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Heroes 说英雄谁是英雄 Episode 15 Recap

When Wenrou and Xiaoshi came to the courtyard, they saw their mother-in-law sitting in the corner and weeping. Xiao Shi’s brows were furrowed, and he couldn’t find any trace of his master, and he felt bad in his heart. The mother-in-law told the two that if the master did not kill Guan Qi, he would not let it go. Hearing this, Xiao Shi ran out without saying a word, leaving behind to comfort her mother-in-law gently.

On the dimly lit street, there was no one there, and the Master stood motionless not far away. Xiao Shi hurriedly stepped forward to check, but when he got closer, he found that the gun had passed through the master’s chest. Xiao Shi couldn’t believe it, as if he saw the scene of the Master and Guan Qi fighting to the death. When he came back to his senses, Xiao Shi was startled that the Master still had a breath, and hurriedly woke him up. After the master told Xiao Shi to take good care of his mother-in-law, he drove the crane west without speaking.

Gentle accompanied her mother-in-law to wait in the yard for a long time, and finally heard heavy footsteps. Gentle stepped forward to check, and couldn’t help covering his mouth, worried that he would cry. Although my mother-in-law is blind, her heart is like a mirror. She muttered in her mouth, “It’s good to come back, it’s good to come back,” and then asked Xiaoshi to prepare the memorial ceremony.

Guan Qi started a killing spree in the city, causing the city to be full of storms, but Fu Zongshu was hiding in the secret room to eat noodles. The pawn came in to report the situation outside, saying that the second lady was scared crazy by Guan Qi.

But Fu Zongshu continued to eat his own noodles as if nothing was wrong. The pawn also said that Guan Qi also killed an old man and saw Xiao Shi carrying the old man away. Su Mengzhen couldn’t sit still, his tone was very strong, saying that Guan Qi really couldn’t find him Fu Zongshu, but if the trouble continued like this, the court would be alarmed, and I’m afraid no one could afford it.

Looking at Su Mengzhen’s fierce eyes, Fu Zongshu froze in place. Lei Suan also told Fu Zongshu that Guan Qi acted arrogantly and had no scruples. If he was allowed to kill like this, no matter how strong Liufentang and Jinfeng Drizzlelou were, there was no way to save the whole city. Fu Zongshu put down the tableware and let Su Mengzhen and Leishan ensure their safety first. Su Mengzhen made a promise to keep him safe.

Drizzle Building and Liufenbantang cooperate, and the odds of winning are naturally high. Su Mengzhen reminded everyone that Qiyi’s life must be saved because he was carrying the secret about Youqiao Group. But as we all know, Thunder Loss may not think so. Tonight’s duel is not destined to go smoothly. The moonlight is bright and illuminating.

Everyone was scattered in every corner of the Sanhe Building, just waiting for Guan Qi to walk into the trap. Fu Zongshu couldn’t help but muttered, with such a big battle today, anyone with a discerning eye could see that it was a trap, and Guan Qi would really come. Xiao Shi knew about Guan Qi. For Guan Qi, even if he knew it was a trap, he would definitely come.

Seeing Guan Qi coming towards the Sanhelou from a distance, Fu Zongshu was so frightened that he didn’t care about the dirty river in front of him, he jumped in and escaped from here. Afterwards, Guan Qiguo really walked into the trap set by everyone, and a wonderful duel officially began. Everyone surrounded Guan Qi, but Lei Su couldn’t catch Guan Qi’s move and almost fell to the ground. When Guan Qi was unprepared, Su Mengzhen raised his sword and went away, suppressing him. But then Guan Qi suddenly swung a knife, forcing Su Mengzhen back.

The swords collided with flickering sparks, and the duel became more and more intense. Although Guan Qi is known as the God of Killing, he is ultimately no match for a team with great skills. After several rounds of desperate duel, Guan Qi was hit by Di Fei’s shocked palm and fell into the rubble. When everyone thought the matter was over, Zhu Xiaoyao suddenly flashed out and rescued Guan Qi. Leishan didn’t have time to be surprised, and in turn blamed Drizzle Building for being unethical. The people in the Drizzle Building were also surprised, unable to believe that Zhu Xiao actually made such a move.

Su Mengzhen knew that Zhu Xiaoyao used to be a member of the Lost Heaven Alliance, but she didn’t expect that after so long, she was still so loyal to Guan Qi. He also knew that if there was no Zhu Xiaoyao in these years, the red sleeved sword would no longer exist. What was annoyed in his heart was that Zhu Xiaoyao let Guan Qi go like this.

Xiaoshuang looked at Guan Qi and muttered, if he wasn’t a lunatic or a murderer, maybe his life would be different. Zhu Xiaoyao wanted Xiaoshuang and Guan Qi to leave together, but Xiaoshuang was reluctant to leave Zhu Xiaoyao, because if it wasn’t for Zhu Xiaoyao’s adoption, he might not have lived to this age. And Zhu Xiaoyao is not like this, if it wasn’t for Guan Qi, she might have died long ago. At that time, when she first arrived at the Sanhelou, she was tortured in every possible way by the prostitute and the guests. Fortunately, Guan Qi shot in time and brought her back to the Lost Heaven Alliance.

Liufenbantang and Drizzle Building set up a net, carefully searching every corner of the capital, but they didn’t find any clues. One day, mother-in-law’s Da Huang suddenly grabbed Xiao Shi’s clothes, as if he wanted to take him somewhere. Xiaoshi and Wenrou hurriedly followed, all the way to the Sanhelou. Xiao Shi suddenly thought that perhaps Da Huang could lead him to find Guan Qi and Zhu Xiaoyao. Da Huang sniffed Zhu Xiaoyao’s clothes, and then ran out. Gentle knew that she couldn’t stop Xiao Shi, but she couldn’t help but worry. Xiao Shi promised Gentle that he would come back safely.

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