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A Dream of Splendor 梦华录 Episode 9 Recap

The files concerning Zheng Qingtian’s involvement have long been piled up. The Huangcheng Division has always been in charge of investigating the case. After all the confessions have been investigated, they will be directly handed over to the local division for disposal, which means that they are not far from returning to Beijing. Gu Qianfan didn’t intend to return to Beijing, but was concerned about the owner of the hairpin, but unfortunately he didn’t hear from Zhao Pan’er for many days, which made him puzzled.

The so-called official character has two mouths, and there are nonsense words, but it is Du Changfeng’s previous sentence “Thirteen Young Masters”, which is equivalent to riding on the head of Chi Pan. Chi Pan was suffocating in his heart. He was not qualified to join the army, and he was not qualified to be an official. He even had to keep himself clean, and could not go in and out of Fireworks and Liuxiang at will. Besides, he was at best rich and rich. There is nothing more to praise.

After venting at the mansion, Chi Pan accidentally learned that He Si met Zhao Pan’er, so he rushed over immediately, and sure enough, he saw He Si standing outside the door with everyone shouting slogans. At this time, Ouyang Xu in the house was in a state of urgency, fearing that things would get worse, and he was about to go out to negotiate with the other party, but was blocked by Uncle De.

Originally, Ouyang Xu was quite dissatisfied with Uncle De, and scolded him for making unreasonable propositions many times. Wherever he looked like a loyal servant of the Ouyang family, he was clearly the ancestor of the Ouyang family. Uncle De was so frightened that he hurriedly knelt on the ground and slapped his face again and again. Suddenly he heard no movement outside the door, followed by voices resounding through the streets and alleys. Ouyang Xu seemed to have made up his mind to repair a book in his own hand and hand it to Uncle De. He went out of the dog hole in the backyard, and he must serve it to the other party.

He Si firmly believed that Zhao Pan’er was good at thaumaturgy and refused to obey Chi Pan’s orders, so he continued to yell at the door. Chi Pan angrily ran to the Sanyuan Inn, followed the sound of the pipa to the second floor, saw Song Yinzhang at first sight, and saw that he followed the ant’s nest in his heart. When he came back to his senses, he only felt that the sight in front of him was radiant, and this woman was suspected of being a fairy. mundane.

Just because Chi Pan’s behavior was too frivolous, and he was pulling and pulling at Song Yinzhang, he was slapped a few times. Zhao Pan’er and Sun Sanniang came forward to protect Song Yinzhang and told the evil things he had done before.

Even with all kinds of threats from Chi Pan, Zhao Pan’er still did not sell the account. He bluntly stated that Song Yinzhang was the number one pipa master in Jiangnan. In addition to introducing her family background, he also demanded that Chi Pan must pass the three levels of civil and military affairs, and made a bet with the other party on the spot. Chi Pan readily agreed to the appointment, and the first hurdle was to recite poetry and make a right, although he was extremely untidy and vulgar, at least he managed to deal with it.

At the second level, the knife competition was held. The shopkeeper of Sanyuan Inn and the residents watched curiously. Seeing that after Sun Sanniang showed the tofu cut with a knife in public, the tofu was as thin as a hair, and they were immediately amazed. After the two levels reached a tie, Chi Pan asked himself to come up with the third question. Zhao Paner followed his advice, but he did not expect that the so-called third question was actually a dice roll.

Sun Sanniang and Song Yinzhang looked at each other and smiled very tacitly, obviously very confident in this level, but Chi Pan is also quite powerful, at least the six dice are six points, but Zhao Pan’er used a diamond to cut a stopper beforehand, so in the end he had to A little more than Chi Pan, so he had to endure the bet and admit defeat.

According to the agreement of the three levels, if Zhao Paner wins Chi Pan, he needs to let his subordinates continue to shout slogans. As a local snake in Tokyo, Chi Pan was actually bullied by three women, and immediately ran to the Temple of the Earth to cry. On the other hand, Zhao Paner and her sisters were sitting in the pavilion drinking and celebrating, and they couldn’t help thinking of Gu Qianfan, so they went to Wangji Iron Shop alone, but unfortunately they didn’t hang up the red flag.

Song Yinzhang learned through Sun Sanniang that Zhao Paner had renounced her citizenship. She felt guilty and sad, but felt that she was really useless, which caused Zhao Paner to be humiliated by Ouyang Xu. But the reason why Sun Sanniang told Song Yinzhang the truth was that she hoped she could understand and stop having illusions about Ouyang Xu, because he had already changed his original intention.

Accompanied by Chen Lian, Gu Qianfan returned to the Zhao’s Teahouse in Qiantang. Although it was already dilapidated, every place made him emotional. Hearing that Chen Lian was full of praise for the Xiao family behind him, Gu Qianfan wanted to cling to the Xiao family in order to avoid Chen Lian, saying that he and Xiao Qinyan were not on the same path, and they only met by chance.

Chen Lian is extremely smart, he immediately guessed that Gu Qianfan did not like the Xiao family, so he immediately showed his loyalty to him, and all the Xiao family’s right and wrong, not to mention Xiao Qinyan was a traitor with a good reputation and was known to the whole court, in order to achieve his goal. Do not hesitate to exclude dissidents, and even unite the later party to deal with the old Ke Xiang. Gu Qianfan’s face was solemn, he sat on the stairs in a daze, and fell asleep without realizing it.

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