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Heroes 说英雄谁是英雄 Episode 13 Recap

After leaving the deep well, Xiao Shi took the man to the noodle stall and invited him to eat noodles. Asked if there was anyone he wanted to see, the man only said that he had two friends, but he didn’t know if he was still in the capital. Xiaoshi originally wanted to promise him, show him the way, and see if the two friends were still there, when the six and a half people suddenly appeared. Xiao Shi put some copper coins on the table, indicating that it was money for breaking the table. When Di Feijing arrived, Xiao Shi and the man had already left.

That man’s name was Guan Qi, he was very skilled, he was already fascinated, and he was a person who was even afraid of six and a half halls. Since Xiao Shi is a member of Drizzle Building, his appearance with Guan Qi must have something to do with Drizzle Building. What makes Di Fei startled and puzzled is that there has been no movement from the Drizzle Building until now. Leisan hurriedly found an opportunity to get out of the crime, even if this matter had nothing to do with Drizzle Building, he would lead this disaster to Drizzle Building.

When I came to a yard in the suburbs, the door was opened by a child. When Yan Hefa of the Lost Heaven Alliance saw Guan Qi, he collapsed to the ground in fright. Yan’s wife heard the sound and went out, and hurriedly motioned for her son Yan Kai to come over.

Unexpectedly, Guan Qi held Yan Kai’s shoulders, making him unable to move left and right, and then twisted his neck. Yan’s wife cried and stepped forward, but was also killed by Guan Qi. Xiao Shi was shocked to realize that he had rescued a bloodthirsty maniac. Xiao Shi wanted to stop Guan Qi from continuing to kill, but he was slapped to the roof and fell unconscious.

When Xiao Shi woke up, Guan Qi admitted that the bones in the well were all his own, and that the child was not his, all of which were his lies. Guan Qi told Xiao Shi that he regarded Yan Hefa as his brother back then, and made him the Great Sacred Master of the Lost Heaven Alliance. Later, he took Yan Hefa to do business and made a lot of money, but he turned around and revealed his whereabouts to Fu Zongshu and Leishan. The three came to the depths of the woods and found Guan Qi’s sword.

But Guan Qi then tortured Yan Hefa to death. At this moment, the people from Drizzle Building arrived. Xiao Shi hurriedly stopped Guan Qi and suggested that he could help him kill Fu Zongshu, as long as he could put down the butcher’s knife. Guan Qi thought it was very interesting, but he still raised his big knife and chopped the people of Drizzle Building into pieces with just one knife.

In fact, Fu Zongshu had already ordered Lei Suan to kill Guan Qi, but Lei Suan thought that he was his wife and brother, so he locked him in a deep well. Knowing that Guan Qi had escaped, Fu Zongshu was furious, with panic in his eyes. After a long time, this matter finally spread to Drizzle Building. Since the dirty water was splashed by lightning damage, Bai Choufei had a way to splash it back.

The people from the Punishment Department led a group of horses to the Drizzle Building. As soon as they arrived at the door, they saw Bai Choufei waiting here. Bai Choufei, as the deputy owner of Drizzle Building, said that he knew where Xiao Shi was hiding, and was willing to be locked up and taken away by them. Bai Choufei led the crowd to the six and a half halls, insisting that Xiao Shi was here, and said that all this was instigated by Leishen.

Everyone thought it was funny, but Bai Choufei told a secret – Leishan and Guan Qi were related by marriage. In this way, the people of the Ministry of Punishment were caught out, and they could only kill people to silence them. At a critical moment, Lei Chun appeared and bluntly said that Bai Choufei was his own. In addition, Di Fei was frightened to dissuade him, and Lei Sui put down his sword. Su Mengzhen found Di Feijing and asked him about the situation. After understanding the whole story, Su Mengzhen proposed to join forces with Liufenbantang.

Seeing the letter in Xiaoshi’s room, Wenrou hurriedly went to Fang Ying to read it. Fang Yingkan said that he knew Xiaoshi’s whereabouts, but Gentle had to do one thing with him first. When he arrived at Washer, Fang Yingjian proposed to let Wenrou go to sumo.

How gentle is also Miss Qianjin, where is willing to perform in front of everyone. But in order to find Xiaoshi, she had to bite the bullet. Gently stood on the ring, all tense. The woman on the opposite side rushed over, and Gentle hurriedly reached out her hand to stop it. Then, the woman picked up Gentle and slammed her to the ground. Fang Ying, who was on the side, shook his head involuntarily, and there was a smile on the corner of his mouth.

He stood up tenderly, but was still thrown to the ground by the woman. Just stand up, fall down, stand up again, fall down again, the gentle physical strength is almost exhausted. The woman pressed her gentle head to the ground, making her unable to move. With the sound of a gong, the woman won. The people around me were rude to Tenderness, and Fang Yingjian also laughed at Tenderness. Gentle and abruptly stood up and struggled with the woman. This time, the gentleness was at ease, reacted several times, and finally overwhelmed the woman to the ground.

Guan Qi put Xiaoshi in a coffin and dragged him to Fu Zongshu’s house. The guards opened the coffin, only to find that Xiao Shi had a thunderbolt tied to his body, and they were at a loss. Xiaoshi found a water tank and jumped into it, so it didn’t become a fragment. Fu Zongshu hurriedly fled when he heard the movement, but he still encountered Guan Qi.

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