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A Dream of Splendor 梦华录 Episode 5 Recap

The Imperial City Division is so powerful that it is not under the jurisdiction of the three ya, nor under the jurisdiction of the Taicha, but only respects the orders of the official family. Now the envoy strictly ordered the killing, even if Wan Qi and Gu Qianfan had a close relationship, they would never dare to cover up rashly, otherwise the whole family would suffer annihilation.

Despite betraying his best friend’s conscience, Wan Qi decided to reveal his news to Huangsicheng, and stood alone outside the door for a long time until the sound of swords intersecting was no longer heard in the house, and then he walked in. However, the corpses were so appalling that Gu Qianfan was the only one who was safe and sound. He was so disappointed in Wan Qi that he finally killed him.

When Boss Xu heard the news, he came to Xiangyunlou to collect the debt and humiliated him in public. Zhao Paner didn’t say a word and took out more than a dozen coins from the box to solve the current trouble. It was also Zhao Pan’er who made a lot of money, Zhou She continued to curry favor, and even decided to divorce Song Yinzhang and marry Zhao Pan’er.

Sun Sanniang took the opportunity to add fuel to the flames and deliberately cooperated with Zhao Paner’s acting, clearly mocking men who were liars and not worth entrusting with sincerity. Zhao Paner cried so much that it was raining. In order to make Zhou She divorce his wife as soon as possible, he opened three large boxes on the spot, which were filled with gold, silver, jewelry, and silk and satin. Zhou She was so moved that he immediately left Xiangyunlou and went straight to his residence. .

Seeing that the fish took the bait, Song Yinzhang appeared next. Sun Sanniang passed a secret message to Yin Ping, and she relayed it on her behalf, asking Song Yinzhang to cry, make trouble, and hang himself, attracting the onlookers of the neighbors. As a result, Zhou She was already physically and mentally exhausted, and he was caught in Zhao Pan’er’s trap. Tomorrow should be the big drama of closing the net.

Gu Qianfan was about to leave Jiaxing County. Before leaving, he made a special trip to Xiangyun Tower to see Zhao Paner drinking and teasing with Zhou She, and also seeing Zhao Paner showing disgust after Zhou She left. In the past few decades, Zhao Pan’er has never been as sensual and frivolous as she is today, she just felt inexplicably disgusting, and frequently rubbed her hands in the copper basin, not wanting to get the slightest smell of Zhoushe on her body.

This scene touched Gu Qianfan deeply and washed Zhao Pan’er’s hands in person, saying that in his eyes he never felt low and vulgar. On the contrary, as a woman, Zhao Pan’er was so honest, kind, and courageous, which made him feel very valuable, and because of what happened tonight, he told Zhao Pan’er to be wary of Song Yinzhang’s betrayal in the future.

However, in Zhao Pan’er’s opinion, she always pursues her true intentions and does not care about future results. Gu Qianfan was inspired by this, and her heart was instantly relieved. After Zhao Pan’er had finished treating Gu Qianfan’s wound, the two of them had a good night’s chat and comforted each other, until Gu Qianfan was about to leave, and a word inadvertently made each other’s heart beat and pretended to be calm. Gu Qianfan took Chen Lian away by boat, and couldn’t help but look up at the second floor, and it happened to meet Zhao Pan’er’s eyes, which made him feel reluctant.

An uninvited guest suddenly came to Xiao Mansion in Suzhou. The servants seemed to be used to it and did not make any announcements. They were allowed to walk through the corridor and enter the garden. When they saw Xiao Qinyan from the prefecture coming out of the main hall, they were stunned for a moment, and then they were overjoyed. . The visitor was none other than Gu Qianfan, who had not seen him for a long time. He also had something important to ask for this time, so Xiao Qinyan hurriedly invited him into the hall for a detailed discussion.

After such a commotion last night, Zhou She’s affair with Mrs. Hua Kui has already caused a sensation, and the three neighbors are all talking about it. Because Song Yinzhang was looking for life and death, Zhou She just asked Zhao Paner to give herself a little more time in order to prevent her from seeking short-term views.

Song Yinzhang forced Zhou She to return the dowry, but Zhou She really had no money, so after getting the guarantee of Zhao Paner, he reluctantly mortgaged the land deed. Zhao Pan’er and Zhou She had agreed to hold a wedding reception at Xiangyun Tower, but in reality, they took Sun Sanniang, Song Yinzhang and others out of the city by carriage.

Zhou She realized that he had been fooled, and immediately took someone to stop the carriage, and then beat drums at the yamen’s gate to complain about his injustice, and the court sued Zhao Pan’er for cheating on the marriage. I don’t want Zhao Pan’er to be eloquent and eloquent, so Zhou She was speechless, and in turn sued him for robbing a happy woman to get married, because he didn’t beat him.

The onlookers cheered for Zhao Paner and sympathized with Song Yinzhang’s experience. Zhao Paner submitted his name to the official master to prove Song Yinzhang’s identity, and then took out the divorce letter written by Zhou She himself. Seeing this, Zhou She stretched out his hand to snatch the divorce letter and forcibly swallowed his lower abdomen regardless of other people’s obstructions, thinking that he had no evidence to investigate.

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