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A Dream of Splendor 梦华录 Episode 8 Recap

The relationship between Ouyang Xu and Zhao Paner was only known to Sun Sanniang and Song Yinzhang, and even the neighbors around the teahouse seldom paid attention, so Gao Hui had no idea about his so-called confidante. On the other hand, Gao Hui came with a clear intention, and repeatedly emphasized that she would tolerate her husband and take concubines, and was willing to be commensurate with the other sisters and live in harmony.

Being so generous and decent, Du Changfeng was secretly amazed, and was about to speak out, but Ouyang Xu immediately interrupted, saying that he would obey Ouyang’s family precepts, and he would never accept second words in this life. Sure enough, as soon as these words came out, Gao Hui was no longer aggressive and left with confidence after receiving Ouyang Xu’s assurance.

Originally, Du Changfeng wanted to push the boat smoothly so that Zhao Paner could enter the door as his wife, but Ouyang Xu knew Gao Hui very well. At first, the sisters of the Su family only gave Ouyang Xu plum blossoms, but an accident occurred three days later, resulting in complete blindness in her left eye.

At first, Ouyang Xu didn’t think much of it until other women had accidents one after another and finally realized that Gao Hui was by no means a kind person. In fact, the reason why Gao Hui is like this can be considered excusable. After all, her father is a high-ranking official in the court, and her aunt is the favorite concubine of the official family. She should think that everything in the world should be taken away by her.

On the other hand, Zhao Paner’s self-esteem and tenacity in her bones are destined to not endure the insult of surrendering her wife as a concubine. In order to protect her safety, Ouyang Xu had to deliberately anger her on the day of the reunion. Du Changfeng learned of Ouyang Xu’s difficulties and couldn’t help sighing. As for Zhao Pan’er’s illness, Ouyang Xu also had to hold back from visiting so as not to lose all his previous achievements.

In the room on the second floor, Zhao Pan’er personally burned the portrait Ouyang Xu made for her. From now on, the two no longer love each other. Song Yinzhang was tormented by nightmares, and he could never forget Zhou She’s humiliation and beating, and even fell into confusion because he could not escape. Zhao Paner felt sorry for Song Yinzhang, so she wrote a deed in her own hand, willing to exchange her dead love for freedom.

Gu Qianfan accompanied Xiao Qinyan to worship his ancestors. Even in the face of the Xiao family martyrs, he still refused to recognize his ancestors and return to the clan. Xiao Qinyan was really helpless, the only hope that he could go to the Xiao family’s old house, Gu Qianfan did not refuse, but on the way to the old house, he noticed that the hairpin was missing, so he immediately returned to look for it, and saw many people throwing on the tombstone. Dirty water.

Seeing that the housekeeper brought people over, Gu Qianfan came forward to stop it, and let the people disperse in a hurry. Through the housekeeper’s narration, Gu Qianfan realized that people would come to make trouble every year before and after Zhongyuan and Qingming. Now that his father is a minister, the outside world knows that he is a nephew and a mess, and he is also a minion of the eunuch, and he clearly wants to be a good person. , but destined to be filthy and rotten in the center of power.

Just as Ouyang Xu was looking at things and thinking about people, he suddenly heard that Zhao Pan’er suddenly came to visit, which was both unexpected and joyful. However, the real purpose of Zhao Pan’er’s coming here is to make a deal with Ouyang Xu, as long as Ouyang Xu promises her to write a letter of repentance; to leave the country for Song Yinzhang; When we meet, we would rather die in vain.

But if Ouyang Xu can’t do the above three points, Zhao Pan’er will definitely make the matter of their marriage contract known to the whole world, then Ouyang Xu Qingyun will be cut off, and she doesn’t care about her reputation. Hearing these words, Ouyang Xu looked up subconsciously, and a pair of eyes as deep as pools looked over, and those eyes had a cool meaning.

Without thinking too much, Ouyang Xu directly agreed to Zhao Pan’er’s request, turned around and went to the study to rummage through the boxes, but was unable to find the night banquet picture. Since Ouyang Xu has no official position yet, he has to entrust Du Changfeng to help solve the problem of music membership. Zhao Paner promised to give him three days, hoping not to let himself down again.

Not long after Zhao Pan’er left, Uncle De came back, bluntly saying that Zhao Pan’er had a deep mind and truthfully told what he had seen in Huating County. Originally, Ouyang Xu didn’t believe it at all, but Uncle De’s description was extremely detailed, including Zhou She’s identity, which made him have to have doubts.

In order to avoid affecting Ouyang Xu’s reputation, Du Changfeng did not promise to renounce Song Yinzhang, so Uncle De sent the picture of the night banquet to Ouyang Xu’s mentor. He failed to do all three things. See Zhao Paner. On the third day, Zhao Pan’er didn’t wait for Ouyang Xu for a long time, so he brought Sun Sanniang to the door to ask about it.

However, Ouyang Xu could not avoid it, and ordered his family members to stand at the door. Zhao Paner had a relationship with them once, and a plan suddenly occurred in his heart. According to the method of taking care of Qianfan, he implied that Sun Sanniang gave He Sidian as the leader, and lied that this acupoint would prevent men from having children.

He Sixin believed it to be true. He was a single passer for several generations, so he was so frightened that he hurriedly begged Zhao Paner for mercy. In the end, at Zhao Pan’er’s instruction, He Si led everyone outside Ouyang Xu’s door, beating gongs and drums, shouting “If you don’t pay your debts, it will be difficult for heaven”, attracting many people to watch. She shouted until noon, but Zhao Pan’er still didn’t see Ouyang Xu open the door, so she went back to eat something with Sun Sanniang first, and told He Si to continue shouting.

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