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A Dream of Splendor 梦华录 Episode 10 Recap

Sun Sanniang is older than Zhao Paner and Song Yinzhang, and she is well versed in the world. Even if she is chivalrous and brave, she will also consider that Chi Pan has little power in Tokyo City. It is better to have one friend than one enemy, so she borrowed the kitchen of the inn to make flower dumplings. Ready to send an apology.

Unexpectedly, this borrowing will attract the shopkeeper’s wife. As long as she stares at the plate of dim sum, her eyes will flood, like a hungry wolf rushing to eat, and she can’t wait to grab it. When she learned that the flower dumplings came from Sun Sanniang, the shopkeeper almost enshrined her as her own mother. It was only when Sun Sanniang agreed to make her snacks alone.

Seeing that Sun Sanniang and Zhao Pan’er were leaving one after another, Song Yinzhang had nothing to do, so he came to the street alone, and happened to meet Zhang Hao Hao, the oiran who was on a tour. Ma Zhiren is the person in the Willow Tavern who can write the most words in the world.

Although they are both officials of the Jiaofang, the encounter between Song Yinzhang and Zhang Hao is the difference between heaven and earth, especially knowing that Zhang Hao can be a fairy doctor of the official family, and his scenery is infinite, and he can’t help but feel envious. Zhang Hao heard about Chi Pan’s affairs at the Sanyuan Inn, so he immediately went to the door and happened to meet Song Yinzhang head-on.

Because the two admired each other, they simply collaborated on a song in the pavilion, just like the sound of nature. Zhang Haohao was always proud of himself and thought that his singing voice was the best in the world. Until today, when I saw Song Yinzhang, I never thought that there would be such a pipa master.

As for Song Yinzhang’s misunderstanding of Chi Pan, Zhang Hao told the truth truthfully. In fact, Chi Pan never looked down on Goulan women, after all, his mother was out of her family. On the contrary, for Zhang Haohao, Le Ji’s background is not inferior. They are not coquettish and coquettish like market tricks, and they put in no less effort than others. If they are really as despicable as the outside world, then Israeli servants are called cheap. It is to live upright and worthy of conscience.

Because of Zhang Hao’s remarks, Song Yinzhang gradually regained his self-confidence, so he followed Sun Sanniang to find Zhao Pan’er. At this time, Uncle De ran to the yamen to rescue soldiers, and took the guards to falsely accuse Zhao Paner and others of blackmailing Ouyang Xu, and even took off their clothes and humiliated them on the street.

The three of Zhao Paner had a dispute with the officers and soldiers, and then they were beaten badly until Ouyang Xu came forward. Ouyang Xu looked at Zhao Pan’er pretending to be indifferent and ordered her to leave Tokyo as soon as possible, but Zhao Pan’er felt inexplicably disgusting and disappointed because of his face, and did not accept the silver taels given by the other party.

After receiving the benefits, the guards took Zhao Pan’er, Song Yinzhang, and Sun Sanniang to parade through the streets to show the crowd, and they all looked embarrassed. Fortunately, he met Gu Qianfan on the outskirts of the city, but he refused to return to Tokyo in order to avoid implicated him. Gu Qianfan deliberately angered Zhao Pan’er, and his remarks hit the hearts of the three of them. Sun Sanniang and Song Yinzhang were unwilling to return to Qiantang, and decided to stay and make a breakthrough.

In the end, the Huangcheng Division and the others waited to protect them and came to the hospital. Gu Qianfan applied medicine to Zhao Paner himself, gentle and careful, and then ordered the guards to be arrested. He originally wanted to be detained in the Huangcheng Division, but was blocked by Zhao Paner. . Zhao Pan’er considered that Gu Qianfan had only returned to Tokyo soon, so there was no need to offend others for himself, so as not to arouse the dissatisfaction of the Gao family and even be implicated.

In fact, Ouyang Xu was afraid that Zhao Pan’er would stay in Tokyo, including that Gao’s family knew that he still had a marriage contract, so Zhao Pan’er asked the clerks to write a book about Ouyang Xu’s collusion with the yamen, and then settle the account with Ouyang Xu after the matter was resolved. But the priority is to find a place to live. Zhao Pan’er was about to return to the inn. It happened that Chen Lian was a native of Tokyo. There was an idle courtyard nearby, so Zhao Pan’er and others could stay there first.

Zhao Pan’er could not refuse Chen Lian’s kindness, so she took Sun Sanniang and Song Yinzhang there. Unexpectedly, the so-called small courtyard was actually a big house with three entrances and three exits. It was fully furnished, with rocks, ponds and pavilions everywhere. After Chen Lian left, Song Yinzhang couldn’t help thinking that Gu Qianfan, who was in a high position, might be able to arrange for him to leave the country. As a result, Zhao Paner and Sun Sanniang discouraged her from bothering others.

Although Zhao Pan’er once offered a helping hand when Gu Qianfan was in distress, but Gu Qianfan also helped him over and over again, which was enough to show that this person knew the etiquette, and they had to advance and retreat. Therefore, Zhao Pan’er believes that self-reliance is the most important thing for people, and should not pin their hopes on anyone. Moreover, Gu Qianfan often deals with vicious people, which is likely to involve Song Yinzhang.

Sure enough, Song Yinzhang instantly dismissed his thoughts. How could Gu Qianfan hear Zhao Pan’er’s words in the room and couldn’t help but make a joke, and then he wanted to see how her shoulder was injured. After Sun Sanniang visited the yard, she hurried over to call Zhao Paner. She happened to bump into the intimate words and deeds between her and Gu Qianfan. She couldn’t help being surprised. Chen Lian also brought her colleagues over to help, and the atmosphere became extraordinarily wonderful.

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