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Heroes 说英雄谁是英雄 Episode 19 Recap

Lei Shuang noticed the abnormality, and immediately got out of the car and signaled his subordinates to evacuate. Here, Drizzle Building just got the news that Liufenbantang will transfer the goods tonight. Yang Wuxie went out in a hurry, but unexpectedly learned that Bai Choufei had taken his brothers to move without authorization. Su Mengzhen was worried about what happened to Bai Choufei, so she decided to check it out in person, and let Yang Wuxie blow up the six and a half of the goods.

Bai Choufei brought a group of brothers to the destination, but there was no one guarding him under the high moon black and wind. Someone proposed to step forward to investigate the situation, but was rejected by Bai Choufei. Everyone easily entered the hut and found many boxes, but when they opened it, they were all empty. Someone found a path, and following the path, there was another unguarded hut. Everyone went into the house to investigate and found a lot of sulfur and charcoal powder. Bai Choufei felt joy in his heart and felt that his trip was worthwhile. But he didn’t realize that all of this was a six-and-a-half-half trap.

Of course, Bai Choufei’s martial arts were not bad, but it was the five masters of Pili Hall who attacked. After a few rounds, he couldn’t hold it, but fortunately he killed those five people. By the time Di Fei arrived in shock, Bai Choufei had lost his strength. At the critical moment, Su Mengzhen arrived in time. Di Fei was startled and knew that he was not Su Mengzhen’s opponent, so he put away his sword and left.

Leishan stepped forward alone and saw Xiaoshi sitting alone at the noodle stall. Lei Sun replaced the wine with tea, expressing his gratitude to Xiao Shi for releasing Guan Qi as a “friend”. Lei Su said thanks, but Xiao Shi could feel the murderous aura in his eyes. The two turned the teacup and used qigong to correct them a few times. Xiao Shi Gan bowed down and had no choice but to drink that cup of tea.

Leishan took Lei Mei back to the secret room where the fire thunder was made, and decided to transfer it immediately, and none of these craftsmen could stay. Seeing that Lei Mei was moved with compassion, Lei Shuang leaned into her ear and said, these people are both deaf and dumb, if it weren’t for the delicate work they did, their eyes would have been gouged out. In the silent night, there was a sudden roar, and the dark sky was ignited by a raging fire. Leisuan was in a hurry and kept shouting “It’s over, it’s over”.

Thinking about everything carefully, Lei Shuang couldn’t help but suspect Lei Mei. But Lei Mei explained it well, and seeing her innocent appearance with pear blossoms and rain, Lei Shuang had no choice but to dismiss the idea. Su Mengzhen mysteriously came to a temple and made an appointment to meet Lei Mei here. It turned out that Lei Mei passed the news to Drizzle Lou, and she wanted to avenge her father and Pili Tang.

In the rivers and lakes, no one’s words can be trusted, let alone Fang Ying sees this person as unfathomable. Su Mengzhen did not understand, she had clearly rejected Fang Yingjian, why Bai Choufei wanted to cooperate with him again. Bai Choufei felt that Fang Ying wanted to defeat Leishan and Youqiao Group, and everyone had the same goal, so why couldn’t they cooperate. Su Mengzhen stared at Bai Choufei and exposed his excuses. He is not cooperating, but exploiting each other.

Who knows that Bai Choufei doesn’t know what’s wrong, and bluntly said that in order to achieve the goal, it is understandable to use each other. During the dispute, Bai Choufei finally confided in his heart and bluntly stated that although he was the deputy owner of Drizzle Building, he had no real power. In order to complete the great cause, Bai Choufei believes that sacrifice is inevitable. The two disagreed and eventually parted ways.

Now that such a big thing has happened, Youqiao Group can only find one person to blame. And this candidate fell on Lei Suan’s head. Fu Zongshu arrogantly blamed Leishuan, but Leishan is not a master to mess with, and he is still holding the handle of Fu Zongshu in his hand. Fu Zongshu went back to report the situation to the prime minister, and suggested that someone kill Su Mengzhen and Jinfeng Drizzle Tower.

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