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Heroes 说英雄谁是英雄 Episode 24 Recap

Di Fei was a little surprised, how Xiao Shi knew who was behind the scenes. Xiao Shi bluntly said that someone wanted to use him as a knife, and if he stabbed the knife out, the final victim would be Drizzlelou. Maybe in this world, it’s hard to tell who is loyal and who is traitor, but in Xiao Shi’s heart, Jinfeng Drizzle Tower is loyal, and those who use him as a knife are traitors. Sure enough, what Di Feijing and Xiao Shi wrote on the table was the same word – Cai.

Xiao Shi asked Yang Wuxie about Zhuge Shenhou, wanting to know something that no one else knew. He lied that he suspected that Zhuge Shenhou was the mastermind behind Youqiao Group, and that he had seen and heard him bully the people with his own eyes and ears. Yang Wuxie knew that this was not easy, so he hurriedly dragged Xiao Shi to another place and handed him the information of the Marquis of Zhuge. Zhuge Shenhou was not gradually known to the world until he was named a lord at the age of forty-five.

Now that he is fifty-five years old, almost everyone knows about the events of the past ten years. Before leaving, Xiao Shi told Yang Wuxie that these files were only appearances, but few people went to verify the truth about them. Yang Wuxie was confused, but he couldn’t help thinking.

Gentle went to Xiao Shi with delicious food to share, but he was always cold and lost the enthusiasm he used to have. Seeing the gentle and angry, Xiao Shi had no choice but to tell her the matter. Xiao Shi first asked Gentleness, do you believe that there is a kind of person in this world who looks upright, chivalrous and upright on the surface, but secretly is mercenary and does all kinds of evil.

Of course Wen Wen felt that such people were not uncommon in the arena, but when she heard that Xiao Shi thought that Zhuge Zheng and I were such people, she couldn’t help but be shocked. Xiaoshi told Wenrou that according to the clues he saw, Zhuge Zheng and I were the mastermind behind Youqiao Group.

The evening breeze is gentle, and the moonlight is bright. Bai Choufei rode a horse to the suspension bridge and was happy to see that Lei Chun had already been waiting here. Lei Chun held the lamp with a smile on his mouth, as if he knew Bai Choufei would come. Bai Choufei felt joy in his heart and followed her. After Mrs. Lei suffered a stroke, Lei Tian took care of the affairs of Pili Tang, and he was supported by Lei Shen when he was alive, and he was still loyal to Lei Shen. Lei Chun wrote a letter to Lei Tian in advance and asked him to meet. But according to Bai Choufei’s knowledge, the situation inside Perak Hall was extremely tense, and it would not be easy to conquer Perak Hall.

Depressed, Xiao Shi went to the restaurant for a drink alone, but unexpectedly met Zhu Xiaoyao, who he hadn’t seen for a long time. Zhu Xiaoyao told Xiaoshi that after leaving the capital, she often asked herself if it was a mistake to save Guan Qi. But after so long, she suddenly wanted to understand that it was wrong. And she also found another answer. If she hadn’t rescued Guan Qi at that time, she might regret it for the rest of her life. So she calmed down and came back.

Xiaoshuang went to Wenrou and told her that Xiaoshi was drinking boring wine in the Sanhelou. Gentle was very worried, and followed Xiaoshuang to the Sanhelou. But when Xiao Shi saw the gentleness, he looked like he refused. Roen felt that Xiao Shi was very strange recently, but he refused to tell the truth no matter how he asked him, and his attitude was cold.

Now that Su Mengzhen is seriously ill, and Bai Choufei has also left the capital, the rivers and lakes have been changing, and Xiao Shi bluntly said that he just felt upset. Gentle, worried and angry, but she will never change the heart that loves Xiao Shi. No matter how Xiao Shi chased her away, she still carefully put down the meals and instructed Xiao Shi to eat.

As soon as they arrived in Chuhe Town, the two saw someone being hanged in the street, but no one cared. When I entered the Thunder Hall, I saw Lei Tian repairing his beard for Lei God. Bai Choufei couldn’t help but sigh, it is indeed a blessing to live to the age of Mrs. Lei and to enjoy the children around her knees. As soon as the words fell, Lei Chun noticed that a trace of abnormality flashed in Mr. Lei’s eyes.

Lei Tian bluntly said that he knew the purpose of Lei Chun’s trip, but he really couldn’t take care of himself. Since Mrs. Lei was seriously ill, the civil unrest in Pili Tang began. Lei Yi is against Lei Tian everywhere, and now he is taking his subordinates to openly confront him. Lei Tian said that in such a situation, it was really difficult for him to escape.

Lei Chun had long expected this result, and bluntly said that he could help him solve the matter. Bai Choufei stood up and responded, as long as he killed Lei Yi to set an example, others would naturally know of his Lei Tian’s methods. When night fell, Lei Tian brought Lei Chun to the prison. Taking a closer look, the person who was locked was actually Lei Yi. Lei Tian bluntly said that his real purpose is to make Bai Choufei, and he wants to avenge the five masters. Lei Tian promised Lei Chun that as long as he killed Bai Choufei, things in the capital would be easy.

Bai Choufei came to the agreed place, but it was not Lei Yi who was waiting, but Lei Tian. Lei Tian told Bai Choufei that it was Lei Chun who betrayed him. Bai Choufei is an enemy of many, and it is inevitable that he will be exhausted and exhausted. At this moment, Lei Chun came riding a horse and rescued Bai Choufei. I don’t know when, the sun has appeared in the sky.

The two were intercepted on the bridge by the people of Pili Tang, and now they can only survive by jumping into the water. Back to the Perak Hall, the world has changed a lot. Long before this, Lei Chun rescued Lei Yi from the prison, and this time, Lei Tian was defeated. In order to establish his majesty, Lei Chun killed for the first time in his life, and then he seemed to be red-eyed, and his attack became decisive and ruthless. She took the throne and accepted the submission of everyone.

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