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Heroes 说英雄谁是英雄 Episode 18 Recap

Recalling that many years ago, Lei Sun brought Lei Chun to visit Su Zhemu, and also proposed that the two be married. Lei Chun inadvertently saw a red-clothed boy, and went there unconsciously. Seeing that the boy was coughing badly, Lei Chun bought preserved fruit for him. Unexpectedly, people from the Lost Heaven Alliance suddenly appeared and wanted to take Lei Chun away.

The teenager protected Lei Chun behind him and took her as a hostage. Lei Chun followed quietly, only to see the young man kill those people in a few seconds. The teenager was worried that Lei Chun was afraid of blood, so he covered her eyes and took her away. The teenager told Lei Chun that his knife was called “Red Hidden Blade”. Lei Chun gently brushed the red sleeve knife, and gave the boy a resounding name – Su Mengzhen’s first knife in the red sleeve.

Bai Choufei hurried back to the Drizzle Building, and found that his paintings and calligraphy were hanging in Su Mengzhen’s room. Only then did he understand that Lei Chun bought his own calligraphy and painting not because of himself, but because Su Mengzhen liked it. I don’t know if it is loss, sadness, or jealousy in my heart, but tears can’t stop coming out of Bai Choufei’s eyes. Su Mengzhen’s voice suddenly appeared behind him, and Bai Choufei tried his best to suppress his tears.

After drinking a cup, Bai Choufei couldn’t help but worry. He looked at Xiao Shi and couldn’t help but smile bitterly. Bai Choufei told Xiao Shi and Wen Wen that what Lei Chun liked was actually Su Meng pillow. Wen Wen was not surprised, because she knew from a young age that Su Mengzhen had a marriage contract with Miss Liufenbantang, but she never imagined that Tian Chun she met by the river would be Lei Chun. But on that side, Bai Choufei had a deep-rooted love for Lei Chun, which he will never forget in this life.

Xiao Shi understands Bai Choufei’s personality, and as long as he wants to get it, he will definitely try every means to get it. But he also reminded Bai Choufei that emotional matters cannot be forced. The next day, Bai Choufei went to the shop again and bought some plums. He just ate one, with an intriguing smile on his face, and then left the plum on the street.

Leishan learned that Fang should see the design and let Guan Qi go, so he asked him to meet. The two had something to say, but they both knew what the other meant. If the lightning damage is clear, Fang Ying should look unruly on the surface, but in fact, he has been waiting for the opportunity. He warned Fang Yingjian that if he violated the interests of Liufentang again, he would shake off his affairs one by one. Fang Yingkan knew that he was not strong enough now, so he could only smile and drink the wine handed over by Leishan. But after turning around, he showed a fierce look in his eyes, as if he had made a decision in his heart.

There have been so many things happening in the arena recently, and Leishan thinks one of the important reasons is that Fang Yingkan couldn’t help but climb up. However, everyone in Youqiao Group knows how many chairs there are. If he wants to climb up, someone will naturally be pushed down, and this person is either Lightning Damage or Fu Zongshu.

Di Fei was walking in the woods when he suddenly noticed something abnormal behind him. He was about to turn back when five masters descended from the sky to surround him. Di Fei jumped up in shock, only to find out that the person who came was actually the five masters of Pili Hall. At this point, Lei Mei returned to the six-and-a-half-and-a-half court and told Lei Sun that he had found five masters. Lei Mei took control of Leishan, got a key, and hoped that he would keep his promise and let him take over the business in the north.

Looking at Su Meng pillow, Lei Chun’s eyes filled with happiness. Seeing the cooperation between Liufenbantang and Drizzle Building to deal with Guan Qi, Lei Chun only hoped that this cooperation could continue forever. By that time, the two parties would turn their battles into jade and silk, and she and Su Mengzhen would be able to be together openly. Hearing these words, Su Mengzhen’s eyes flashed a trace of guilt, he hugged Lei Chun tightly, afraid that he would never experience the beauty of this moment again.

Bai Choufei was disheartened and gave all the calligraphy and paintings to Wang Er. When he went out, he encountered Shang Yingjian and was entangled by him to the restaurant. Where Bai Choufei couldn’t see that Fang Ying was pretending, he signaled the other party to get straight to the point. Fang Yingzhen was filled with righteous indignation, saying that although he was a prince, he had no real power, and he could not even be treated in the eyes of others. And this is not the situation of Bai Choufei. Listening to Fang Yingkan’s words, Bai Choufei’s heart was deeply touched. Xiaoshi buys things for Wenrou and accidentally meets Xiaoshuang. Knowing that he was going to pay homage to Guan Qi, Xiao Shi also followed.

Knowing that there was still movement in the Drizzle Building recently, Lei Suan was worried that something would happen to the business in the north, so he personally transported all the remaining things away at night. I just didn’t expect that Lei Mei would come too. When Bai Choufei heard the news, he secretly brought a group of brothers to prepare for a surprise attack.

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