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A Dream of Splendor 梦华录 Episode 14 Recap

In order to avoid disputes in the future, Zhao Paner suggested that the three of them should be in charge of each other separately. She would be in charge of the operation of the tea house, while Sun Sanniang would be in the kitchen to buy, and Song Yinzhang should be a quyi decoration. In this way, even if there are different opinions, the minority can obey the majority, so as to prevent hurting the feelings of the sisters. Song Yinzhang raised both hands in approval. After this period of time, she no longer cared about the opinions of outsiders about herself, and was able to summon the courage to face the music background.

Sure enough, the teahouse reopened, immediately attracting countless literati and writers, and all the gentlemen came here, including Zhuo Shixian and Yuan Tuntian, just for a glimpse of the so-called style. From the layout to the way of welcoming guests, Zhao Paner carefully and skillfully crafted it, which instantly made everyone’s eyes shine. Du Changfeng had to take a detour when he learned the identity of the proprietress of the teahouse.

Song Yinzhang’s pipa music is intoxicating, and there are also high-quality tea and snacks. Even if it is a few hundred words, it can still make their hearts yearn. Zhao Paner knows the mind of the literati very well. Only ten guests are arranged to go to the second floor to listen to the music at a time. The other gentlemen are one step behind.

Not only that, Zhao Paner made a set of Jiujiu Guiyuan tea, which is very characteristic of Jiangnan. With the famous porcelain of nine colors, it can be said to be a must in Tokyo. Soon the news spread all over the streets and alleys of Tokyo, which attracted a lot of discussion among the students. They were born because of the sky-high price of tea, but with He Si’s singing and harmony, they felt that it was worth the money.

As the business of the teahouse became more and more prosperous, Zhao Paner knew that the popularity would not last long, and other publicity was needed. The first choice was the oiran Zhang Haohao. In fact, Zhao Pan’er already knew about the difficulties Zhang Hao faced before, even though the last time she gave her voice in front of the imperial court to attract applause from the people, it has become worse since then.

There are more than 100 geisha affiliated to the Jiaofang. Seeing that the spring festivals are constantly being held, all of them are preparing to enter the palace to perform their performances. If the official family also orders the reward of colored clothes, I am afraid that Zhang Hao’s status will not be guaranteed. Therefore, Zhao Paner is willing to cooperate with Zhang for mutual benefit, at least it may make him different.

On the way back, Zhao Pan’er met Gu Qianfan and talked with him, and because of his intimate behavior, he was very moved. But Zhao Pan’er couldn’t accept this feeling, and suddenly changed his attitude, which made Gu Qianfan feel strange, and was really puzzled.

When it was time for the inventory in the evening, Zhao Paner found that the net profit on the day of opening was more than 400, which was enough to show that their countermeasures were effective. Song Yinzhang went back to the room to rest first, but Sun Sanniang noticed that something was wrong with Zhao Paner, so she couldn’t help coming over to care, only then did she know her feelings for Gu Qianfan, but she was uncertain about Gu Qianfan’s attitude.

In Zhao Pan’er’s opinion, Gu Qianfan is a worthy person, but when the other party is fictitious and real, and when he is near and far, he will feel that his heart is hanging in the air, especially after experiencing Ouyang Xu, he has become confused and hopeless about his relationship. Sun Sanniang can affirm Gu Qianfan’s thoughts and encourage Zhao Pan’er to pursue bravely, but Zhao Pan’er has been hurt by love and dare not easily entrust her sincerity. After calming down, she feels that relying on others is worse than relying on herself.

At the same time, Gu Qianfan recalled what happened in the daytime, and simply asked Chen Lian for some advice, asking him how he viewed women’s moodiness. Chen Lian had never noticed who Gu Qianfan was referring to, and said that women have always raised first and then suppressed. At this critical moment, they must not be fooled and continue to remain indifferent.

In the next period of time, the business of the half-covered teahouse increased day by day. Everyone liked this atmosphere very much and lined up to go upstairs to listen to the music. On the other hand, Yu Zhongquan wanted to take revenge on Gu Qianfan, and took the initiative to visit Xiao Qin, the son of Xiao Qinyan, and reveal to him Gu Qianfan’s true identity and origin.

Xiao Wei is not an ordinary noble son, and his mind is more clever than ordinary people, and he can see through Yu Zhongquan’s strategy at a glance. In fact, Yu Zhongquan had other ways to deal with Gu Qianfan, but he came to show his loyalty to Xiao Wei in order to avoid trouble with his disciples and provoke Xiao Xiang’s dissatisfaction. What’s more, Xiao Qinyan is a minister and will be the first assistant in the future sooner or later. If the news of the illegitimate child falls into the hands of the Qingliu faction, it will definitely become a handle. Therefore, we should solve the trouble of Gu Qianfan as soon as possible while Xiao Qinyan has not yet entered the capital. .

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