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Heroes 说英雄谁是英雄 Episode 20 Recap

Fang Yingkan invited Bai Choufei to bet with him. Fang Yingjian told Bai Choufei that the capital is like a gambling game, and only qualified people can sit at this gambling table. And he and Bai Choufei both looked down on Fu Zongshu, but he was in charge of criminal law and had to give him a position. As for the last position, it naturally belongs to oneself.

Bai Choufei believes that Xiaoshi can defeat Guan Qi alone, and no one in the world can do that, so he must have a place. Gu Pan Baishou is unknown, and only Di Feijing is the only one in the world. Even if there is no six and a half halls, he should have a place. As for those who live in the court and play with the rivers and lakes, they are naturally indispensable in the rivers and lakes. As for the last card, Bai Choufei certainly wanted it.

Fang Yingkan took the opportunity to persuade that if Bai Choufei wanted to gain a firm foothold in the arena, he must “kill through”. As long as he is still in the Golden Wind Drizzle Building, he will have nowhere to use his abilities. Fang Yingjian proposed cooperation and hoped that Bai Choufei could stand in the same camp with him. Bai Choufei couldn’t hear Fang Ying seeing that he was trying to sow discord. Although he was dissatisfied with some of Su Mengzhen’s actions, they were brothers after all, and he would not betray them anyway.

Lei San told Lei Chun that he was unwilling to work for those people and betray Song Guo, but if he didn’t do it, the entire six and a half halls would cease to exist. Although Lei Chun opposed her father’s actions, she could understand his father’s painstaking efforts. After thinking about it, she decided to ask Su Mengzhen to spare six and a half minutes. Lei Chun proposed that as long as Su Mengzhen lost his life by setting a lightning bolt, he would go back to the mountains with his father and never return to Beijing.

Su Mengzhen gently brushed the ends of Lei Chun’s hair and agreed to her. It was only when Lei Chun returned to the six and a half halls that he realized that all this was actually his father’s conspiracy. He used himself to hold Su Meng pillow, and then killed him when he was not prepared. Lei Chun hurriedly left, but was discovered by Lei Shuang, and he was locked in the room with no way to move.

On a snowy night many years ago, Leishan and his wife rescued Di Fei, who was about to die, and took him back to Liufentang. For so many years, Di Feijing has long regarded this place as his home, and regarded Leishan and Lei Chun as his relatives. There are some things he has to do to protect his loved ones. But for Lei Chun, Su Mengzhen was also a family-like existence. Di Fei was astonished and stopped talking. Leishan finds Bai Choufei and provokes him and Su Mengzhen.

Before, Xiaoshi and Fang Yingkan had made an appointment for sumo wrestling. On this day, the two came to the sumo wrestling arena together. Before the start of the game, Xiao Shi was blindfolded. With the sound of the gong, the game officially began. Fang Ying looked at the sand and stone under his feet a few times, trying to confuse Xiao Shi’s vision. Afterwards, Fang Yingyan swooped towards Xiao Shi and hugged him by the waist. Xiao Shi turned around and almost broke free.

But Fang Ying looked at him but didn’t give up, hugging Xiao Shi’s legs and trying to knock him down. The game entered the white-hot stage, and the two were in a stalemate. Fang Yingkan suddenly took out a hidden weapon from his pocket and waved it towards Xiao Shi’s face. Xiaoshi took off his blindfold, and simply had a free duel with Fang Ying. And the result is obvious, Xiaoshi won. Seeing Wenrou and Xiaoshi leave chatting and laughing, a fire of jealousy ignited and rose in Fang Yingkan’s heart.

Knowing that Bai Choufei had been drinking in the restaurant for the past few days, Wen Wen and Xiao Shi hurried over. Seeing Bai Choufei’s dejected appearance, Wen Wen couldn’t help persuading him to think about Su Mengzhen’s painstaking efforts. But Bai Choufei said bluntly that he would rather die under Di Feijing’s hands than Su Mengzhen came to save him, because it would be a humiliation for him. Bai Choufei proposed to leave the Drizzle Building, and Xiao Shi expressed his understanding.

Lei Chun and the maid catered both inside and outside, and finally escaped from the six-and-a-half-minute hall. Fortunately, she met Wen Wen on the street, and she hurriedly pulled Wen Wen aside. But before he could finish speaking, Di Fei suddenly flashed out, knocking Gentle unconscious. The snow fell more and more tightly, and the wind knocked on the window of the room. Lei Chun hurriedly left with a coma and gentleness, but met a mysterious man with a mask. Lei Chun turned to run, but was tripped. Su Mengzhen held the letter signed by Lei Chun and thought about it a lot.

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