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Heroes 说英雄谁是英雄 Episode 23 Recap

Di Fei Jing tried his best to rescue Lei Chun, but he was no match for Yuan Shisan. He fell to the ground and spat out a mouthful of blood. But even though his internal strength was exhausted, Di Feijing still struggled to get up. At this moment, the new Sect Master shouted and burst out of the room, blood gurgling from his eyes and a hairpin stuck on it. Lei Chun was covered in blood and his eyes were fierce.

Yuan Shisanxian was not angry at all, and even bluntly said that the new head was deliberately sent to kill her, and asked her to get ready to see Xiangye tomorrow. After Yuan Shisanjian left, Lei Chun collapsed to the ground like a deflated ball, tears finally pouring out. Di Fei stepped forward and put Lei Chun’s head in his arms, letting her cry freely.

The next day, Lei Chun came to see Xiangye, and Lei Chun went straight to the point and bluntly said that Xiangye needed someone who could take over the six-and-a-half-half court, and she was the best candidate. Of course the wily Xiangye didn’t believe it, and Lei Chun promised him that he would prove it to him. Lei Chun played the piano in the pavilion, and couldn’t help but recall the day when her father was dying and whispered in her ear, if he wanted revenge, he would go to Bai Choufei.

Lei Chun’s maid Mo’er found Bai Choufei and told him that Lei Chun was going to take over the six-and-a-half court, but she was too weak to support the current six-and-a-half court. Lei Shuang was born in the Thunder Hall in the south of the Yangtze River, and Lei Chun planned to subdue this force and use it for the six and a half halls. And she was going to go to Chuhe Town tomorrow, so Mo’er hoped that Bai Choufei could walk with her. Bai Choufei hesitated, but did not answer directly.

Bai Choufei was grinding, and he happily called Xiao Shi and Wen Wen out, wanting to make a painting for the three of them and get a good deal. Gentle doesn’t understand what kind of luck this is, but she can only listen to Bai Choufei’s words. The three of them talked and laughed, and the atmosphere was very harmonious. After a long time, the painting was finally completed.

But Wen Wen and Xiao Shi were puzzled why only the two of them were in the painting. Bai Choufei told the two that he was leaving the capital tomorrow and would add himself to the painting when he came back. Lei Chun was going to Chu He, and Bai Choufei was worried that she was in danger, so he wanted to go together to protect her. Now that Bai Choufei has decided, Xiao Shi and Wen Wen can only support him and let him take good care of himself.

Fu Zongshu felt that Su Mengzhen had been staring at the business in the north, which would be a disaster sooner or later, so he proposed to Xiangye to solve him. But Fu Zongshu hadn’t figured out what charges to put him on. In terms of talent, Yuan Shisanxian knew that he couldn’t compare to Zhuge Zhengwo, and in terms of formation, he was not as good as Tianyi Jushi, but in terms of martial arts, they were not comparable to him.

When Zhuge Zheng and I were still in the court, I was always an enemy of Xiangye. Now that he is back, Xiangye will inevitably have a headache. But if Yuan Shisan is allowed to make a move, the person behind this will be obvious. He had a plan in his mind and wanted Xiao Shi to kill Zhuge Zheng and me.

One day, Xiao Shi met an old man. Without saying a word, the old man stepped forward to compete with him. After only learning a few tricks, Xiao Shi knew that the other party was his uncle Yuan Shisan. Yuan Shisan asked him to put down his sword and go somewhere with himself. Xiao Shi was surprised to find that Uncle Shi actually took him to meet the gentleman who wrote that day.

Xiao Shi still doesn’t know if he is Xiang Ye right now, and only regards him as a good old friend. After admiring a few paintings and calligraphy, the smart Xiao Shi guessed that the old gentleman was Cai Xiang. Cai Xiang told Xiaoshi that Youqiao Group does all kinds of evil, and its leader is the famous Zhuge Zhengwo. Seeing that Xiao Shi didn’t believe it, Cai Xiang immediately took him to another place.

Fu Zongshu had already been waiting here, and he told Xiao Shi that he was also doing things for Zhuge Zheng and me. Fu Zongshu and Cai Xiang sang a harmony, and they spoke righteously, and Xiao Shi did not dare to make a conclusion easily, but he could not help but shake his trust in Zhuge Zhengmo. Feeling annoyed, Xiao Shi took advantage of the night to go out. An old man secretly told Xiao Shi that the person in the sedan chair was the one who collected the private tax.

Just as he was talking, a man suddenly knelt in front of the sedan chair and begged the people in the sedan chair to let his brother go. Xiao Shi was jealous of evil, so he stopped the sedan chair and argued a few words with the people inside. Later, the man told Xiao Shi that the person in the sedan chair was a ruthless man who was one of the four famous arrests today. And everyone knows that Wuqing is Zhuge’s righteous person. After that, the man happily walked into a wine stand and ordered a lot of food that could not be entertained on weekdays. As everyone knows, this is his decapitation wine.

Xiao Shi found Di Feijing and asked him who was behind the Youqiao Group. Di Feijing reminded Xiao Shi that if he wanted to deal with Youqiao Group, he would have to sacrifice his life. Of course, Xiao Shi knew the benefits, but there was always someone to do. The two wrote a word on the table together, and after looking at each other, they both showed intriguing expressions.

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