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Heroes 说英雄谁是英雄 Episode 14 Recap

Guan Qi and a group of guards were fighting outside, and after a while they came to Fu Zongshu with a blood dripping knife in his hand. At the critical moment, Xiao Shi jumped in and beat Fu Zongshu several times, signaling him to deny his identity. Xiao Shi and Fu Zongshu sang together and made Guan Qi believe that the person in front of him was not Fu Zongshu.

Unexpectedly, those guards shouted “Sir” to Fu Zongshu, and Guan Qi learned that Xiao Shi had deceived him, so he was so angry that he almost killed him on the spot. Xiaoshi ignited the lead on his body and wanted to die together.

But helplessly, he was not Guan Qi’s opponent, so he finally let him run away. Just when Xiao Shi was unconscious, Di Fei appeared and stepped on the lit wire. Xiao Shi, who was covered in scars, stumbled forward in the dark night, but was fortunately discovered by gentleness. Gently carried Xiao Shi back to his back, gritted his teeth and brought him back to the Drizzle Building.

Hearing that Di Feijing had stopped Lei Shou’s sword, Bai Choufei couldn’t help but sigh. In the six and a half halls, if Lei Shou was a knife, then Di Feijing must have been a scabbard. In Drizzle Tower, Su Meng pillow is a knife, and Bai Choufei believes that he is a sheath. Su Mengzhen didn’t think so. He felt that Baichou’s flight was impulsive, and he was both a knife, and the real scabbard should belong to Xiaoshi. Now that the “sheath” is injured and unconscious, as brothers, the two of them should have a look.

Tenderly looked at Xiaoshi’s face with scars and asked him why he went to Fang Yingkan. Xiaoshi didn’t answer directly, but touched his pocket. But I looked around and couldn’t find the sachet. Later, Xiao Shi found the sachet from the side and handed her back to Wen Wen. Because this is a gentle thing, even if it’s just a sachet, Xiao Shi will try his best to get it back.

Xiaoshi took out a jade pendant and gave it to Wenrou, and put it on for her in person. The warm breath rose between the two, and Xiao Shi couldn’t help hugging Gentle, thanking her for carrying him back. Gently told Xiao Shi that he could no longer leave in such a silent manner in the future. Xiao Shi nodded in agreement and hugged Tenderness even tighter. Unexpectedly, Su Mengzhen and Bai Choufei suddenly came in and hugged Xiao Shi.

When Fang Ying came to visit, Xiao Shi was so angry that he grabbed him by the collar. Who knew that the other party was innocent and claimed that he did not know martial arts. Fang Yingkan admitted that the reason why he designed to let Guan Qi go is because of an old incident.

Back then, his adoptive father was a thorn in the side of Youqiao Group, but he was framed by others and his whereabouts are unknown. He inherited the title and entered the capital, but he was also oppressed everywhere, and he lived in a drunken life all day long, unwilling to do so. As far as he knows, Youqiao Group has been changing all the time, and Leishan and Fu Zongshu are the cornerstones of power.

Bai Choufei said bluntly that Drizzle Tower is a martial art of Jianghu, and does not want to be involved in the affairs of the court. Xiao Shi also felt that Fang Ying looked so hypocritical, his so-called predicament was just an excuse. But now that the situation has been laid, the next success and failure are all in the Drizzle Building. Su Mengzhen wanted to say something, but Bai Choufei spoke first, asking what Drizzlelou would get if they formed an alliance.

Fang Yingjian bluntly said that if Youqiao Group was defeated, Liufentang would have no support, and the rivers and lakes for the next 30 years would be left to Drizzlelou’s decision. Su Mengzhen did not answer directly, but asked Xiao Shi to see off the guest. When they parted, Xiaoshi proposed to compete with Fang Yingkan for a sumo wrestling match, so as to help Gentle vent his anger. Fang Yingyan readily agreed.

How could Bai Choufei not notice the change in Su Mengzhen’s mood, and when no one was around, he asked Su Mengzhen if he blamed him for his slip of the tongue. Su Mengzhen didn’t mind Bai Choufei speaking for him, but he hated the people who met Qin Muchu the most. Bai Choufei wanted to gain and lose from others, which was not a chivalrous way, and what Jinfeng Drizzlelou wanted was never profit.

Su Mengzhen also understands that Fang Ying’s visit this time seems to be actively requesting cooperation, but since he designed the small stone, Jinfeng Drizzle Building has been tied to the boat. Su Mengzhen reminded Bai Choufei, “Don’t enter the official gate, don’t find a backer” is the rule of Drizzle House.

The master was wiping his weapon, but his mother-in-law comforted him, things are impermanent, he is old, and some things don’t need to be forced. Seeing Xiao Shi come here, the Master told him what happened back then. Back then, the biggest gang in the arena was the Lost Heaven Alliance headed by Guan Qi. The Lost Heaven Alliance colluded with the Shangguan government and oppressed the people of the Jianghu. There was no morality at all. Especially Guan Qi, who has extremely high martial arts but is bloodthirsty and cruel.

Leishan summoned experts from all over the world to encircle and suppress him, trying to kill this impossible person. Too many people died in that battle, but in the end the only one who was proud of was Thunder Loss. Lei Shuang stepped on the steps of Guan Qi, made the six and a half halls bigger, and kept the scourge of Guan Qi until now. Xiao Shi understood the whole story, and he reassured the master that there were still young people like them in this river and lake.

Fu Zongshu felt uneasy in his heart, so he had to invite Su Mengzhen and Leishan to discuss countermeasures. Su Mengzhen proposed that if he wanted to lead Guan Qi, he could only use Fu Zongshu as bait. How could Fu Zongshu agree to let the two go back.

But the two sat down immediately, as if he wouldn’t leave if he didn’t let go. On this day, Guan Qi came to Fu’s small courtyard and wanted to kill Fu Zongshu’s concubine so that he could be led out. When the matter reached the Master, he couldn’t just sit back and ignore it. After saying goodbye to his mother-in-law, he went to look for Guan Qi with a gun.

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