang’s claim to send people to look for trouble. In the engagement contract, the woman was the half-masked proprietress Zhao Pan’er.

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