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A Dream of Splendor 梦华录 Episode 7 Recap

When it comes to talent and appearance, Zhao Pan’er is not inferior to a well-known daughter, but her status and family background are the rulers between her and Gao Hui. One inch in length is the right, and one centimeter in width is the wealth. Relying on a powerful husband. Moreover, Ouyang Xu did not dare to offend the Gao family. Although she could not know that the matchmaker was marrying Zhao Pan’er, she would be allowed to be rich and prosperous for the rest of her life. When she gave birth to a child in the future, she could also adopt the name of the main family.

Allowing the other party to speak loudly, Zhao Pan’er’s response was always that she would never be a concubine in this life, and her words sounded loudly, just like her arrogance in her gestures, which was already engraved in her bones, and it was embarrassing to teach Ouyang Xu directly. On the way back, Zhao Pan’er held back her tears, but unexpectedly bumped into Yanei Chipan who was kicking the ball.

This person is in charge of the Twelve Lines of Tokyo and has countless younger brothers around him. He is usually rebellious, and he values ​​face the most, but Zhao Pan’er’s ball-throwing skills are far superior to him, causing him to lose face. At the same time, Sun Sanniang and Song Yinzhang stood on the second floor watching the Persians dancing. There was an endless stream of guests coming and going, but only one person lost his soul in the heyday.

Because of the appearance of Zhao Pan’er, the exquisite water pavilion seems to have returned to the world from the sky, with a faint meaning of sadness. Zhao Pan’er went back to the room alone, and after murmured, she fainted directly to the ground. After the doctor’s diagnosis, it was confirmed that Zhao Pan’er had become ill from overwork, and his body was weak due to the rapid fire attack.

Sun Sanniang and Song Yinzhang were very distressed, they really couldn’t understand why the world was so unfair to them. That night, Zhao Pan’er called Ouyang Xu’s name frequently while in a coma, but another scene flashed, from promise to betrayal, but it was fleeting. As the so-called Tokyo is rich and charming, and the affection is unbearable, Zhao Pan’er was completely disappointed, until Gu Qianfan appeared in the dream, and gradually felt more at ease, because he knew that people’s hearts are unpredictable.

Xiao Qinyan informed the housekeeper to deal with the property under Zheng Qingtian’s name, part of which was left to the Zheng clan and part of which was used to bury Gu Qianfan’s comrades. As for the remaining 400,000 yuan, 200,000 were sent to Tokyo, and the remaining 200,000 was put into storage. private account. Gu Qianfan stood silently in the corner, watching his father walking into the corridor, his thoughts returned to his childhood, when Xiao Qinyan cut off ties with the Gu family and walked away without looking back.

When Lei Jing learned that Xiao Qinyan had come forward to protect Gu Qianfan, he felt very uneasy, knowing that he was not the opponent of the Xiao family. At this time, Xiao Qinyan sent someone to send a generous gift. Originally, Lei Jing thought it was Bai Ling poisonous wine, but he did not expect it to be a letter from Xiao Qinyan, indicating that he handled Jiangnan affairs well, and that everything had nothing to do with Lei Jing. The meaning is self-evident.

Now Xiao Qinyan has solved all the troubles for Gu Qianfan, and continues to conceal his relationship with himself from the outside world, and at the same time has several experts to protect his safety. The rest of the people in the manor really didn’t understand why Xiangye favored Gu Qianfan. He wanted to pass on the letter to his wife in Tokyo, but was reprimanded by the housekeeper, who warned them to be cautious in their words and deeds.

During this period of time, Sun Sanniang and Song Yinzhang took turns guarding the bedside, but Zhao Pan’er never improved. Song Yinzhang looked at the scenery outside the window and felt melancholy for a while, so he picked up the pipa and played it, attracting many people to watch. Du Changfeng heard the sound and came looking for him. He was amazed again and again. He asked the shopkeeper about Zhao Pan’er’s residence by the way, and then he came to visit in person.

Due to Du Changfeng’s high myopia, he almost mistook Sun Sanniang as Zhao Pan’er, and when he saw the real Qiantang Zhao Niangzi, he immediately reported to his family. Du Changfeng thinks that Ouyang Xucai is smart, and he is a jinshi. On the other hand, Zhao Paner doesn’t understand the sense of proportion. Knowing that he is from a humble background, he dares to say that he is not willing to be a concubine. They all live in the side room, not to mention her origin is unknown.

Just because Du Changfeng went too far, Zhao Paner resisted his anger and ordered Sun Sanniang to drive the people out. Sun Sanniang kicked the glasses that Du Changfeng depended on to survive, and then threw him directly into the river in front of everyone’s eyes. Since Du Changfeng is not water-based, he can only hold the wood and float outside the Double Happiness Building.

It just so happened that Chi Pan and Hua Kui Zhang were having a good time together. After hearing that Du Changfeng was calling for help, he went out to join in the fun and mocked him. Originally, Chi Pan wanted to stand by and watch, how could he know that Du Changfeng’s three or two words would irritate him, but because the other party was Jinke Jinshi, it was inconvenient to teach him a lesson, so let him leave for the time being.

Du Changfeng complained to Ouyang Xu in embarrassment, but he didn’t expect Gao Hui’s sudden visit, so he had to hide first. Ouyang Xu greeted her respectfully, but Gao Hui did not have the restraint of a lady at all, and developed her unruly willfulness by virtue of her family background. The reason why she came here was to investigate the private meeting between Ouyang Xu and Zhao Pan’er.

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