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Heroes 说英雄谁是英雄 Episode 8 Recap

When Xiao Shi and Bai Choufei saw that there was an escort recruiting people, they stepped forward to inquire about the situation. After hearing the names of the two, the leader couldn’t help frowning, and bluntly said that the two had offended them for six and a half minutes, and he could no longer tolerate them. Afterwards, the two searched for a place to stay, but they were both turned away. After six and a half minutes, Xiao Shi and Bai Choufei really became mice crossing the street. But how can the two teenagers accept their fate, but in this situation, they have nothing to do.

Lei Mei didn’t understand why Di Feijing didn’t kill Xiao Shi and Bai Choufei directly. Di Fei Jing explained that if he killed them himself, it would inevitably lead to a fight between Liufentangtang and Jinfeng Drizzlelou. Lei Mei ridiculed Di Feijing, the fact that he maintained peace like this was really not what the chief hall master wanted to see. Lei Mei turned her head and told Lei Sun about the conversation, but the other party reminded her that no matter what Di Feijing said, she had to listen and suffer.

On the street, an elder brother bumped into Xiao Shi and Bai Choufei, and accidentally dropped a purse. Xiao Shi hurriedly caught up with his elder brother and wanted to return the money bag to him. But the eldest brother ran away when he saw them, as if he regarded them as some kind of beast. The two sat next to the beggar to rest, their stomachs growling with hunger, but they had nowhere to find food. It turned out that these were all gentle ideas, and they wanted to help them quietly. But Xiao Shi was helpless, and he wanted to return the money bag to the big brother.

Looking tenderly in the dark, my heart is full of distress. Yang Wuxie told Wenrou not to worry, she had already made arrangements. With that, Granny Camellia walked up to the two of them, gave them the cake in her hand, and led them home. Although the mother-in-law’s house is remote, it is still spacious and comfortable enough to accommodate the two teenagers.

This capital looks prosperous, but it is actually filthy. Not only are there unscrupulous Jianghu forces like Liufenbantang, but also dog thieves like Fu Zongshu. Bai Choufei told Xiao Shi that if he hadn’t stopped him, he would have eaten the meat because he wanted to live. In Bai Choufei’s eyes, the filthy capital is like a wall, and those are the rules of the capital. To survive in such an environment, anything can happen.

Before going down the mountain, Master once asked Xiao Shi if he wanted to know his background. But if he can’t be free after knowing his life experience, then Xiao Shi would rather never know. In fact, Xiao Shi knows everything, and the image from his childhood has always lingered in his mind. A woman was trampled under her feet, and the man who stepped on her said the exact same words as Fu Zongshu, and that woman was Xiao Shi’s biological mother. The murderer’s face was still nailed in his mind, and Xiao Shi knew that it was not Fu Zongshu.

In the dead of night, a mysterious man swept through the street, exuding a strong murderous aura. Bai Choufei and Xiao Shi heard the movement and hurriedly got up, but nothing seemed to have happened. At this time, the lightning damage stopped in front of Wolf. Master Wolf owed Su Zhemu a favor to protect Xiao Shi and Bai Choufei, while Leishan promised not to kill Xiao Shi and Bai Choufei because of a favor he once owed to Master Wolf. Xiao Shi was listening to the wind and meditating on the roof when an old man suddenly appeared in front of him. After some conversation, Xiao Shi learned that the master in front of him was actually the man of the house.

Hearing that Bai Choufei was good at painting, the master gave him the pen, ink, paper and inkstone from his family and let him set up a stall on the street. As for Xiao Shi and his master, they went up the mountain to collect herbs, and they knew a thing or two about herbal medicine, but there was no medicine store in Drizzle Building, so Yang Wu Xie had to order someone to buy one immediately. In this way, with the secret help of Drizzle Building, Bai Choufei and Xiao Shi have a source of income. After returning home, Xiao Shi and Confucius chatted about things on the rivers and lakes. Although Xiao Shi is a young man, he has his own ideas, which makes the Master appreciate it very much.

The existence of the “Bridge Group” is circulating in the rivers and lakes. It is rumored that this organization can turn clouds and rains on the court. Su Mengzhen may believe this rumor, but he hopes that a new person can take on the burden of guarding the rivers and lakes. On this day, Zhu Xiaoyao came to the pharmacy, causing Xiaoshi to blushed and embarrassed. Xiao Shi hurriedly responded to her request, grabbed a few servings of the most expensive medicinal materials, and hurriedly dismissed her.

Days passed, painting, taking medicine, Xiao Shi and Bai Choufei only felt that life was so comfortable. But suddenly one day, someone broke the tranquility. Just when Bai Choufei and Xiao Shi were about to go home for dinner, the pharmacy suddenly caught fire. The two looked around and seemed to see a mysterious figure.

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