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Heroes 说英雄谁是英雄 Episode 21 Recap

The snow was getting harder and harder, and it seemed to be engulfing people. Su Mengzhen came to meet Lei Shuang single-handedly, and said straight to the point that he knew that he was using Lei Chun. Su Mengzhen suggested that if Leishan and himself join forces to destroy Youqiao Group, there may be a way to survive. Leisuan didn’t understand this, but those people were far away, and it was the easiest to kill Su Mengzhen right now.

Afterwards, Di Feijing surrounded Su Mengzhen with six and a half people. Those who suddenly emerged from the water to prepare for a sneak attack were killed by Su Mengzhen’s sword before they could gain a firm foothold.

Xiao Shi accidentally picked up the gentle jade pendant on the street, and felt bad in his heart. At this time, Wenrou and Lei Chun fled to a dead end in a hurry. Gentle is not the opponent of the mysterious man, and was knocked unconscious to the ground in just a moment. The mysterious man trapped Lei Chun and slowly loosened her coat. No matter how hard Lei Chun struggled, it was useless. By the time Xiao Shi found this place, it was already too late. Wenrou woke up and hurriedly asked about Lei Chun’s situation, but she stopped loudly, covering the blood in the snow in her hands, and asked Xiao Shi to rush to save Su Meng pillow.

Bai Choufei and Xiao Shi both rushed to Shili Pavilion, and the two sides started a melee. Someone ignited the explosives in the pavilion. Di Fei raised his hand in shock and shoved the lightning damage into the pavilion. With the sound of an explosion, the thunder damage disappeared along with the snow. Everyone understood Di Feijing’s intentions, and left without saying anything. After everyone left, Di Fei jumped into the water and rescued Lei Su.

When he got to a safe place, Lei Chun soaked himself in the water and rubbed every inch of his skin, as if there was something extremely dirty on the skin. But no matter how hard she tried, the stains in her heart could not be washed away. Back at the Drizzle Building, Su Mengzhen couldn’t hold back anymore and vomited a mouthful of blood. The duel between Liufenbantang and Drizzle Building will eventually spread to all corners of the rivers and lakes. Tonight is not destined to be a peaceful snowy night, and Su Mengzhen does not dare to rest.

Su Mengzhen packed herself up and went to visit Lei Chun, but she never had the courage to open the door while standing outside. When Lei Chun heard the movement, Ben ran forward with joy, but something suddenly flashed in his mind, and his footsteps stopped abruptly. Lei Chun leaned on the gentle shoulder and stayed up all night. The next morning, he got the news of his father’s death, and the murderer was actually Di Feijing.

When Lei Suan woke up, he was furious, pointed at Di Feijing’s nose and cursed, blaming him for making his own decisions and letting him play a fake death scene. How could the head of the six and a half halls be willing to remain anonymous and live in secret. But when he thought of Lei Chun, he hesitated. Leishan motioned for Di Fei to stand up in shock, looking at him and sighing heavily.

Di Feijing planned to let Lei Shuang go to Yangzhou first, and when the limelight passed, he would take Lei Chun too. After a while, the two arrived at Beiying Forest, where Lei Zhenlei was buried. Recalling all kinds of past events, Lei Shuang couldn’t help feeling filled with emotion. This is the seventh year that Thunder Damage has been brought to the capital.

At that time, the Liufen and Bantang Hall was only the sub-rudder of the Jiangnan Thunder Hall. Leishan was worried about being decentralised, so he planned to kill him. That night, it was pouring rain, and the graves that had just been piled up were washed away by the rain in a short while. The dead Lei Zhenlei’s eyes stared at Lei Shuang, making him feel cold all over.

Lei Suan asked Di Feijing whether he wanted to guard him, six and a half, or Lei Chun. Di Fei didn’t even think about it, he blurted out – Lei Chun. Hearing this sentence, Lei Shen felt that it was enough. But how could he be willing to leave like this? After he told Di Fei to guard Lei Chun, he rode his horse away. Looking at Leisuan’s receding back, Di Fei couldn’t help but think of that snowy night many years ago. It was Leishan and his wife who rescued him from the freezing abyss, and they gave Di Feijing a home. So Di Fei was guarding Leisan, just like guarding his own father.

Tonight, Su Mengzhen will hold a banquet at Feitian Cross Sea Hall, inviting heroes from all walks of life to come and have a drink. Some of these guests are good at organizing, some are good at doing business, but they all have one feature in common: they are used to surfing the rivers and lakes and know how to navigate the situation. So tonight’s banquet is to see how they will choose. Su Mengzhen reminded Xiao Shi and Bai Choufei to be vigilant, because he didn’t believe that Di Feijing would give up, nor that Leishan would die like that.

Lei Mei was overjoyed when she heard that Lei Sui had died in the restaurant. But then I met six and a half people and learned that Lei Suan was just suspended animation. The banquet was huge and attracted many heroes. Looking at the high-spirited Su Mengzhen, Bai Choufei couldn’t help sighing that he wanted to be a hero like him. Xiaoshi believes that most heroes are able to bend and stretch, courageous and resourceful, and foresight, able to adapt to changes. When successful, the wind and the sea are raining, and the waves are magnificent; when it is defeated, it can also help the wind and rain, and look forward to the appearance.

Those who can see through the world are wise; those who can see themselves clearly are philosophers. Bai Choufei thinks Xiao Shi is amazing because he can see through it. But he and Xiao Shi think differently. He thinks that a man can’t be without power for a day. He will be happy if he gets it, and painful if he loses it. Xiao Shi couldn’t help but remind Bai Choufei that it’s good to have big ambitions, but he can’t force himself or be anxious.

Fang Yingkan didn’t come in person, but ordered someone to send a gorgeous screen. Afterwards, people from the six and a half halls came to celebrate with a coffin.

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