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A Dream of Splendor 梦华录 Episode 3 Recap

Since Sun Sanniang was saved from drowning by relying on a piece of driftwood, Gu Qianfan tied a rope around her waist, and the others on the boat helped her out, and she was successfully rescued. But because of this, Gu Qianfan aroused the suspicion of Master Zheng. He looked at him closely and looked like the man on the wanted list. Although he was a merchant and a boat, it was not right to commit the crime of hiding.

Zhao Pan’er responded calmly and bluntly, saying that if he wants to report to the official, I am afraid that he will not want to continue running the boat for the rest of his life, and then fabricates Gu Qianfan’s identity, saying that he is the eldest son of Xiao Xiangfu’s mansion, and he fell in love with him and set a white head. It’s just that the nephew of the King of Pengcheng wanted to accept himself as a concubine, so he chose to go away.

In order to gain Master Zheng’s trust, Zhao Pan’er deliberately added fuel to it, and even revealed that she was pregnant, but Master Zheng believed it was true. Hearing the content of the conversation, Gu Qianfan couldn’t help teasing Zhao Pan’er, wanting to cut off her pregnancy. If she hadn’t been pregnant with Ouyang Xu’s flesh and blood, why would she have been in such a hurry to go to Tokyo to find her husband.

After the joke was over, Sun Sanniang woke up leisurely and told the truth about the cause and effect. It was because she broke through the affair between Fu Xingui and Tao Shi. Write a letter of divorce and expel her.

Originally, Sun Sanniang would rather die, but how could she know that the patriarch accepted Tao’s favor and ordered everyone to force her to press her handprint. Now that there is no one in her family, and even the old house has collapsed, Sun Sanniang knows she has nowhere to go, so she threw herself into the river in despair.

Just as Sun Sanniang talked about her sadness and became more and more emotional, Gu Qianfan came over to knock her unconscious and put her on the bed to rest. Considering Sun Sanniang’s frail body, in order to find a doctor for treatment, Zhao Pan’er decided to approach the county seat and dock. At the same time, in order to destroy Gu Qianfan, Zheng Qingtian did not hesitate to spend a lot of money to buy off the entire Jiangnan officialdom.

When Sun Sanniang woke up the next day, she was suspected of suffering from ecstasy due to Daxi Dabei. Zhao Paner and Gu Qianfan took her to Jiaxing County and found a medical center to see a doctor. Unexpectedly, the medical center staff noticed that Gu Qianfan did not move. Sensibly ran to inform the government office. The doctor diagnosed Sun Sanniang’s condition and explained that she must rest her body and take precious medicinal materials for seven days.

When Zhao Paner and others were about to leave the hospital, a group of officers and soldiers suddenly appeared. Gu Qianfan had to get off the carriage halfway, and told Zhao Paner to take Sun Sanniang first, and he stayed to deal with the officers and soldiers. Seeing the carriage drive for a while, Zhao Pan’er felt uneasy, so he turned back to find Gu Qianfan, and finally pulled him up from the cliff.

At this time, Sun Sanniang woke up in the carriage and saw Zhao Pan’er and Gu Qianfan on the top of the mountain, waving to them constantly. Considering that the officers and soldiers are currently searching for the whole city, Gu Qianfan simply lived in the post house as his real identity and successfully evaded the government’s investigation. After the settlement, Gu Qianfan revealed to Zhao Pan’er that the doctor deliberately exaggerated Sun Sanniang’s condition, just to deceive her.

Gu Qianfan used acupuncture to remove blood stasis and toxins for Sun Sanniang, but the process was cruel, so he sent Zhao Paner to go downstairs first. In less than a moment, Sun Sanniang regained consciousness. She also saw the wanted portrait before, so that she misunderstood Gu Qianfan as a criminal, and smashed him unconscious with a vase.

It was not until Zhao Paner explained the reason to Sun Sanniang that Sun Sanniang was completely reassured. In fact, Gu Qianfan didn’t actually faint, he just pretended to be in a coma. When he heard Zhao Pan’er’s sincere words, he walked out of the inn without saying a word. Zhao Paner guessed that the person who really wanted to murder Gu Qianfan was most likely Zheng Qingtian, because she just saw that the people who were chasing and killed were clearly subordinates of the Xiuzhou Bingma Dujian. Ling’s hand stretched out to Xiuzhou, presumably the power of the people behind it should not be underestimated. After confirming that Zhao Pan’er was trustworthy, Gu Qianfan directly informed the plan truthfully, and let’s see what happens next.

That night, Zhou She came to Huating County to look for flowers and willows. Unexpectedly, Boss Xu came in from the door and asked him to collect the gambling debts within one day, otherwise his fingers would not be guaranteed. Zhou She forced Song Yinzhang to pay the money, but Song Yinzhang was penniless and even imprisoned by him, becoming like a ghost and a ghost.

Zhao Pan’er followed Gu Qianfan to the street. When the two were discussing countermeasures, they accidentally met Song Yinzhang’s maid, the silver bottle, and learned about Song Yinzhang’s experience through the other party. Since Zhou She and Song Yinzhang got married, they were gentle and considerate at first, but when they arrived in Huating County, they paid money for various reasons. Later, Song Yinzhang realized that it was not good, but it was too late.

Yin Ping knelt down and begged Zhao Paner to rescue Song Yinzhang, otherwise he would die at the hands of Zhou She sooner or later. Zhao Paner thought of the sister’s deep love, so he discussed with Gu Qianfan, hoping to borrow ten taels of gold from him. Originally, Gu Qianfan refused to lend money, so Zhao Paner could only reveal that the original painting of the night banquet was in his own hands, and was willing to exchange it with him.

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