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Heroes 说英雄谁是英雄 Episode 17 Recap

The weather is very good today, and the streets are full of people coming out to play. Xiao Shi, Wen Wen, and Bai Choufei also came to Qionglin Garden to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Gentle told the two that this Qionglin Garden is a royal garden, and ordinary people can’t come in on weekdays, but recently, the royal blessing, the plum blossom season, is only open for half a month for people to watch and play.

But Xiao Shi and Bai Choufei didn’t understand the style, and they didn’t think the scenery was so beautiful. At this time, the two have not reconciled, and they parted ways without saying a few words.

Lei Chun went to the street to buy plums, but was told that there were no more plums. The maid was so angry that she quarreled with the shopkeeper. Lei Chun interrupted the maid and hinted that the big customer who bought the plums was actually Su Mengzhen. Sure enough, when I got home, the table was full of plums.

Yang Wuxie was very surprised, when did there become so many plum blossoms in the corridor. He rushed in and asked Su Mengzhen to go out to check the situation. Su Mengzhen opened the letter sent by Lei Chun in her hand, and learned that it was she who sent these many plum blossoms. Su Mengzhen looked at the fragrant plum blossoms and couldn’t help but smile.

Fang Ying found a Ji Ying post a few days ago, so he happily took it to his adoptive father, but was stopped by Mr. Thirteen. Fang Yingyan’s eyes were full of loss, but he could only listen. Many calligraphers in the capital gathered together to sway ink. Everyone disliked the calligraphy and painting of an old gentleman, but Xiao Shi admired it very much. The old man thought it was interesting, so he stepped forward to ask Xiao Shi’s thoughts.

Xiao Shi bluntly said that the old gentleman’s words are entwined, like a dead snake hanging on a tree, and the word is good because it is extremely ugly. Everyone was surprised, not knowing what Xiao Shi meant by this. Xiao Shi continued to explain, this word looks like a walking spring worm from a distance, and a short-sighted one looks like an autumn snake. The extremely ugly is the extremely beautiful, and those who are not skilled cannot do it. Those other characters are also good characters, fortunately, the bones and muscles; and the old gentleman’s characters are good for the mind, but they lack the “law”. With the encouragement of everyone, Xiao Shi wrote a word on the spot.

The old gentleman appreciated it carefully, and praised Xiao Shi’s calligraphy, which seemed to be loud in the face of injustice. Everyone looked at it and nodded. In fact, what Xiaoshi just said is illegal, not the “law” of the law, but the old gentleman did not use the brushwork that he was good at. The old gentleman was very surprised that the junior Xiaoshi Yijie could see it so thoroughly. Mr. Thirteen handed Ji Ying’s post to Mr. Xiang, but he did not expect Mr. Xiang to be the old gentleman who chatted with Xiao Shi today.

Gentle is worrying in the attic, and who knows, Fang Ying suddenly appears. He told Wenrou that his father died when he was young, and he was taken into the capital with his Blood River Excalibur. But when they arrived in the capital, those adults were afraid of their father’s reputation and feared that the Blood River Divine Sword would reappear in the arena, and they hoped that they would become a crippled person. And Fang Yingkan was able to live to the present according to the thoughts of those adults. Gently comfort him, if you really want to be what kind of person, you can only have a chance if you live.

At night, people gather together and enjoy shadow play. Gentle took the opportunity to step forward and consoled Xiao Shi and Bai Choufei through shadow play. But in the end, the two still couldn’t reconcile, and they turned their heads in anger and went to the liquor store to drink. As soon as they finished drinking, Xiao Shi and Bai Choufei came together. In fact, both of them have gone through the sea of ​​swords and flames together, how can they really be like enemies all their lives. The three raised their glasses in honor of their rare friendship.

Wang Er found Bai Choufei with a bag of money, and excitedly told him about the latest business. The big customer came to buy many of his words and left a letter. Bai Choufei was very surprised. He opened the letter and saw the signature “Tian Chun”, and couldn’t help but be delighted. Here, Wen Wenwen learned that the eldest lady from the six and a half halls was coming, so she waited in the other room, just waiting for the opportunity to tease that person. Seeing Tian Chun coming, Gentle pulled her into the room and told her her plan. Tian Chun felt amused and showed her his identity.

Lei Chun knew that Bai Choufei seemed to have different thoughts about herself, but she was only a friend to Bai Choufei. Now she needs someone to attack Bai Choufei, and gentleness is the most suitable candidate. This matter is really embarrassing. Although Gentle agreed to Lei Chun, she couldn’t think of how to speak for a while. She wanted to discuss with Xiao Shi, but the other party knew about these things earlier than she did.

Bai Choufei asked Lei Chun to meet, and when he saw her coming, he picked up a pen to paint for her. It was only then that Lei Chun was surprised to discover that those calligraphy and paintings were actually written by Bai Choufei. Facing Bai Choufei’s confession, Lei Chun was at a loss. She admitted frankly that she regarded him as just a friend, and she already belonged in her heart. Bai Choufei came to a shop according to Lei Chun’s instructions, and unexpectedly learned that the person in Lei Chun’s heart was Su Mengzhen.

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