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A Dream of Splendor 梦华录 Episode 11 Recap

Chen Lian and his colleagues turned back and brought back the best Jiangnan dishes in Tokyo, but Zhao Paner and the three tasted carefully and found that every taste was ordinary and not authentic at all. On the other hand, Sun Sanniang is good at cooking, and Zhao Paner is very good at making tea, so Song Yinzhang suggested opening a restaurant in Tokyo, which may be the way for them to settle down.

Sun Sanniang agreed, but Zhao Paner felt that the place of life was unfamiliar and needed to be carefully considered, not to mention that the top priority was to get the night banquet map back, so he had to go to Ouyang’s house again. That night, Ouyang Xu accompanied Gao Hu to a banquet to learn the so-called worldly manners, but he was not good at speaking and was ridiculed.

Now shouting that the wedding date has been set on the 16th of next month, just wait for Ouyang Xuxi to see the completion of the official appointment, and then the empress in the palace can request the official family to grant the marriage. Considering that his daughter Gao Hui had been spoiled since childhood and was not suitable to be too far from Beijing, Gao Hu decided to notify Ouyang Xu to go to Gongzhou as a post, and wait until the three-year period expires to return to Beijing and become a Beijing official, so that the whole family can be reunited.

Ouyang Xu didn’t dare to express his thoughts, so he could only let it go, and the woman’s assertion of an engagement period was also disrespectful to him, and her heart was very heavy and complicated. At this time, Zhao Pan’er brought Chen Lian over, and Chen Lian directly dragged Uncle De nearby and beat him, leaving her and Ouyang Xu to talk alone.

Zhao Paner directly explained his intentions, saying that he already knew about his conspiracy. Since he could not meet the three requirements, he must hand over the night banquet map within three days, otherwise things would get worse and worse. When Ouyang Xu returned, the doctor checked Uncle De’s injuries and was shocked that his internal injuries were serious. Although he had not broken his bones, a large part of his bones had been broken, and he would have to rest for at least a year or two.

The nobles came by oral instructions, and were ordered to announce that Ouyang Xu would enter the palace tomorrow. Ouyang Xu thought of Zhao Pan’er’s warning and knew that the night banquet plan was related to the big case of Jiangnan, so he inquired about the situation and the official family’s preferences.

After he understood something, when he went to bed in the middle of the night, he found a blood knife hidden on the bed, thinking of Zhao Paner’s appearance tonight, and realizing that the person behind her could not rashly offend. On the second day of entering the palace, Ouyang Xu was still worried about it. He happened to observe the furnishings of the main hall, which confirmed that the official family, as said by the nobles, has recently paid attention to health preservation and good Taoism.

When faced with the official family’s question, Ouyang Xu was different from the other jinshi’s answers, deliberately biased towards the official family’s preferences, and explained many things about Taoism, which really aroused the official family’s interest. Because of this, the official canonized Ouyang Xu as the deputy envoy of the book Zuolang Ziji Palace on the spot, and went to Xijing on his behalf to invite Master Yitian out of the mountain.

After Ouyang Xu received the canonization, he finally fell into a big stone in his heart. Outsiders felt that he was destroying his future and would rather be a palace watcher. In fact, it was to avoid the limelight and wait for Zhao Paner to leave Tokyo. When Ouyang Xu walked out of the hall, he passed Gu Qianfan and couldn’t help but glance at each other.

Because of Gu Qianfan’s repeated achievements, he not only solved the prophecy, but even solved the Jiangnan private ship fraud case. The officials greatly appreciated him, and because of Lei Jing’s repeated recommendations, he was finally named as the deputy envoy of the Wupin Division. Equivalent to the second-in-command of the Imperial City Division. At the same time, when Gao Hu learned of Ouyang Xu’s result, he called off the marriage between him and Gao Hui in a fit of anger.

Classmate Du Changfeng didn’t understand it very much. After all, the ministers of Qingliu in the court hated to cater to the sages and those who cultivated Taoism and Zen, but Ouyang Xu was also a top-ranking scholar. This move was equivalent to self-destruction of Qingyun Road. Ouyang Xu said that he was really helpless, because Zhao Pan’er was aggressive, so he entrusted Du Changfeng to help him take care of the small production house, and the old servant was bedridden.

Although Zhao Pan’er was extremely vicious in Du Changfeng’s eyes, she didn’t care at all, and she had already guessed Ouyang Xu’s true intention. Since it was to avoid them, she simply decided to stay and never let the other party get his wish. In order to have a place in Tokyo, Zhao Paner and everyone discussed opening a tea house, which is considered to be returning to the old business.

Originally, Chen Lian didn’t have much support until he tasted the tea and pastries of Zhao Pan’er and Sun Sanniang, and immediately wanted to find a store for them. In the days that followed, Zhao Paner, Sun Sanniang, and Song Yinzhang worked separately, preparing various items, and at the same time making a lease agreement with the store owner.

Sun Sanniang went straight to the wharf to purchase the things needed for fruit tea, and Song Yinzhang also helped to buy some suitable tea sets. Everything seemed to be developing in a good direction. On the contrary, Ouyang Xu was still planning a way back, deliberately pretending to be infatuated with his husband, entering the Gao Mansion at night to meet with Gao Hui, and returning the jade pendant. Sure enough, when Gao Hui saw things, she was reluctant to give up on Ouyang Xu, and she had a kind of meaning that she would not marry. The nurse came forward and took Gao Hui away. After the two left, Ouyang Xu immediately returned to normal, with a clear expression. Insidious and indifferent.

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