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A Dream of Splendor 梦华录 Episode 15 Recap

With Xiao Wei’s acquiescence, Yu Zhongquan wanted to put the blame on, and dug out a fornication note in the half-covered ledger. As a result, Zhao Pan’er became a meticulous work, and then became a prisoner. When Sun Sanniang learned about this, she hurried to Nanya to contact Chen Lian. Song Yinzhang was also anxious about it, and suddenly thought of Shen Ruzhuo, so she decided to seek his help.

Zhao Pan’er already knew Yu Zhongquan’s true intentions, she just wanted to use her hand to frame Gu Qianfan and deny the crime of collaborating with the enemy. As everyone knows, Zhao Paner has already noticed it, and quietly replaced the note. The so-called collaborating with the enemy is just a foreign language to congratulate the official family, and it is not enough to be regarded as evidence.

Realizing that he was being teased, Yu Zhongquan became furious and tried to use waterboarding himself, trying to force her into submission. When Zhao Pan’er was dying, Chen Lian and others appeared in time, Yu Zhongquan struggled to break free and rushed towards Zhao Pan’er, only to see a dagger flying straight towards Yu Zhongquan, almost at the same time, Gu Qianfan came in from the door, his eyes widened. Gloomy and ruthless.

In order to prevent Zhao Paner from being implicated, Gu Qianfan pretended not to know each other and ordered Chen Lian to send her away. On the way back, Zhao Pan’er met Song Yinzhang and Shen Ruzhuo, but considering the connection between Gu Qianfan and the Imperial City Division, it was simply Chi Pan’s malicious revenge, which was not a big problem, and it also prevented Song Yinzhang from thinking too much.

Naturally, Gu Qianfan would not let Zhongquan go too far, and negotiated with Lei Jing alone. Through Yu Zhongquan’s personal pockets and Xiao Qinyan’s power, he forced Lei Jing to hand over this person to his own disposal and severely punish him. That night, Gu Qianfan informed his subordinates to throw Zhongquan into a hot water basin until he died of blood loss, and then warned everyone to take this as a warning and not to criticize any more.

Seeing Zhao Paner’s safe return, Sun Sanniang finally fell down, Shen Ruzhuo said goodbye and left, promising to enjoy Song Yinzhang’s pipa song next time. After the turmoil tonight, the three sisters still had lingering fears. At this time, Gu Qianfan suddenly came over. Hearing that Zhao Pan’er was deliberately concealing it, his anger was even more intense.

However, Zhao Pan’er still remembered what happened just now, and thought that Gu Qianfan pretended to be unfamiliar to avoid getting involved with such a cheap person as himself. As a result, when Gu Qianfan heard these words, he only found it particularly harsh, and immediately stated that his intention was very simple, and he did not want the people in the Imperial City Division to know that Zhao Pan’er was his death point, which would lead to Zhao Pan’er being implicated in the end.

Zhao Pan’er heard mixed feelings in her heart, and asked Gu Qianfan what kind of emotion she had when facing each other’s relationship. Gu Qianfan really didn’t think about such a deep level. At first, he always wanted to protect Zhao Pan’er, but he fell into it unknowingly, and it was difficult to extricate himself.

Before waiting for Gu Qianfan’s response, Zhao Pan’er issued an expulsion order. Gu Qianfan said that he would seriously consider this relationship, and at the same time let Chen Lian protect Zhao Pan’er’s safety. After Gu Qianfan and others left, Sun Sanniang couldn’t help complaining that Zhao Paner was strong everywhere, relying on herself in everything and never relying on good sisters, which made them seem untrustworthy, but after venting, Sun Sanniang and Zhao Paner were reconciled as before.

Recently, the half-covered face and Shuangxi Lou have been frequented, and the music in the building has become a regular visitor, often preparing tea and fruit. Chi Pan was very upset and asked Zhang Hao to break up with Zhao Pan’er, but was rejected, but unexpectedly learned that He Si revealed the embarrassment of his crying at the Tudi Temple.

Chi Pan ran to find He Si for the first time to settle accounts, and happened to see him holding a half-covered food box, so he was furious. But there was an agreement before that He Si and the others would be ready to be dispatched by Zhao Pan’er at any time, so Chi Pan was angry and had nowhere to go.

What happened last night was too strange. Gu Qianfan interrogated the relevant personnel, only to find out that Yu Zhongquan and Xiao Wei were complicit. Thinking that Xiao Qinyan must not know about this, Gu Qianfan ordered someone to disclose it to the other party, and sent a deer leg to Xiao Wei’s residence. Just when Xiao Wei was furious and was about to go to the yamen to report to the official, he didn’t expect the housekeeper to suddenly visit and was ordered to convey Xiao Qinyan’s meaning, warning him that if he listened to the rumors and dealt with Gu Qianfan, he would no longer be the son of the Xiao family.

Xiao Wei really didn’t understand why his father protected this person in every possible way, so he wanted his mother to support him. The housekeeper stopped Xiao Wei, implying that he should not cause more troubles. After all, there are only virtual officials and no real power. They are not Gu Qianfan’s opponents at all, not to mention that Gu Qianfan is not his enemy.

Without prior notice, Shen Ruzhuo came alone to listen to the music with a half-covered face, and immediately brought a box of dim sum, which were fakes made by several other teahouses imitating Sun Sanniang. Not only are they cheap and large in quantity, they even offer similar drinks. In particular, Qing Ming Fang employs two pipa girls who sit in the store and play every day, attracting many customers.

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