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A Dream of Splendor 梦华录 Episode 4 Recap

Zhao Pan’er knew that Gu Qianfan would not easily believe it, so he simply brought the night banquet pictures together to prove that what he said was true. As for the reason why the night banquet map fell into her hands, it was all because the guests owed gambling debts and sold them. Zhao Paner’s teahouse mainly sold elegance as a selling point. Naturally, there were quite a few famous paintings and calligraphy.

Since Zhao Paner couldn’t afford to offend such people, only the police sent a copy of a picture to Yang Zhiyuan, which was considered a favor, and never thought that this matter was important. Back then, Song Yinzhang’s sister died for her, but now Song Yinzhang is in distress, Zhao Pan’er really can’t stand by and watch, Gu Qianfan is not a cold-blooded person, just because the waist card is an important proof of identity, so he simply left his father to his good Hetian Yu If you give it to Zhao Pan’er, you can at least get a hundred silver coins.

This kind of kindness is really rare for Zhao Paner. She and Gu Qianfan agreed to meet in Tokyo and observe the flags at Wangji Iron Shop. If there are red flags, you can buy ten silver needles from the store, otherwise it means that Gu Qianfan is in bad luck. few. The two said goodbye and acted separately. Gu Qianfan led the officers and soldiers away by himself, and secretly searched for the truth. Thanks to his skill, he escaped the investigation of Zheng Qingtian’s men.

Because the gates of the city were heavily guarded, Gu Qianfan set his sights on the Shi ship division named Chen Lian, and threatened him to take him out of the city and inquire about recent events in the city. Chen Lian noticed the fire coral hairpin on Gu Qianfan’s body, and quickly said that in recent years, Nanyang goods have often come in and out, and the price is cheaper than before.

Because of Chen Lian’s remarks, Gu Qianfan thought of the previous imperial decree about prohibiting business, and felt that there must be something strange in it, so he inquired about the location of Shibo Division, and ordered Chen Lian to go to the beach with him tomorrow. Naturally, Chen Lian didn’t dare to act rashly, but when he saw Gu Qianfan’s waist card, he murmured in his heart.

Zhao Paner raised money and came to Xiangyun Building, scattered some money and rented the second floor, and entrusted her mother to buy some belongings, so as to deceive Zhou She and think about rescue measures. That night, Zhao Pan’er sneaked into Zhou’s house to see Song Yinzhang. After learning the general situation, he asked her to act according to her own method and deal with Zhou She with false affection.

Sure enough, Zhou She immediately treated Song Yinzhang favorably. First, he took her back to his room and ordered her to serve him, and then went to the Qianzhuang, only to meet Zhao Pan’er halfway. As everyone knows, Zhao Pan’er has been waiting here for a long time, scolding him to have his own affection, and ordered someone to violently beat him.

Zhou She saw the precious hairpin that Zhao Pan’er had left behind, and he had malicious intentions. Moreover, Zhao Pan’er deliberately revealed his goodwill towards him, and hurriedly came to Xiangyunlou to make amends, all kinds of coaxing her to be happy. I was very proud of myself when I thought that I would have luck and windfall. Sun Sanniang acted according to her plan, and while Zhou She was sitting down on the second floor, she immediately ran to inform the creditor, Boss Xu.

The next morning, Chen Lian made a gesture to Gu Qianfan intentionally or unintentionally, and worked diligently by his side. In fact, he wanted to find an errand in the imperial city, and even doing chores would have a better future than now. It happened that Gu Qianfan was inconvenient to appear and needed someone to help him, so he asked him to stare at Zheng Qingtian’s subordinates, how to take them away without disturbing them.

Fortunately, Chen Lian is a more clever person, and quickly completed the task, and was ordered to ask Zheng Qingtian’s men the origin of Huo Shan. Zheng Qingtian’s subordinates were greedy for life and fear of death, so they had to truthfully confess that Zheng Qingtian was banned privately, and even made a lot of money in the city ship tax, and there would be at least 200,000 yuan in income every year.

Chen Lian was greatly surprised when he heard it, but Gu Qianfan was extremely calm, and continued to press him about the leak of the Imperial City Division, and learned that an internal official in Beijing had issued an order to kill, and Zheng Qingtian also participated in this matter. feet, and the pigeons spread to Tokyo in the first time.

Although Zheng Qingtian’s subordinates didn’t know why the internal officials made people, Gu Qianfan immediately thought that he had heard the conversation between Lei Jing and Yu Zhongquan before he set off. Originally, Yu Zhongquan was jealous of Gu Qianfan’s position as the commander, but at this time he wanted to take the opportunity to cut the weeds and remove the thorns on the grounds of silence.

Realizing that the danger in the Imperial City was even more dangerous, Gu Qianfan, under the escort of Chen Lian, secretly contacted Wan Qi, a friend of life and death, and then asked Chen Lian to leave to prevent him from getting involved. While Wan Qi brought the drink, he said that he would arrange a place for Gu Qianfan, how could he know that he was addicted to the drink.

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