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Heroes 说英雄谁是英雄 Episode 22 Recap

Everyone looked at each other, not knowing what medicine was sold in the six-and-a-half-half hall gourd. But everyone didn’t notice that Su Mengzhen’s face showed a little nervousness. Lei Mei quietly winked at Su Mengzhen, Su Mengzhen knew it in her heart, and it seemed that her guess was not wrong.

Su Mengzhen agreed on the surface, raised a glass of wine to eat, and bluntly said that he accepted the gift. But before he could finish speaking, he threw out the wine glass in his hand and jumped up and went straight to the coffin. With a pop, lightning damage flashed from the coffin. Afterwards, the people from the six and a half halls also moved in full force. Seeing this, Xiao Shi and Bai Choufei rushed to Su Mengzhen’s side. A terrific scuffle ensued.

But what everyone didn’t expect was that in the midst of chaos, Lei Shuang didn’t know who was stabbed in the chest. When everyone reacted, they were all surprised that it was Lei Mei. Lei Shuang turned around in disbelief and stared at Lei Mei, asking her why she did this. Lei Mei told Lei Sun that in order to survive, she killed her father in front of him back then, and she kept this life just to be able to kill him with her own hands.

Lei Shuang pushed Lei Mei out, and then approached Su Mengzhen, wanting to trade his own death for the lives of the six and a half people. Su Mengzhen had already promised Lei Chun that she would not take his life personally. But at the moment Lei Chun arrived, Lei Shuang took advantage of his unpreparedness to move forward and shoved the sword into his heart. Lei Chun only felt five thunders hit the top, and hurried over. Before Leishan died, Lei Chun told Lei Chun not to avenge himself.

Lei Dongtian wanted to take everyone in the six and a half halls into the Drizzle Building to avenge the damage to the thunder. Although he was not sure enough, he was unwilling to sit still. Di Fei stopped him in shock and reminded everyone that their lives were bought by lightning damage. Afterwards, Di Feijing stood on a high place and told everyone to calm down, until the day when the Drizzle Building fell apart would be the best time to take revenge. Everyone obeyed, and from then on, Di Feijing managed the six-and-a-half-and-a-half minutes.

On the day of Lei Su’s funeral, Fu Zongshu rushed to the scene and asked someone to put three hundred taels of gold on the road, which he once owed Lei Lei. But Lei Chun didn’t even look at it and walked over. The people from the Drizzle Building stood in front, throwing the cup to see off the thunder damage. Lei Mei went to the restaurant to drink alone. She thought she would be happy after killing Leisan, but it turned out that she was wrong. Bai Choufei appeared by his side at some point, and persuaded Lei Mei to learn to let go of herself.

Back then, in order to gain Leisan’s trust, she personally stabbed her father with the last knife. From that moment on, she knew that revenge was the only thing left in her life. For so many years, Lei Mei sold herself to Leisan, begging for his favor like a pet, wagging her tail and begging for pity, in order to be able to kill him with her own hands one day. What made her feel ridiculous was that Leishan was finally dead now, and she had no reason to live. Bai Choufei persuaded Lei Mei that she should live a good life for herself, because now, she has the right to choose freely.

After this incident, Xiao Shi wanted to go to the world to have a look. The death of his biological parents was related to the Youqiao Group. He wanted to find out the truth of his mother’s murder. Even if there is no one around to help him, he will do it. Su Mengzhen told Bai Choufei that when Lei Chun first gave her calligraphy and painting, he knew that Bai Youjin was him. Bai Choufei said bluntly that he wanted to be the next Su Meng pillow, but there could only be one Su Meng pillow in this Drizzle Building, so he wanted to go out and find his own world.

Before leaving, Xiao Shi invites everyone to come back and listen to the story of Retaining the Sword. This retention sword is a single-edged sword, forged by a master swordsmith three hundred years ago. This sword is extremely sharp, and he accidentally hurt his beloved with this sword, regretting it for the rest of his life. Before his death, he sealed the sword on the side of the sword, hoping that when future generations use this sword, he will be able to keep the sword. Later, this sword was passed on to Zizaimen, Xiaoshi’s master Wei Sanqing had three disciples, namely Zhuge Shenhou, Yuan Shisankan, and Xiaoshi’s master Tianyi Jushi. It’s a pity that none of the three of them could inherit the sword.

Shenhou once said that if he saw that beautiful flower, he would not waste his life, perhaps referring to his beloved woman. He has achieved extremely high achievements in his life, but he also failed to inherit the sword of retention, perhaps because he failed to retain his beloved. There are rumors in the rivers and lakes that Yuan Shisanxian is a person who can’t afford to lose or lose.

He has been obsessed with martial arts all his life and finally became a sad little arrow, but on the day of training, he suddenly went into trouble and killed his wife with his own hands. Perhaps the reason why he failed to inherit the retention sword was because he failed to retain his original intention. The Tianyi layman was originally sympathetic to the two brothers, but later the two became enemies for life, and he also gave up inheriting the sword. Because he felt that he did not keep the two best brothers.

Bai Choufei reassured Xiao Shi that there was no rift between him and Su Mengzhen, and they were brothers at all times. Hearing this, Su Mengzhen was very happy, picked up a glass of wine and prepared to drink it. And when his lips touched the warm wine, his eyes became fierce, and he slowly put down the wine glass. Gentle explained that it was his own initiative to call Lei Chun.

Lei Chun told everyone that Xiao Shi’s story was not finished. There was a girl named Xiao Jing whose father died under the cooperation of Zhuge Shenhou and Yuan Shisankan. In order to separate the two, and to seek revenge, she married Yuan Shisan. He suffered for a lifetime, and finally died in the hands of Yuan Shisan. After speaking, Lei Chun raised the wine glass and sprinkled the wine on the ground, as if it was Yu Su Mengzhen’s glass of breaking wine, and she would inherit her father’s last wish and become the enemy of Jinfeng Drizzle Tower.

On this day, Yuan Shisanjian suddenly broke into the six-and-a-half hall, and took over the six-and-a-half hall on the order of the Prime Minister. The new Hall Master he brought, however, looked very strange, and he didn’t look like a Hall Master at all. Lei Chun was in a hurry, but was shocked by Di Fei to calm down. When she returned to the room, she was suddenly hugged from behind. She jumped up immediately and saw the person clearly, it was the new hall master. Hearing the movement, Di Fei rushed over in a hurry, but was stopped by Yuan Shisan.

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