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A Dream of Splendor 梦华录 Episode 16 Recap

Since the semi-covered face has become prosperous in Tokyo, the business of the nearby teahouses has become more and more cold, so they have to follow the example of the semi-covered face. But after all, it is Dong Shi’s effect, and only the appearance does not know the inner side, so Zhao Pan’er and Sun Sanniang have tasted these tea fruits, and they feel that the taste is not good.

In fact, Zhao Pan’er had already expected the situation today. After all, there will always be competition among peers when welcoming guests to do business. However, she did not react as violently as Song Yinzhang, and even felt that it was a blessing in disguise. Even if the fragrance of wine is not afraid of deep alleys, if you want more people to understand the benefits of half-masking, you also need to show the difference from other teahouses. The fakes in Chatang Lane can be regarded as publicity.

As for the Pipa lady in Chatang Lane, Zhao Paner also thought of a countermeasure. The next day, he held an event to give back to old customers in the half-covered face, and he could go upstairs to listen to the music without buying tea fruit. At first, the person who played was Su Niang from Chatang Lane, and everyone heard the difference, and then Song Yinzhang, who played Ming Fei’s song together, instantly decided against each other.

Sure enough, Su Niang was obsessed with the pipa all her life and realized that her skills were inferior to others. All the guests suddenly realized that they knew the difference between good and bad talents, and felt that today’s performance was extremely exciting. At the same time, the shopkeeper Hu of Qingmingfang was furious when he heard the news, and immediately brought people to the door to make trouble. He bluntly said that the twenty-seven teahouses in Chatang Lane would not entertain guests with half-masked faces, and asked everyone to choose from them.

The audience is full of literati, and naturally they hope that everything can be negotiated and the relationship can be eased with each other. How to know that the shopkeeper Hu was aggressive and rude, the purpose was to make her retreat in spite of the difficulties and consciously close the door. Zhao Pan’er has never been afraid of power, and has shown that the half-covered face has long been listed in the Tokyo tea shop and paid the fee. If today’s affairs cannot end well, even if he is desperate not to do business, he will have to go to the yamen for an explanation. .

Shopkeeper Hu was so angry that he was speechless, and scolded Zhao Paner for being mean-spirited, and Sun Sanniang countered them for being too deceiving. Considering that Zhao Paner had just set up shop in Tokyo, and such a big business, there must be powerful people behind the scenes who could not be offended. Shopkeeper Hu could not move forward or retreat, so he simply suggested a tea fight. Never say much.

Zhao Paner accepted the gauntlet from shopkeeper Hu, and everyone gathered here to witness this rare tea-fighting technique. Du Changfeng chased the students who skipped class, and accidentally heard about Chatangxiang and the half-masked tea fight. He was also curious to see what happened, but unfortunately he lost his glasses, so he asked the students to describe the process to himself.

In the preparation for the next tea fight, shopkeeper Hu deliberately displayed the royal tribute tea, natural spring water, and the golden mill passed down by the tea fairy Lu Tong, to show that his tea products were better. On the other hand, the half-covered face only uses rainwater, copper rollers, and the unheard-of tea before the rain, which made the audience feel a little inferior.

However, Zhao Pan’er didn’t care, she slowly got up and danced around the table, her graceful posture attracted attention, and Gu Qianfan happened to pass by, standing at the door and looking in, she couldn’t help being fascinated. Shopkeeper Hu was disgusted that Zhao Paner was a brothel, but Du Changfeng couldn’t help but refute it, which made him unable to make excuses.

When it comes to ordering tea, Zhao Paner and Shopkeeper Hu each rely on their craftsmanship, and then judge it as a draw. Next is the key bite. The so-called soup color, water marks, and tea flavor mean that you have to fight both the tea and the taste, and even have to fight the color and float. The color of the tea soup and the bite of the tea foam are used to decide the outcome. .

Shopkeeper Hu’s brown color is excellent, and the characters on the tea foam are clearly visible. Looking at Zhao Pan’er’s tea foam gradually spreading out, it is clear that the outcome has been decided. Just as several gentlemen announced the winners of this round, Zhao Pan’er asked everyone to wait for a while. As soon as the voice fell, the tea foam showed a picture, which was the tea hundred opera with tea as the play.

The gentlemen were amazed and judged that Zhao Paner won. The last round was the taste of tea. The tea soup lane and the half-masked face each have their own merits, but the shopkeeper Hu has a fragrance on his cheeks, and Zhao Paner is unique. Although Zhao Paner won the tea fight, she was still generous and spoke very decently, which convinced the shopkeeper Hu, and decided not to be embarrassed in the future, and welcomed Zhao Paner to go to Chatang Lane at any time.

After the shopkeeper Hu left, Zhao Paner prepared tea fruits and drinks for everyone, which was also a way of expressing gratitude and support. Du Changfeng groped forward, accidentally stumbled on the threshold and almost fell. Sun Sanniang wanted to reach out to catch him, but unfortunately it was too late, and saw him lying directly on Sun Sanniang’s feet, with white face from head to face.

It was this splash of flour that made the audience laugh and joke. Sun Sanniang didn’t see Du Changfeng’s appearance clearly, and apparently forgot that he was Ouyang Xu’s classmate, but thanked him for speaking up today. In the same way, Du Changfeng felt that Sun Sanniang was gentle and virtuous, so he picked up his glasses and looked at him.

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