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A Dream of Splendor 梦华录 Episode 12 Recap

Due to a lot of official business these days, Gu Qianfan didn’t have time to see Zhao Pan’er, so he asked Chen Lian to take part of his salary and allowances for the rent of the house and the daily expenses of the three of them. At this time, Hu Yuan joined the army in Kaifeng to ask for advice, and Gu Qianfan was too busy to leave, so he had to explain that Chen Lian must monitor Ouyang Xu’s movements.

Before leaving the capital, Ouyang Xu specially instructed Uncle De to go to the gate of Gao’s residence more often after he left, so as to attract Gao Hui’s attention as much as possible to help him prepare for his return to Tokyo. On the second day, Ouyang Xu took a carriage out of the city, passed Gu Qianfan once again, and swore in his heart that one day he would be as beautiful as him.

Taking into account the large investment in the teahouse, Zhao Paner entrusted Chen Lian to help her realize her savings. In this way, Gu Qianfan was repaid and the principal was abundant. As for Song Yinzhang’s inventory, Zhao Pan’er did not change a penny, but Song Yinzhang decided to realize all of them, which meant that the lives of the three of them were in Tokyo.

Zhao Pan’er learned that Gu Qianfan had been promoted to the deputy envoy of the Imperial City Division, and was also happy for him. Since he had established a career, he should have reached the age of starting a family. Originally, Chen Lian wanted to imply that Zhao Paner cherished the people in front of him, but he was unable to find the opportunity to speak, but Zhao Paner was completely disheartened by Ouyang Xu, wishing that his official career would be difficult and everything would be bumpy until he was willing to repay his debts.

Uncle Qi Mu heard that Gu Qianfan had returned to Beijing, and came to Nanya to meet him at night, and checked the evidence that Lei Jing colluded with Jiangnan officials. Now that Gu Qianfan has risen step by step, it has not been a waste of him to hide by the eunuch party for many years. Unfortunately, now is not the best time. After all, Lei Jing has served the official family for more than 30 years. Many people have been dealt with in the Zheng Qingtian case, and I am afraid it will not continue to expand, so we have to continue to wait and see.

After a period of preparation, Zhao’s Teahouse finally opened smoothly, but no customers were willing to come in to taste it. Fortunately, He Si brought everyone to visit and solicited business for them. In a blink of an eye, the seats were full. Especially after tasting the tea and cakes, they were full of praise.

When Gu Qianfan saw Ouyang Xu’s letter of appointment, he learned that he had moved to Xijing. Chen Lian didn’t know how to respond. Just as he was about to leave, his colleagues were talking about Zhao’s Teahouse again, so he had to tell Gu Qianfan the truth.

While there was nothing wrong with Nanya, Gu Qianfan came to the teahouse to find out what happened. His original intention was to remind Zhao Paner, so as not to attract the attention of the Gao family and cause trouble. But Zhao Paner felt that since she was living in Tokyo, she should have a source of income. Even if Gu Qianfan was willing to help them, it was not a long-term solution.

What’s more, Zhao Pan’er and Gu Qianfan are not related, so they always seem too ambiguous, like his outer room. Gu Qianfan couldn’t persuade Zhao Pan’er, so he made a bet and decided whether to continue to open the teahouse after a month’s profit and loss. At the same time, Song Yinzhang saw Gu Qianfan and wanted to go up to say hello, but was stopped by Chen Lian, saying that the two were quarreling.

Zhao Pan’er personally poured tea for Gu Qianfan, so when talking about the old account of Qiantang, Song Yinzhang misunderstood that Gu Qianfan was pursuing Zhao Pan’er’s fault, hurriedly rushed out to apologize, and took all the blame. Gu Qianfan cared about Zhao Pan’er in his words, and through his response to Song Yinzhang, reminded Zhao Pan’er to take care of his body, lest he would only blame others for bullying next time.

Song Yinzhang felt that Gu Qianfan was hinting to him, which meant that the Gao family would come to the door sooner or later, and I’m afraid he still needed to think about countermeasures. It is precisely because of this that Song Yinzhang thought of Zhang Haohao, maybe she could win the appreciation of the official family as much as possible by virtue of her pipa skills, and then she would not be afraid of others.

After having a preliminary plan, Song Yinzhang did not go to the teahouse to help out on the grounds that he was in poor health. Instead, he took the handwritten letter from Pipa and Xu Yong and took the initiative to go to the teacher’s office to meet the envoy Zunyuan Changhe. At first, everyone was busy with their own affairs, completely ignoring Song Yinzhang, which made her a little dazed, so she had to play the pipa in the courtyard.

A piece of pipa attracted everyone’s attention, Yuan Changhe followed the sound, and his eyes lit up. He cherished Song Yinzhang’s talent, and with the recommendation of Zhizhou Xu Yong, he immediately left her as the head teacher. The author of the book, Shen Ruzhuo, fell in love with Song Yinzhang at first sight.

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