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A Dream of Splendor 梦华录 Episode 6 Recap

Zhao Pan’er had already expected Zhou She’s move, so she took advantage of her unpreparedness to steal the dragon and turn the phoenix. In the face of the overwhelming evidence, the county magistrate deliberately shielded Zhou She and deliberately made a light sentence, causing dissatisfaction among the people present. . Zhao Pan’er and the county magistrate discussed the laws of the Song Dynasty. How could the magistrate refute Zhao Pan’er for arguing against the court, and ordered him to be punished for 20 times.

Just as the magistrate was about to execute the execution, a long sword pierced the token, and Zhao Pan’er vaguely saw Gu Qianfan’s figure, but unfortunately it was Chen Lian, which made her deeply puzzled. There were also Xu Yong, the governor of Xiuzhou, who suggested that the county magistrate should revise the sentence. In the end, the magistrate sentenced Zhou Sheji to fight for 30 years, and the stabbing was 3000 miles. Xiafangzhai was merged into Song Yinzhang according to the letter of break.

After the verdict came into effect, the onlookers applauded, Zhao Pan’er raised his eyes and, under the hint of Chen Lian’s eyes, walked through the crowds and walked out the door. While the two were talking, Sun Sanniang came out with Song Yinzhang, but Song Yinzhang stared at Gu Qianfan intently, and suddenly had a feeling of admiration.

Zhou She not only did not repent, but wanted to take revenge for the opportunity, and rushed over with a grim face. Fortunately, Gu Qianfan was quick-witted, protected Zhao Paner in time, and rescued Song Yinzhang at the first time, which made him even more grateful. The turmoil finally came to an end when the yamen escorted Zhou She forcibly. Xu Yong obeyed Gu Qianfan’s instructions and personally arranged a carriage for Zhao Pan’er to ensure that she would arrive in Tokyo before Gu Yu.

Both Sun Sanniang and Song Yinzhang were reluctant to go back to Qiantang, so they decided to go with Zhao Pan’er. When Xu Yong learned that Song Yinzhang’s music book was still in Hangzhou, he promised to repair a book for them, so that they could be unimpeded. After the others left one after another, Gu Qianfan saw Zhao Pan’er’s hesitation and couldn’t help but say a few more words, wanting her to retreat.

As the so-called Tokyo is not easy to live in, Zhao Pan’er is already struggling in Huating County, not to mention that she has to face not only the current flower, but also the royal family and relatives. If she encounters danger, she may not be able to protect herself. But Zhao Pan’er had made up her mind, and Gu Qianfan couldn’t persuade him. He could only hope that she would cherish it, return the handkerchief, and turn around and leave.

At nightfall, Xiao Qinyan came to Zheng Mansion in person, and ordered three great gifts, namely white silk, dagger and poisonous wine. Zheng Qingtian was instantly helpless, and hurriedly knelt down to beg for mercy. He really didn’t know why he was offended. It wasn’t until he saw the butler unfolding Gu Qianfan’s portrait that he realized that Gu Qianfan was actually Xiao Qinyan’s biological son.

On weekdays, Xiao Qinyan condoned Zheng Qingtian’s wrongdoing, and he didn’t ask him to destroy the Yang family and open the sea ban privately, but he colluded with Lei Jing to murder Gu Qianfan, which was a heinous crime. Since it was Zheng Qingtian who committed the taboo, Xiao Qinyan naturally couldn’t keep him, and ordered him to end it as soon as possible. Zheng Qingtian was in despair, and only by writing a confession before his death, Gu Qianfan was restored to his innocence.

Xiao Qinyan naturally cherishes Gu Qianfan very much, but Gu Qianfan’s heart is hard to dispel, always with alienation and indifference. At that time, Gu Shuniang did not listen to her parents’ advice and insisted on marrying Xiao Qinyan, a child of the poor family, and gave birth to Gu Qianfan. Originally, the Gu family despised Xiao Qinyan’s background, and due to the unclear relationship between Xiao Qinyan and the singer, Gu Shuniang died in depression. Since then, Gu Qianfan and his father have traveled farther and farther.

Although so many years have passed, Xiao Qinyan still emphasizes that he is innocent and has never done anything to be sorry to Shu Niang. Because in Xiao Qinyan’s opinion, there must be entertainment for an official, otherwise how would Gu Qianfan get to know Zhao Pan’er? Even if Zhao Pan’er leaves the country and becomes a good man, it is by no means a good match for Gu Qianfan. Besides, he is so young and promising. Only those famous ladies with several generations of hairpins are the right match.

Hearing these words, Gu Qianfan couldn’t help but get angry, and warned Xiao Qin that he should not try to influence his marriage, and then he walked away. Xiao Qinyan is not only not angry, but he is actually happy. In the past, his son was extremely indifferent to him, but being able to lose his temper today is enough to prove that the father-son relationship has grown further.

After a long journey, Zhao Paner and the three arrived in Tokyo late at night. If it was elsewhere, it might have been curfew. Only the night scene in this city is prosperous and lively. The recent exhaustion has made Zhao Pan’er unable to support it any longer. Sun Sanniang and Song Yinzhang immediately chose a good room to rest. When Zhao Pan’er woke up, it was noon the next day.

In order to meet Ouyang Xu as soon as possible, Zhao Pan’er dressed up and came to the Gao Mansion. Just as she was about to knock on the door, she did not expect a familiar voice behind her. Today’s Ouyang Xu is dressed in Chinese clothes. He took Zhao Pan’er to a nearby teahouse. The implication is that he hopes to get married by the end of the year. At least half a year after he and the daughter of the Gao family get married, he will marry Zhao Pan’er.

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