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Heroes 说英雄谁是英雄 Episode 12 Recap

Lei Chun gave the calligraphy and paintings bought today to Su Meng pillow, and Su Meng pillow also brought back the warm jade from the north as a gift. When going out, Lei Chun found a hole in the lantern outside the door, and felt bad in his heart. When Su Mengzhen left, she ordered someone to hang a new one. Su Mengzhen stood in the dark and watched this scene with mixed feelings in her heart. He is afraid that he will have a sword battle with Leishan in the future, and he does not know how to face Leishan at that time.

Xiao Shi investigated Fu Zongshu’s whereabouts and stayed on the road with gentleness, trying to teach him a lesson. Just as he was talking, Fu Zongshu came. Before Gentle could react, Xiao Shi covered his face and ran over with a brick. Afterwards, the two walked happily to the market. Suddenly there was a cry for help from the lively market, Xiao Shi leaped into the water without thinking, and rescued the drowning.

Just when Xiao Shi was worried about the drowning person, who would have guessed that he would let out a smile, and then stretched as if nothing had happened. Seeing this, Xiao Shi realized that he had been tricked. The man who fell into the water was Fang Yingkan, a man with supernatural powers, who was quite handsome, and his eyes were full of evil charm.

Xiao Shi was angry and wanted to leave, but the actor next to him surrounded him and made him unable to escape. Seeing this, Gentle was very angry, and scolded those women to let go quickly. Fang Ying looked at the people on the shore, and actually called out a gentle “lady”. It turned out that Fang Yingjian visited Wen’s house in Luoyang in his early years, had a good talk with Wen Wen’s father, and formed an in-law marriage. Gentle is unwilling to pay attention to him, and prepares to leave with Xiaoshi. But who would have expected Fang Ying to lie down on the spot and let someone bring a basin of water.

He put his foot into the basin, claiming to “wash his feet in a golden basin” today and never set foot in the field of fireworks again. Gentle and anxious, he stepped forward and kicked the basin over. Xiao Shi hurriedly took the tenderness away. But after walking for a while, Gentle realized that her sachet was gone. At this moment, Fang Ying looked very proud as he was walking down the street with a gentle sachet.

Lei Mei wants to take over the business in the north, but Lei Su has conditions. He asked Lei Mei to go back to his hometown and invited the five masters left by her father to six and a half. Lei Mei’s father’s life-long efforts to build Pili Hall, so she was reluctant to agree easily. But Di Fei Jing reminded her that she violated the meaning of Thunder Damage, and she knew the consequences. Bai Choufei invited Lei Mei to drink at the previous restaurant, which was regarded as repaying the last treat.

Lei Mei told Bai Choufei that he owed her more than one drink. Before leaving, Bai Choufei advised Lei Mei, hoping that she would also have the opportunity to reject others. Lei Mei has always been reluctant to refuse, because all she wants is in the cloud, and once she has the opportunity, how can she easily let it go. But this time, she hesitated.

Fang Yingjian went to see Yuan Shisanhan dressed in the official mansion, hoping to see his adoptive father, but was rejected. Yuan Shisanxian reminded him that the capital has been bustling recently, he should watch it, but don’t touch it. If he has nothing to do, he can find some paintings and calligraphy to dedicate to Xiangye.

Fang Ying took a letter to Wen Wen and admitted that he stole her sachet. Gentle is very angry, and wants to go to Fang Ying to see the theory. Xiao Shi hurriedly stopped her, and then went to the street to choose a new sachet for her. When encountering Fang Yingkan, Xiao Shi stepped forward to talk to him and asked him to hand over the sachet quickly. But Fang Ying looked like a rogue and refused to hand over the sachet.

The two fought, and in the end, Fang Yingjian threw the sachet into the well. Xiao Shi immediately flew to catch it, but he didn’t expect Fang Yingkan to take the opportunity to seal the well. This is the site of Liufentangtang, and Fang Yingkan had already ordered someone to clean up the nearby people. But there was only half a column of incense left for Xiao Shi to escape.

In the well, Koishi saw a person. The man guided him to the front. Xiaoshi lit the fire and found that there were several corpses piled up here. The man said that it was Leishen who kept him here, and asked Xiaoshi to help him remove the hook behind him. Xiao Shi was a little cautious and asked why he was locked here by lightning damage. The man motioned Xiaoshi to look at the corpse of the child next to him, claiming that it was his child, and all the dead bones here were damaged by lightning.

Just as he was talking, water flowed out of the stone cave next to it, and it would be submerged in a short time. Koishi had to take out the hook from the man’s back first. The figure seemed to have gone mad, and rushed out of the deep well with lightning speed. Since that person has not been active all the year round, Xiao Shi had to leave behind his back. And I don’t know who it is, the guard has long been knocked unconscious. Leishan learned that the people in the well had fled, and immediately dispatched men and horses to track them down. Fang Yingyan was lying on the roof with wine, as if watching a performance with great interest.

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